Student Success Fellows

As graduate students, we know how overwhelming your first year of college can be, but we are here to connect with you, explore your inner strengths and develop a plan for personal success.


Join us for insightful workshops on academic success, self-development and much more.

Success Coaching

Success coaching has been shown to improve academic success in college students as well as increase retention!

Personal Development

We will work together to explore and hone in on your personal strengths and develop an individual plan for success.

Come Meet With Us!

We are looking forward to getting to know you and we are committed to providing you tools to balance your academic and personal life.


Isabel Perez
Student Success Fellow

isabella perezHello! I am Isabel Perez, a second-year graduate student pursuing my M.S. in Counseling. I am thrilled to be a part of the Office of First Year Experience and serve as a Student Success Fellow. 

Working from a strength-based approach is an extraordinary experience. I am most excited to support our first-year students by helping them learn the power of character strengths and how to utilize their unique combination of signature character strengths to achieve their academic, personal, and professional goals. I look forward to meeting and connecting with all of you!

Danielle Aguilar
Student Success Fellow

daniella olavarrietaHello everyone! I'm Danielle, and I'm currently in the M.S. Counseling program at CSUF.

I'm a lover of music, art, and poetry. I also enjoy reading and learning foreign languages in my spare time. I'm fluent in ASL, and currently learning Spanish. I also love hiking when it's not so hot.

I decided to major in counseling because I believe that humanity can be a force for good if we learn how to heal and strengthen our core selves. I also believe in the importance of building community. SO, I'm really excited to get to know you all and to begin building upon your strengths to make your transition into the university an enjoyable experience.

Brandon Mears
Student Success Fellow

brandon mearsHey folks! I’m Brandon, and this will be my sixth year as a student at Cal State Fullerton, so I’ve spent almost a fourth of my life at this school.

I am a second-year student in the counseling department training to practice psychotherapy. I find it really important to have multiple hobbies outside of my academic/career life, so I play tennis, meditate, practice firearms training, ruck, go pier fishing, read philosophical texts, study art history, and am learning ASL.

Lastly, I strongly believe the majority is wrong, so I advocate for escaping the ranks of the majority of people in society who continuously appear stuck in life by distinguishing yourself from the crowd.

Katie Crowe
Student Success Fellow

katie croweHi Titans! My name is Katie and I am a second-year student in the MS in Higher Education program at CSUF.

When I am not working or studying, you will likely find me outside going for a run or getting a workout in – that’s my favorite way to de-stress! I also love to read for fun and am always on the hunt for the best coffee spot in town.


The work that I do within higher education is grounded in my immense passion for helping and supporting others. In addition to that, I am committed to providing equitable access to education, information and resources for all students. The opportunity to support students as they navigate their first year of college excites me and I look forward to meeting you all so soon!