Transfer Student Orientation Registration

As a new Transfer Student, you are required to complete a mandatory orientation requirement which can be satisfied by attending an in-person Transfer Student Orientation (TSO) or completing the Online Transfer Overview (OTO).

For dates and deadlines for registration for the in-person Transfer Student Orientation (TSO) and access to the Online Transfer Overview (OTO) for the upcoming semester, visit the TSO Dates/Deadlines.

You must accept your admission offer and pay the $250 enrollment deposit before you can access the TSO registration system and/or the OTO. You must accept your offer of admissions before the specified deadline.

Fee Deferrals: Based on anticipated financial aid, some students may be eligible for a fee deferral at the time of registration. This means that while you pay nothing now, collection of the student's orientation fee will be postponed until 10 days before the start of the term. A student with an Expected Family Contribution of "0"  is automatically awarded for the deferral if they meet the criteria.  If you register for an in-person TSO and were awarded a fee deferral but later choose to complete the Online Transfer Overview instead of attending TSO, you will still be responsible for the outstanding orientation fee.

$60.00* Transfer Student Orientation
*All orientation fees are nonrefundable

In-person Orientation Dates

Transfer Student Orientation (TSO) is a full-day program and sessions are available based on your major. At TSO, you will receive advising, participate in a campus tour, and have the opportunity to attend a series of information sessions designed to prepare you for your first semester at CSUF. Breakfast and lunch are provided. Specific TSO dates are available online, through your Student Portal. TSO is a full-day program, and you are required to attend the orientation all day in order to successfully meet your mandatory orientation requirement. Cost of attendance is $60 and orientation fees are nonrefundable.

Most TSO in-person sessions are scheduled around the month of July for fall admits. Spring admits can expect an orientation session available between October to January, prior to the start of their first semester. Specific dates are available on your Student Portal.  We encourage you to attend in-person and complete our online orientation.

Online transfer overview

As a transfer student you have the option of satisfying your orientation requirement by completing the Online Transfer Overview (OTO). The OTO is an online module containing an overview of campus resources available for you. OTO does not provide academic advising, and we encourage students to visit the Academic Advising Center as well as your major department. Once you complete the OTO, your orientation hold will be lifted after 24 hours.

Online Transfer Overview will be available September 7, 2017 for spring 2018 admits. 

If you complete the OTO, we still encourage you to attend one of our in-person sessions to receive in-depth information and academic advising to prepare you for your first semester.

Orientation Registration Instructions

In order to register for the in-person TSO or to access the Online Transfer Overview, you must login through your Student Portal and access Titan Online.

Please note that completing the Online Transfer Overview does not cancel your in-person TSO registration. Cost of attending TSO is $60 and orientation fees are nonrefundable.

A How to Register for Orientation PDF Guide is also available herePDF File

online b.a. business administration degree program

If you have been admitted to the Online B.A. Business Administration degree completion program, please do not register for an in-person orientation or complete the Online Transfer Overview. You will be contacted via email to your CSUF email address with specific instructions on how to complete your orientation and post-admission requirements. For questions, please contact Farifteh Shahbazian at 657-278-8286 or