California State University, Fullerton

College of Engineering and Computer Science

The College prepares students for careers in engineering and computer science and for further study and specialization in graduate work.

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Growth Source and Enrollment  Source

Engineering and Computer Science is the fastest growing college on campus, achieving full-time equivalent student growth of approximately 30% over the past five years. The College's enrollment has increased 104% from fall 2000 to fall 2013.


Top Ranked  Source

The College’s online graduate program in software engineering ranks No. 10 on the list of “2013 Best Online Graduate Engineering Programs” among 70 evaluated by U.S. News.

Diverse and Global  Source


Strength in Numbers  Source


Funding Research  Source

Externally funded research has grown by 83% since 2005-06. ECS faculty have undertaken 43 externally funded research projects in areas such as seismology, GPS and satellite communications.




Innovative Programs  Source

ECS is home to STEM recruitment and retention programs including Engineering Innovation – a pre-college summer program partnership with Johns Hopkins University.



Design and Research Competitions

Our students compete and place in well-regarded national, regional and state research and collegiate design competitions such as:

  • SAE International Formula SAE competition
  • ION Robotic Lawn Mower competition
  • American Society of Civil Engineers'
  • Geo-Congress national competition


Learning Communities

Engineering and Computer Science features learning communities such as Women in Engineering for first-time female freshmen and ECS Scholars for first-time freshmen from underrepresented populations.