Financial Aid Resources


Project Rebound provides stipends to students each semester to help cover the cost of books and basic school supplies.

Titan Bookstore

Meal Vouchers

Project Rebound provides meal vouchers to eligible students throughout the academic year to assist them in being food secure.

Titan Student Union Dining Area

Transportation Support

Project Rebound subsidizes transportation costs for full-time students each semester with free bus and parking passes.



Project Rebound gives students access to free printing and checks out free laptops to students each semester, so that they can continue their studies off campus.


Laptop computer


Project Rebound works with students and our on- and off-campus partners to assist students to find and secure jobs and internships both while they are enrolled and after they graduate.



In 2018, Project Rebound at Cal State Fullerton launched the nation's first collegiate reentry housing initiative by opening the John Irwin Memorial House, where we provide life-affirming off-campus housing for a select number of students.

The John Irwin Memorial House


personalized Financial Aid Advisement

Project Rebound provides personalized financial aid advisement to prospective, matriculated, and enrolled students to assist them in securing the Federal Pell and State University Grants, as well as other public and private grants, scholarships, and loans for which they are eligible. The estimated financial aid (assuming zero expected family contribution) for a full-time CSUF Rebound student, based on the rates for AY2015-16, includes $11,000 a year in state and federal grants (i.e., financial aid that the student does not have to pay back). Individual students may also be eligible for additional aid in the form of scholarships (i.e., another form of financial aid that the student does not have to pay back), federal work-study (i.e., a federal employment program for students), and student loans (i.e., financial aid that the student does have to pay back).

Below are some links to helpful resources to get started. If you find these resources overwhelming, don't worry. Contact our office. We are here to personally assist you.

FAFSA Application