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 California State University, Fullerton

Goal 5



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Develop the “Titan Experience” brand to build pride and connection to the University and market the unique and employable qualities of Cal State Fullerton graduates.


  1. Define the “Titan Experience” and the signature student-centered programs offered by the Division of Student Affairs and the University:
    1. Convene a University-wide task force to define the “Titan Experience” and develop signature experiences, programs and events that create connections to the University.
    2. Create signature student-centered events and programs.
    3. Student Affairs will set an example of bleeding Titan pride, creating campus activities, and institutionalizing “Titan Tuesdays”(i.e., spreading the importance of showing Titan Pride, implementing inexpensive Titan Apparel program, and creating special programming).
    4. Establish a forum for prominence of Student Affairs staff to provide information, referrals and resources to CSUF students about co-curricular programming. Pilot a “Titan Hour” on Titan Tuesdays, and explore the potential for campus-wide adoption of Titan Hour.
  2. Create high-quality program materials that brand CSUF:
    1. Create a process to review and coordinate the Division of Student Affairs marketing materials, media outreach and websites to assure accuracy, timeliness, quality and alignment with University branding.
    2. Create identity-brand standards including use for logos, specific colors, and templates.
  3. Create Cross-Divisional Multi-Cultural Task Force to develop and implement an executable plan to build upon existing Student Affairs and University initiatives to assure that each graduate attains multi-cultural competencies and can communicate their value to potential employers, creating a nationally recognized model for preparing students for 21st Century careers:
    1. Carefully define desired multi-cultural competencies and map them to the general education, major specific and co-curricular opportunities that contribute to the development of these competencies.
    2. Assess the extent to which graduates currently possess these multi-cultural competencies, including strengths, gaps, and opportunities for improvement.
    3. Develop multi-year plan to improve these multi-cultural competencies, including systematic assessment of improvement over time.
    4. Establish a University-wide, co-curricular initiative that develops personal, academic and professional skills, preparing students for success in a global, multi-cultural society and workforce.
    5. Incorporate these competencies in all Divisional and University publications and electronic communications.
  4. Institutionalize the Titan Involvement Center as the hub to promote engagement opportunities on campus through a student-centered approach:
    1. Establish a centralized system to promote events and co-curricular programs offered on campus.
    2. Establish mentoring programs that connect students with professional staff on campus (i.e., job shadowing, etc.) and alumni off-campus.
    3. Expand training opportunities for students on topics such as the effective use of social media for on-campus and professional networking as well as a variety of other professional development topics.
  5. Increase visibility of the “Titan Experience” on and off campus:
    1. Consult with Facilities Management to develop and install campus signage to further "Titan Pride".
    2. Establish partnerships with local businesses to participate in the Titan Pride program and infuse Titan branding throughout the surrounding community.
    3. Increase visibility of prominent CSUF alumni in marketing materials.
    4. Increase visibility of student services, buildings and departments through campus signage, i.e. "You are Here" landmark signs, directories for individual buildings with department listings and signage within buildings.
  6. Develop student-centered spaces that enhance student engagement from an academic, social and personal perspective and exude Titan Pride by working in partnership with key Student Affairs departments and Facilities Management:
    1. Implement an assessment that maps the efficiency of existing space and utilization, considers staffing and functional needs of departments, and identifies priorities of the Division.
      1. Centralize services to create collaboration and synergy among similar programs to increase visibility and accessibility for students, i.e., true “one-stop shop models” (student services, student support services, student engagement and other key areas).
    2. Create satellite stations and information kiosks to better serve students.
    3. Modify/enhance/design buildings, facilities and spaces that are clean, modern, well equipped, and safe for learning and engagement.
    4. Integrate aesthetic appeal via artwork, pictures, accent walls, or signage of student engagement activities throughout Student Affairs spaces and campus for student viewing.
    5. Create gathering areas for all students to promote student engagement, such as meeting spaces for student organizations, comfortable places for students to study and relax that are responsive to student needs.
    6. Develop and partner to create student-centered institutional policies for increased accessibility, use of space, enhance access to parking, and reservations on campus.
    7. Create and design spaces that nurture and support the spiritual and holistic needs of students.
  7. Promote and advocate for alternative methods for transportation around and within campus such as a shuttle or trolley system to facilitate access from one corner of campus to another.