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 California State University, Fullerton




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Empowering Meaningful Mentors

Mentorship is an invaluable part of the President’s Scholars experience at Cal State Fullerton.

Prior to starting classes, freshman scholars are paired with senior peer mentors. Older scholars enjoy the experience as much as new students appreciate their guidance, friendship and support. Peer mentors provide suggestions for balancing academics and offer tips on making the most of universitywide programs, student services, clubs and organizations. President’s Scholars are multi-talented with diverse interests, but they share a willingness to support each other. The friendships that begin before their first day of class often last a lifetime.

Throughout their college experience, scholars also benefit from exceptional opportunities with faculty mentors in the student’s area of interest. Faculty mentors work closely with scholars, providing academic counseling and opportunities for research, internships and university projects. They also help scholars prepare for graduate school and provide valuable opportunities that often lead to professional positions following graduation.

Furthermore, scholars receive invaluable support and guidance from President’s Scholars professional staff members throughout their entire college experience. Scholars are respected as responsible young adults, but are provided personal assistance whenever necessary. Regardless of what the student wants to pursue, the program’s staff creates opportunities and helps establish a path for success.

Alumni scholars often cite the invaluable connections and the exposure that they received as President’s Scholars. The opportunities, advice and support from the entire campus community – including the university president, donors, community members and alumni professionals – open doors beyond graduation and make the President’s Scholars Program unique and exceptional.

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