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 California State University, Fullerton




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The California State University, Fullerton President’s Scholars Program prides itself on supporting California’s best and brightest.

Each year, hundreds of academically gifted applicants from throughout the state apply for our coveted scholarship and through an extensive application process, the top candidates are selected. These candidates go beyond excellence within the classroom and represent California’s highest achieving, well-rounded future leaders. Even though President’s Scholar candidates are often courted by multiple universities, our program consistently draws high acceptance rates, validating and ensuring our commitment to excellence. Additionally, our program promotes opportunity and provides equal consideration for qualified applicants.

Because our scholarship is funded completely through private donations, we must be extremely selective when evaluating candidates. Furthermore, as a strictly merit based scholarship, all students are viewed through the same lens from a completely blind and objective standpoint. To do this, we use one of the most rigorous screening processes as described in detail under How To Apply.