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For more information about the President's Scholars Program, contact:

Catherine Halliday
Administrative Coodinator

Our Scholars

We welcome you to meet our current scholars. These scholars have traveled abroad, coordinated community service events, participated in undergraduate research and are current presidents of student clubs and organizations. We invite you to get to know more about the scholar experience at CSUF. For our students, this is much more than a scholarship; it is an experience and support network that prepares each student to achieve his/her goals after graduation.

Our program encompasses the entire university community – offering support, recognition, visibility and access to unlimited opportunities. Our scholars will often meet with community members and donors, business professionals, and President's Scholars alumni who take the time to mentor and guide them.

Before your first day of classes at Cal State Fullerton, you're already part of a close-knit community of accomplished students. Scholars go out of their way to support each other in any way they can. They act as mentors and tutors, help one another plan events or refine leadership skills, and make new scholars feel at home.

The lasting friendships, the support, the involvement with the university and the community are all invaluable facets of our program. As one scholar stated, "It's more than a scholarship, it's a community."