Academic Senate meeting

The Academic Senate is the official representative legislative body of the university and speaks on behalf of the university community on matters within its purview. The purpose of the Senate is to recommend policy on curriculum, academic standards, criteria and standards for the selection, retention and tenure of faculty members and other matters that affect faculty and students.


Academic Senate Office Staff

Cierra Chahyaddie
Administrative Support Coordinator
(657) 278-3056


Sheretha Benjamin
Analyst Specialist
(657) 278-3684

Academic Senate Chair

Matthew Jarvis

Matthew Jarvis

Professor of Politics, Administration and Justice
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(657) 278-8460


Location: MH-133

Phone: (657) 278-3683

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California State University, Fullerton

Academic Senate Office, MH-133

P.O. Box 6850

Fullerton, CA 92834-6850