February 14, 2008

11:30 A.M. - 1:00 P.M.                                                                           ACADEMIC SENATE CHAMBERS

Members Present: Altar, Alva, Arnold, Bhattacharya, Buck, Bullock, Burgtorf, Carroll, Dabirian, Drezner, Fromson, Gordon, Grewal, Guerin, Hewitt, Jarvis, Junn, Kanel, Kantardjieff, Klassen, McMahan, Mead, Nyaggah, Palmer, Pasternack, Randall, Rhoten, Sage, Shapiro, Smith, Spitzer, Stang, Stein, Taylor, Walicki, Williams

Absent: Bedell, Bruschke, Fidalgo, Gass, Green, Hickok, Liverpool, McConnell, Oliver, Rumberger



I.              CALL TO ORDER

Chair Guerin called the meeting to order at 11:31 a.m.



M/S/P [Hewitt/Shapiro] to approve the following resolution on faculty searches and hiring as amended.  (Approved unanimously)


o        Friendly amendment[Burgtorf]:  add “without further delay” after “proceed

o        M/S/P [Buck/Shapiro]: amend to state that a minimum of 60 tenure-track faculty positions be filled.


   Resolved: The Academic Senate California State University, Fullerton (AS-CSUF) concurs with the recommendation from PRBC dated 2-4-08 that current faculty searches proceed without further delay; and be it further


Resolved: The AS-CSUF strongly urges that a minimum of 50 60 tenure-track faculty positions be filled this year; and be it further


Resolved: The AS-CSUF continues to support President Gordon’s initiative to conduct five years of faculty hiring with 100 searches each academic year resulting in a net gain of 80 new hires annually. As recommended by PRBC, should the budget situation improve, the number of faculty hires this year should increase above 60.


Rationale:  As shown in Figure 1, over the past two years the faculty hiring initiative has produced visible progress toward rebuilding the tenured-tenure/track faculty.  Although the percentage of faculty positions comprised of tenure/tenure-track faculty improved from 56% to 58% over the past two years, the shortage of permanent faculty is still severe.  Additionally, several departments continue to have low ratios of permanent faculty (see Figure 2).  To make progress, the campus needs to continue hiring greater numbers of faculty than it loses. Over the past five years, attrition has averaged 40 faculty per year.


Source: Academic Senate Executive Committee




         Senator Stein announced a panel presentation featuring five alumnae entitled “Cal State Fullerton Women: Leading the Way” to take place on Wednesday, March 5th from 4:00 to 5:30 p.m. in TSU Pavilions A/B. Panel members will speak on their experiences share their thoughts on women and leadership. A reception at the Golleher House will follow the panel discussion (open to the campus community). Also following the discussion will be an invitation-only dinner for women leaders on campus. Students are encouraged to attend these events.






            M/S/P [Arnold/Burgtorf] to approve ASD 07-171 Academic Senate Meeting Minutes 10-18-07 as submitted.

            M/S/P [Stang/Arnold] to approve ASD 07-172 Academic Senate Meeting Minutes 10-25-07 as submitted.

            M/S/P [Altar/Junn] to approve ASD 07-173 Academic Senate Meeting Minutes 11-1-07 as submitted.




         M/S/P [Stang/Mead] to approve the Consent Calendar. [Approved unanimously]

         5.1 Nominee to Standing Committee (Replacement)



Nominee:      Penny Weismuller (HHD)

Continuing:   Mougo Nyaggah (Soc Sci); Charles Tumlinson (ARTS); Lisa Kirtman (EDUC);

                     Maijian Qian (CNSM); Ed Trotter (COMM)


5.2 Nominee to Ad Hoc Committee (Replacement)



Nominee:      Marjorie Tussing

Continuing:   Brad Starr, Mitch Hanlon, Debra Ambrosetti, Irene Lange, Ying-Chiao Tsao,

                     Radha Bhattacharya




Senator Pasternack reported that the Senators are grappling with the budget situation. An interim meeting was held last week. Major lobbying efforts are scheduled for April. A student rally will take place on April 28th in Sacramento. All are encouraged to attend.




         Chair Guerin reported the following:

·        Campus senate chairs met last Thursday. They were briefed by the ASCSU Executive Committee on ASCSU resolutions and the state budget.  Margaret Merryfield, CSU Senior Director of Academic Human Resources, provided updates on the equity program for junior faculty (salary increases for qualifying faculty should be out in May; no application process) and on the post-promotion increase program for full professors and top-step lecturers (this program goes into effect in 08-09; one-half of senior faculty based on hire dates will apply next year and the remaining the following year). The program for senior faculty is intended to address the issue of salary compression, and faculty may receive increases up to 3.5%. Campus senate chairs also shared campus actions in response to the governor’s budget proposal. 

·        VP Smith has formed a committee to examine administrative issues relating to online courses. The committee has met several times.

·        Senate committees have reviewed several outdated policy statements; these recommended revisions will feature prominently in our agenda over the spring.

·        The CSU has asked for campus representatives to discuss general education issues. Campus representatives are Chris Renne, Bridget Driscoll, and Sylvia Alva.



Time Certain - 12:00 noon

Subject:  Recognition of VP Pam Hillman and Dean Anil Puri, $30 million in CBE Naming

VP Hillman and Dean Puri were congratulated by the Academic Senate for their success in securing an additional $30 million contribution to the College of Business and Economics from alum Steven G. Mihaylo, who had previously donated $4.5 million. Both commented on the process of working with alumni donors, explaining that it is a team effort. They thanked all individuals involved. This substantial gift will be used for faculty hiring and retention, program support for the CBE Honor’s Program and MBA Program, Scholarships, and integrated programs.



The following items will be placed on the Consent Calendar for rescission at the next meeting on February 21, 2008.

9.1 ASD 08-05 Rescind UPS 100.504 Student-Faculty Publications Board Charter [Executive Committee]

9.2 ASD 08-06 Rescind UPS 260.101 Leaves Policy [President Gordon & FAC]

9.3 ASD 08-07 Rescind UPS 300.001 Student Responsibility [Executive Committee]

9.4 ASD 08-16 Rescind UPS 100.302 Philosophy, Functions and Operations of the Computer Center and Office of Institutional Research and Studies [ITC]

9.5 ASD 08-20 Rescind UPS 500.100 Policy on Library Usage [LIBR]




10.1 M/S/P [Kanel/Oliver] to approve ASD 07-182 Revised UPS 292.000 Faculty Leadership in Collegial Governance Award [FAC] as amended. (Also see approved amendments from Academic Senate meeting on 12-6-07) -  Approved unanimously.


Friendly amendment [Hewitt]: Page 1, line 16: Remove “a” and add “s” to the word “member”.




11.1 M/S/P [Burgtorf/Drezner] to approve ASD 08-23 by accepting the revisions to UPS 210.000 Faculty Personnel Policy and Procedures suggested by President Gordon in his memo dated October 23, 2007 and the proposed language for Section B. Criteria for Evaluation of Teaching Faculty, submitted by the Senate Executive Committee. – Approved with three abstentions.


11.2 M/S/P [Kanel/Randall] to approve ASD 07-187 Proposed New Standing Committee on Assessment and Educational Effectiveness (proposed new Section 2 in Article VII of UPS 100.000 Academic Senate Constitution) as amended (see below). [Hand vote resulted in 23 Ayes; 7 Nays; 4 Abstentions. Since unanimous approval is required to amend UPS 100.000 Academic Senate Constitution, this proposed amendment Constitution will appear on the ballot of the All-University Election in May 2008].


        Motions to amend ASD 07-187, UPS 100.000 Academic Senate Constitution section:

·        M/S/F [Buck/Drezner] to amend to include six faculty members (no two from each college), one student, and the following ex officio non-voting member: Director of Assessment and Educational Effectiveness.

·        M/S/F [Taylor/Burgtorf] to keep the following language:

        “The Committee on Assessment and Educational Effectiveness shall consist of one faculty member from the Library and each college except the College of Humanities and Social Sciences, which shall have two members, one from the Humanities and one from the Social Sciences, elected by the Academic Senate;” and delete all ex officio non-voting members except the Director of Assessment and Educational Effectiveness.

·        M/S/P [Altar/Kanel] to delete “(undergraduate or graduate)”.


                 M/S/P [Alva/Rhoten] to approve ASD 07-187, amendment to UPS 100.001 Academic Senate Bylaws, which would add “Committee on Assessment and Educational Effectiveness: Functions”. [Approved with two abstentions]


Items 11.3 – 11.11 were not discussed due to lack of time.

11.3 ASD 07-183 Revised UPS 103.004 Computing Facilities Use Policy [ITC]

11.4 ASD 08-08 Proposed Consolidated International Education Policy (formerly ASD 07-94) – Consolidates UPS 320.100, 320.101, and 450.700 [IEC]

11.5 ASD 08-09 Revised UPS 320.002 Policy on Internships and Cooperative Education [CISL]

11.6 ASD 08-10 Revised UPS 410.106 Academic Standards for Graduate Degree Students [Grad Ed]

11.7 ASD 08-11 Revised UPS 411.102 Curriculum Guidelines and Procedures: Academic Jurisdiction  [UCC]

11.8 ASD 08-13 Revised UPS 300.016 Withdrawal Policy [ASC]

11.9 ASD 08-14 Revised UPS 210.020 Review of Tenured Faculty [FAC]

11.10ASD 08-21 Proposed Bylaw: Committee on Internships and Service Learning – Functions [CISL]

11.11 ASD 08-22 Revised UPS 100.300 Policy & Procedures for Naming Facilities, Properties, & Programs [UAC]




         Meeting was adjourned at 12:58 p.m.