February 20, 2003













11:30 A.M. - 1:00 P.M.                                                                      ACADEMIC SENATE CHAMBERS

Members Present:  Abdelwahed, Arkenberg, Bedell, Boyum, Buck, Cox, Emry, Fitch, Fromson, Gannon, Gordon, Guerin, Hagan, Hewitt, Jeremiah, Jones, Junn, Kim, Klassen, Meyer, Nanjundappa, Parman, Pasternack, Putcha, Randall, Rhoten, Rimmer, Roberts, Russell, Rutemiller, Sawicki,Schroeder, Shapiro, Smith Sutphen, Szeszulski, Taulli, Tavakolian Vargas, Wolverton and Wong 


Members Absent:  Erickson, Gilbert, Parker, Perkins, and Reisman


I.              CALL TO ORDER

Vice Chair Bedell called the meeting to order at 11:33 a.m.



Senator Fromson expressed his concerns regarding the strict policy of late adds after the first two weeks.  He stated that this issue is timely because we are in the midst of late adds and he is frustrated about the policy that was recently adopted because he has had to turn students away with what he thought were very legitimate reasons for adding a class.  He does not think the recently adopted policy on late adds serves the best interest of the students, faculty, nor is it in the best interest of the institution.  Senator Fromson urged the Executive Committee to look at this issue.


Senator Fitch stated that frequently late adds are not the student’s fault but that classes get canceled at the last minute due to faculty emergencies or family emergencies.


Senator Randall suggested using wait lists to accommodate the students.


Vice Chair Bedell noted that the Executive Committee will take up the matter.


Senator Nanjundappa introduced another item of urgent business, a CSUF Academic Senate Resolution. 


It was m/s [Nanjundappa/Guerin] to approve the CSUF Academic Senate Resolution asking the CSUF Senate to join CFA to formally urge President Gordon to maintain funding for instruction and student services, student faculty ratio and to consult widely with the Academic Senate, the CFA Fullerton Chapter, the Budget Advisory Committee and CSUF Associated Student Leadership prior to making any reductions in the CSUF Instructional budget.


It was moved [Gannon] and accepted as a friendly amendment in the last resolved to delete the word “seek” and insert the word “consider.” 


It was moved [Pasternack] and accepted as a friendly amendment in the last resolved after the word “Instructional” to insert the words “and Student Services Budgets.”


The motion carried to adopt this resolution as amended with 8 abstentions.



Senator Jeremiah announced that approximately 80 scholar/athletes will be honored at the Big West Scholar Night on March 4th.


Senator Sutphen encouraged Senators to come to the Faculty Development Center for Campus Technology Day.  She also reminded the Senators of Theatre Night on March 2nd and that Joe Arnold would be joining the group for discussion at dinner.  She also announced that Cal State Northridge yesterday passed a resolution opposing the Bush Administration’s preparation for a first- strike war.


Senator Buck reminded Senators that today was the Third Thursday and invited all for fellowship at the Off-Campus Pub 4:00 p.m.


Senator Guerin invited submissions to the Senate Forum.


President Gordon announced that two faculty members will be honored for 40 years of service this evening at the faculty service reception.  He also reported that Vice President Palmer is recovering well from surgery following an accident two weeks ago.



Vice Chair Bedell explained that he was chairing the meeting today in the absence of Chair Gilbert, who is attending the NCAA meeting in Florida.



It was m/s [Fromson/Nanjundappa] to approve the Consent Calendar.


Senator Tavakolian requested removal of Nominess to Ad Hoc Committees – Program Performance Review from the Consent Calendar.  This item will be the first agenda item of New Business.  The following Consent Calendar was approved:  


A.   ASD 03-09 Academic Senate Minutes 2-6-03



Extended Education Committee

Nominee:    Cindy Martinez (HDCS) (Spring 03)



Honors Board

Nominee:    Roger Nanes (CNSM) (Spring 03)



A.   ASD 03-11 Resolution in Support of the Proposed Master Plan

It was m/s [Sutphen/Fromson] to adopt document ASD 03-11 Resolution in Support of the Proposed CSUF Master Plan supporting raising the enrollment cap on campus to 25,000 from its current level of 20,000. 


Following items were discussed:



§         Issue of Master Plan and enrollment cap are two separate issues.  CSUF needs to have separate enrollment caps; one for the Fullerton campus, and one for the university as a whole, so that we can accommodate any increase over 25,000 on campus, at El Toro and other off-campus sites.

§         As a point of clarification:  Cap refers to this campus.  Does not refer to growth at El Toro or growth in YRO.

§         The campus, the hallways, stairways and elevators are already over crowded that students are not able get to classes on time.

§         Concern about the ability to exit the campus in an emergency situation.

§         Senator Hagan is willing to bring the emergency management team to a Senate meeting to discuss these issues.

§         The university has an obligation to people who live in Orange County.  We are seeing Tidal Wave II, and if we keep the current cap, we will be turning many students away.  We are being shortsighted if we say the campus cannot grow and are doing a disservice to people in Orange County if we do not increase the cap.

§         Issue of how we manage resources; i.e., use of facilities over 7 days.

§         Be more creative in course offerings of classes.

§         There is student support for maintaining access and raising the cap.

§         We can only build new buildings if we can justify the buildings in terms of increased enrollment.

§         New Physical Education building will provide 41 more faculty offices.

§         Master Plan has been finalized but not approved by the Board of Trustees.


It was m/s and accepted as a friendly amendment on line 21 to delete the words “an affordable” and insert the words “a high quality.”


It was m/s [Buck/Shapiro] to add a second resolved clause “THEREFORE be it resolved that future enrollment growth at CSUF take place at off campus facilities in non-traditional times until adequate facilities are developed on campus to provide a high quality educational experience.”


It was m [Fromson] to all call the question before the house.  Motion carried to end debate.


The Buck/Shapiro amendment failed.  Main motion as amended on ASD 03-11 document was approved.    



A.   Nominees to Ad Hoc Committee for Program Performance Review

It was m/s/p [Tavakolian/Gannon] to add Gus Vargas as representative from College of Business & Economics on this committee.


Motion to approve the committee as amended carried.



Program Performance Review

Nominees:   Diane Witmer (COMM); Sandra Sutphen (FDC); Keith Boyum (AP); Tom Klammer (HSS); Raman Unnikrishnan (ECS); Joyce Ono (CNSM);Jeffrey Kottler (HDCS)


B.   ASD 03-12 Revised UPS 280.000 Intramural Research Grants

This item was not considered at this meeting due to time limitations and will be placed on the agenda as Unfinished Business for the next Senate meeting on March 13th.


It was m/s/p [Gannon/Nanjundappa] to adjourn.  The meeting adjourned at 1:00 p.m.