February 21, 2008

11:30 A.M. - 1:00 P.M.                                                                           ACADEMIC SENATE CHAMBERS

Members Present: Altar, Arnold, Bedell, Bruschke, Buck, Carroll, Drezner, Fromson, Gass, Grewal, Guerin, Hewitt, Hickok, Jarvis, Junn, Kanel, Kantardjieff, Klassen, Liverpool, McConnell, Mead, Nyaggah, Pasternack, Randall, Rhoten, Rumberger, Sage, Shapiro, Smith, Stang, Stein, Taylor, Walicki, Williams

Absent: Alva, Bhattacharya, Bullock, Burgtorf, Dabirian, Gordon, Green, McMahan, Oliver, Palmer, Spitzer


I.              CALL TO ORDER

Chair Guerin called the meeting to order at 11:31 a.m.






Senator Pasternack announced Senator Drezner’s upcoming birthday this weekend. The body wished Senator Drezner well.



M/S/P [Gass/Drezner] to approve the Consent Calendar. [Approved unanimously]

4.1 ASD 08-27 New Course Proposals: General Education (EDAD 364 & CAS/AFRO 370) [GE Committee]

4.2 ASD 08-28 Recommendation to Rename Center for Internships and Service Learning to Center for Internships and Community Engagement [Committee for Internships and Service Learning]

4.3 Items Recommended for Rescission:

      4.3.1 ASD 08-05 Rescind UPS 100.504 Student-Faculty Publications Board Charter [Executive Committee]

      4.3.2 ASD 08-06 Rescind UPS 260.101 Leaves Policy [President Gordon & FAC]

4.3.3 ASD 08-07 Rescind UPS 300.001 Student Responsibility [Executive Committee]

4.3.4 ASD 08-16 Rescind UPS 100.302 Philosophy, Functions and Operations of the Computer Center and Office of Institutional Research and Studies [ITC]

4.3.5 ASD 08-20 Rescind UPS 500.100 Policy on Library Usage [LIBR]



Senator Pasternack reported that the CSU Academic Senate will meet in two weeks. The Executive Committee is looking at a couple of resolutions regarding the CSU budget. Chair Guerin added that there have been some responses to the Access to Excellence draft that resulted in revisions being made to the document. She will send the revisions via email to any one who is interested in reviewing them.



Chair Guerin reported that she attended the Department Chairs’ meeting yesterday where the WASC steering committee gave a presentation on a number of task forces that are being launched to aid in the reaccreditation process, which will last through fall 2011. The first of two visits from WASC is the capacity review and it will occur in 2010. The second visit, to review Educational Effectiveness, will occur in fall 2011. Ed Sullivan from Institutional Research and Analytical Studies reported on the COACHE report. Some of the data from this report will appear in the report from the ad hoc Committee on Junior Faculty Mentoring and can be forwarded if requested.


Chair Guerin attended a meeting to revise the online committee interest form. Requests will be sent to all faculty members to complete the online form, which will be used to form Senate standing committees.

The Executive Committee is working on Statements of Opinion of the All-University Elections ballot. Please forward any additional suggested statements to Chair Guerin or any member of the Executive Committee. These statements will be brought to the Senate floor for approval very shortly.



Time Certain

12:00 noon

Subject:  (1) Five Year Capital Improvement Plan, (2) Report on Campus Construction Projects, (3), Campus signage, (4) Re-Keying

Jay Bond, Associate Vice President, Facilities Management

Mr. Bond provided an update on the status of various facilities projects:


(1) Five Year Capital Improvement Program

There are two major categories in capital funding, state funded and non-state funded. The state funded program is protracted. The CSU receives $350 million in state funded capital per year. CSUF will submit a request for state funding for the following projects over fiscal years 2009-10 to 2013-14:

·        Capital Renewal (Deferred maintenance, renewing systems)

·        Land acquisition (Irvine Campus, perhaps Hope University property)

·        Physical Services Complex and Infrastructure Improvements

·        McCarthy Hall Renovation

·        Renovation of other projects (KHS and PA Buildings)


         The non-state funded program is a series of projects that are independent from one another; they are funded by different sources, typically fee-related (i.e. parking fees, student fees, user fees, etc.). These projects include:

·        Additional parking

·        Additional student housing

·        Faculty/Staff Center

·        A retail/administration building near the Performing Arts Center


         (2) Campus Construction Projects

         Our active projects include the following:

·        Mihaylo Hall: New home for the College of Business and Economics. We are one schedule and on budget for this project. We are likely to receive a LEED Silver rating for energy efficiency.

·        Student Recreation Center: Though rainy weather has interrupted construction, we are making progress. We are hoping to receive a LEED Gold rating for this building.

·        Police Building: Currently under construction along State College Blvd.

·        Children’s Center: In design, not currently under construction. It is planned that the location of this building will be north of Physical Plant, built in two phases. It will include a parking area, administrative facilities, kitchen, and student classrooms.

·        Student Housing: We intend to embark on roughly 1,000 additional beds. This new building will be located directly south of the current student housing. These units will not have kitchens. Instead, there will be a central food service facility that will also be available to general campus diners.

·        Additional Parking Structure: While President Gordon has not yet approved new parking fees to fund this structure, planning for the location and size is underway. It is estimated that the new fee could fund a 1,500 space parking structure located north of the Marriott.

·        Trigeneration: Using gas-fired turbine to spin off electricity, heat, and cooling. Generally, projects such as upgrading HVAC systems in each building are being funded by utility savings.



(3) Campus Signage

The Design and Construction staff developed a program; the program is awaiting implementation. In his presentation, AVP Bond showed images of variety of styles for different signs and their locations.


(4) Campus Re-Keying

This is a state funded capital project related to safety. Our keying had become so complex that it was difficult for emergency personnel to respond in specific rooms.  More details on the buildings that have been re-keyed and the buildings that will be re-keyed can be found on the Campus Police website.


Following his presentation, AVP Bond responded to questions from the floor.


Time Certain

12:30 p.m.

Subject:  ASD 08-08 Proposed Consolidated International Education Policy (ASD 07-94) – Consolidates UPS 320.100, 320.101, and 450.700 [IEC]

John Patton, Chair – International Education Committee 2007-08

Dr. Patton began this discussion by first providing context for this proposed document. He explained that it is the product of a two-year effort to consolidate three separate UPS documents and create a more comprehensive policy. In its Missions and Goals, the University has a strong statement of promoting internationalization and a global perspective. The goal of this document is to provide a “roadmap” (guidelines) for facilitating international interactions.


The document is organized hierarchically. The beginning of the document discusses institutional formal agreements; the process, what constitutes a formal agreement, and who is responsible for instituting them. In Section B.3, the criteria for courses delivered abroad are stipulated. Section C. discusses CSUF students going abroad and Section D. deals with international students coming to CSUF. This document encourages this and providing international students with the same rights and responsibilities as domestic students.


Dr. Patton reported that it has been suggested that additional language be added to this document in support of allowing faculty to make international contacts on their own. He responded that international collaborations should begin at the faculty level. This document was never meant to restrict faculty from initiating informal contacts. It provides a roadmap for growing those contacts.


Another concern has been that this document does not address visiting scholars. He pointed out that this is covered in UPS 108.000. The International Education Committee purposely did not address this because it did not identify it as under the scope of its responsibility.


Dr. Patton addressed a number of questions from the body until the meeting was adjourned. Discussion will resume at the next possible meeting.




            Reconsideration of ASD 07-187 Proposed New Standing Committee on Assessment and Educational Effectiveness [Executive Committee]

Chair Guerin recalled that the Senate voted on this committee’s membership and existence, separately from its functions. The body voted in unanimous support of the functions, which amended the Academic Senate Bylaws. She clarified that though the majority of Senators present at the meeting voted in support of the committee membership and existence, an Academic Senate Constitutional amendment, the absolute majority of all 46 Senators was needed, which means that 24 “yes” votes were needed in order for this item to pass. (Note: With at least 24 affirmative votes, this item would not be immediately implemented, but placed on the All-University elections ballot for consideration by the faculty electorate, since unanimous approval by the Senate of a constitutional amendment is necessary for immediate implementation.) After discussion, the Executive Committee recommended asking the body to reconsider the proposal to establish a Committee on Assessment and Educational Effectiveness.


The body consented to reconsidering.


M/S/P [Kanel/Stang] to amend Article VII of UPS 100.000 Academic Senate Constitution to establish this new committee. Still considered friendly was Senator Altar’s amendment to delete “(one undergraduate, one graduate)”. The following additional amendments were also approved [Hand vote results: 28 Ayes; 2 Nays; 2 Abstentions]:


         M/S/P [Buck/Bedell] to delete “except the College of Humanities and Social Sciences which shall have two members, one from the Humanities and one from the Social Sciences,” and “the Vice President for Academic Affairs (or designee); the Vice President for Student Affairs (or designee); the Director of the Faculty Development Center; and the Assistant Vice President for Institutional Research and Analytical Studies.”


With 28 affirmative votes, this item will appear on the All-University Elections ballot in May.



Items 8.2 - 8.9 were not discussed due to lack of time.

8.2 ASD 08-09 Revised UPS 320.002 Policy on Internships and Cooperative Education [CISL]

8.3 ASD 08-21 Proposed Bylaw: Committee on Internships and Service Learning – Functions [CISL]

8.4 ASD 08-10 Revised UPS 410.106 Academic Standards for Graduate Degree Students [Grad Ed]

8.5 ASD 08-11 Revised UPS 411.102 Curriculum Guidelines and Procedures: Academic Jurisdiction [UCC]

8.6 ASD 08-13 Revised UPS 300.016 Withdrawal Policy [ASC]

8.7 ASD 08-14 Revised UPS 210.020 Review of Tenured Faculty [FAC]

8.8 ASD 08-22 Revised UPS 100.300 Policy & Procedures for Naming Facilities, Properties, & Programs [UAC]

8.9 ASD 07-183 Revised UPS 103.004 Computing Facilities Use Policy [ITC]



Meeting adjourned at 1:00 p.m.