February 28, 2008


11:30 A.M. - 1:00 P.M.                                                                           ACADEMIC SENATE CHAMBERS

Members Present: Altar, Bedell, Bhattacharya, Bruschke, Buck, Bullock, Carroll, Drezner, Fromson, Gass, Gordon, Green, Grewal, Guerin, Hewitt, Hickok, Junn, Kanel, Kantardjieff, Klassen, Liverpool, McConnell, McMahan, Mead, Nyaggah, Pasternack, Randall, Rhoten, Rumberger, Sage, Smith, Spitzer, Stein, Williams

Absent: Alva, Arnold, Burgtorf, Dabirian, Fidalgo, Jarvis, Oliver, Palmer, Shapiro, Stang, Taylor, Walicki


I.              CALL TO ORDER

Chair Guerin called the meeting to order at 11:30 a.m.



         M/S/P [Buck/Drezner] to approve the following resolution: [Approved unanimously]


CSUF Resolution to Endorse City of Fullerton’s Proposal for Wording on City Signs


Resolved: that the Academic Senate CSUF endorse the City of Fullerton’s proposal to put wording on city signs identifying Fullerton as “The Education Community”; and be it further


Resolved: that the chair of the Academic Senate forward this motion to the City Council prior to the City Council meeting of March 4, 2008.




Senator Randall invited all to Faculty Night at the Women’s Gymnastics team’s meet against Oregon State on Friday, February 29th, at 7:00 p.m. in the Titan Gym.


Senator Rumberger (ASI) asked that faculty encourage students to run for various leadership positions in the upcoming ASI elections. He also requested that faculty ask students to submit nominations for the ASI Outstanding Educator of the Year Award.




         M/S/P [Bedell/Kanel] to approve ASD 07-201 and ASD 07-196 as submitted.

               ASD 07-201 Academic Senate Meeting Minutes 11-15-07

               ASD 07-196 Academic Senate Meeting Minutes 11-29-07




M/S/P [Fromson/Drezner] to approve the Consent Calendar as amended. [Approved unanimously]

            Nominees to Ad Hoc Committees



Nominees:   Scott Hewitt (CNSM); Jane Hall (CBE); Jeff Kuo (ECS); John Carroll (SOC SCI);

Rebecca Dolhinow (HUM); Jochen Schenk (CNSM)



Nominees:   David Falconer (ECS); Genelle Belmas (COMM); John Bock (SOC SCI H&SS);

Carl Renold (HHD); Denise Stanley (CBE); forthcoming Christina Smith (ARTS); forthcoming Anne Houtman (CNSM); forthcoming Ken Stichter (EDUC);

forthcoming Barbara Miller (LIBRARY)




            Senator Pasternack reported that the CSU Academic Senate will meet next week.


         The General Education Affinity Group is meeting today at the Chancellor’s office. Representatives from all 23 CSU campuses will attend to discuss possible changes to EO 595, the IGETC transfer package, and to share information on best practices of General Education.


         Senator Buck reported that revisions to the revised draft of the Access to Excellence document have been made.




            Chair Guerin reported the following:

·        Faculty searches:  As of this week, we have hired 22 tenure-track faculty members.

·        Degree name change: The office received a proposal to change the name of degree and minor from the Department of Speech Communication. The proposal is to change the minor and the names of the degrees from speech communication to the minor, BA, and MA in Communication Studies. Per section II. D. in UPS 100.601, I have forwarded the proposal to University Curriculum Committee and Graduate Education Committee for their recommendation.

·        Statements of opinion. The Executive Committee will bring to the Senate at our next meeting recommended items for the ballot in May.

·        Committee interest survey.  The annual interest survey for serving on Academic Senate committees and boards will be conducted online again this year.  The office will send out reminders as soon as the survey is ready. Please encourage your colleagues to complete the survey promptly.

·        Academic Senate elections. The all-university election will be held May 5th through 8th.  Marilyn Miller is contacting faculty who serve as senators or members of our elected general committees to determine whether or not they plan to continue serving in these elected positions during sabbaticals or other leaves.  Should members of the Senate or general committees be unable to serve, we must usually conduct a special election to determine their replacement. Please let Marilyn know if you are unable to continue in your elected position so that your replacement can be determined in the May election.

·        Policy review. We continue to receive policy recommendations from the various standing and general committees.  I thank the committees for their work. We are making excellent progress in this process.

·        Special reports. Executive Committee will be receiving the reports of two ad hoc committees at its meeting next Tuesday:  (1) mentoring and (2) second language graduation requirement. We will bring these to the Senate shortly.


After Chair Guerin concluded the Chair’s report, brief discussion on faculty hiring ensued. VP Smith addressed the following questions:


Senator Buck: Will we halt faculty searches?

VP Smith: We continue to hire and make more offers; we received acceptances today, but it appears that we are receiving more declines. As more people become aware of the budget situation in California, we are encountering more hesitancy from candidates, especially from the Midwest and Eastern states to accept our offers. Currently, we have acceptances and offers outstanding for approximately 44-45 positions.




Chair Guerin: Where are we in terms of resignations?

VP Smith: Resignations continue to come in also. It is assumed that like last year, we will see around 40 resignations.


Senator Bedell: How many searches were not allowed to move forward?

VP Smith: I told the Deans to rank searches and cancel any with weak or marginal pools. I am unsure of the actual searches that have been cancelled.  The difference between this year and prior years is that if a department had a very strong pool and was down on faculty, we would advice it to hire a second candidate. We have not done that this year; this will keep down the count on the number of individuals who will be hired.


Senator Nyaggah: Can departments make offers to the third or fourth pick candidates when the first and second decline an offer?

VP Smith: In those situations, the Dean works with the Department Chair to review the pool of candidates. If they believe that the pool is strong, they proceed with the search. There have been incidents where this has happened.


Senator Pasternack: Who decides if a pool is weak?

VP Smith: It is a collaborative process between the Department Chair and Dean to evaluate the pool and make a determination.




            It was M/S [Drezner/Stein] to approve ASD 08-08 Consolidated Policy on International Education (formerly ASD 07-94) – Consolidates UPS 320.100, 320.101, and 450.700 [IEC]


M/S/P [Buck/Drezner] to postpone discussion of ASD 08-08 Consolidated Policy on International Education to a time certain on March 27th. There are many questions that should be addressed before this document is considered. [Approved with 4 abstentions]


Comment(s) that should be taken into account:

Senator Pasternack: There should be a section in the document dealing with faculty who are traveling overseas to attend conferences or present papers.




9.1   M/S/P [Bruschke/Kanel] to approve ASD 08-09 Revised UPS 320.002 Policy on Internships and Cooperative Education [CISL] as amended: [Approved with 1 abstention]


Friendly amendment [Pasternack] (Page 2, Line 9): Add “, in the opinion of the supervising faculty member,” after “…at least four times per semester expect when”.


Friendly amendment [Buck] (Page 2, line 10): Add “on a regular basis” after “…confer with the student by telephone or email”.


        Friendly amendment [Buck] (Page 2, line 34): Reinstate “the Curriculum Committee”.


Friendly amendment [Buck] (Page 2, line 44): Add “8. These policies apply to all internships courses irrespective of  whether they are regular university courses or offered through University Extended Education; and whether they are campus-based or offered at a distant location.”

        Friendly amendment [Kanel]: Add “academic” before “internships”

        Friendly amendment [Bedell]: Add “online,” after “campus-based”

Friendly amendment [Buck]: (After input from Dean Harry Norman from the gallery): Change “regular university courses or offered through University Extended Education” to “state-funded or not state-funded”


It was agreed that the Committee on Internships and Service Learning will be asked to address the issue of the use of the term “practicum” and whether it is interchangeable with the term “internship”, and also whether our policy needs to be adjusted to reflect that.



9.2   M/S/P [Bruschke/Kanel] to approve ASD 08-21 Proposed Bylaw: Committee on Internships and Service Learning – Functions [CISL] as amended: [Approved unanimously]


Friendly amendment [Pasternack]: Add “on issues dealing with internships and service learning” to the end of item e.



9.3   M/S/P [Kanel/Bullock] to approve ASD 08-10 Revised UPS 410.106 Academic Standards for Graduate Degree Students [Grad Ed] as amended: [Approved unanimously]


        Friendly amendment [McConnell] (Page 3, lines 36-46): Switch sections D & E. (The language in section E would become section D and section D would become section E).


Friendly amendment [Drezner] (Page 1, lines 19-20): Delete “Certain programs require more than 30 units.”



9.4   M/S/P [Drezner/Rumberger] to approve ASD 08-11 Revised UPS 411.102 Curriculum Guidelines and Procedures: Academic Jurisdiction [UCC] as amended: [Approved unanimously]


        Friendly amendment [Bullock] (Page 2, line 37): Reinstate item 3.

               Friendly amendment [Kanel] (Page 2, line 41): To the end of item 4, add “Curricular experimentation is desirable.”

                           Friendly amendment [Junn] (Page 2, lines 39-41): Change item 4 to read “In order to respond to evolving professional demands and student needs, innovation, flexibility, and change are reflected in curricular development, implementation, review, and evaluation. Therefore, curricular experimentation is desirable.”



9.5   M/S/P [Kanel/Klassen] to approve ASD 08-13 Revised UPS 300.016 Withdrawal Policy [ASC] as amended: [Approved unanimously]


Friendly amendment [Kanel] (Page 2, line 12): Change “or may involve only one course” to “or may involve one or more courses”.

Friendly amendment [Pasternack] (Page 2, line 11-12): Change sentence to read “Withdrawals during this time period may involve one or more courses, except when…”

            Friendly amendment [Liverpool] (Page 2, line 12): Delete “total withdrawal from the    university”






9.6   M/S/P [Drezner/Altar] to approve ASD 08-14 Revised UPS 210.020 Review of Tenured Faculty [FAC] as amended: [Approved unanimously]


        Friendly amendment [Junn]: Effect Dean Tom Klammer’s suggestion to include the following as Section II.G. (Page 2, line 23): “G. Each college shall specify an annual calendar of deadlines for faculty submission of post-tenure review materials, DPC Chair and Dean post-tenure review evaluations, and completion of concluding post-tenure review meetings.”     

               M/S/P [Junn/Bedell] to add to the end of the new section G. the following: “The review process shall be completed within one year.”          

                           Friendly amendment [Liverpool]: At the end of the new section G., add: “or less.”

                           Friendly amendment [McConnell] (Page 2, line 18): Delete “By the end of the academic year.”


        Friendly amendment [Junn] (Page 1, line 35): Delete “by October 1”; (Page 1, line 37): Delete “and faculty files shall not be due before November 1.”

               Friendly amendment [Drezner] (Page 1, line 37): Reinstate “and faculty files shall not be due before”       and change “November 1.” to “one month has lapsed.”


        Friendly amendment [Pasternack] (Page 1, line 34): After “leave-of-absence.”, insert “The Office of Faculty Affairs and Records shall inform the Department Chair at the start of the academic year as to which faculty members are to be reviewed during the upcoming year.”



Items 9.7 and 9.8 were not approved due to lack of time.

9.7   ASD 08-22 Revised UPS 100.300 Policy & Procedures for Naming Facilities, Properties, & Programs [UAC]

9.8   ASD 07-183 Revised UPS 103.004 Computing Facilities Use Policy [ITC]



X.           ADJOURNMENT

         Meeting adjourned at 12:57 p.m.