March 2, 2006




11:30 A.M. - 1:00 P.M.                                                                ACADEMIC SENATE CHAMBERS

Members Present:  Alva, Bedell, Buck, Drezner, Emry, Fidalgo, Fitch, , Guerin, Hall, Hassan, Hewitt, Jones, Junn, Kanel, Kantardjieff, Kelly, Kirtman, Klassen, Kreiner, Liverpool, Matz, Michalopoulos, Nanjundappa, Pasternack, Pierson, Rhoten, Rumberger, Shapiro, Smith, Taylor, Walicki,

Absent: Burgtorf, Dabirian, Fromson, Gass, Gordon, Hagan, Holland, Klein, Lovell, Meyer, Napper, Schroeder, Syed, Tavakolian, Vogt, Williams


I.              CALL TO ORDER

Chair Bedell called the meeting to order at 11:35 a.m.



The body discussed two dangerous crossing areas for pedestrians on Nutwood Avenue. Senator Taylor stated that the flashing lights on the “minor” crosswalk on Nutwood Avenue are not working. 

Senator Matz added that drivers are making right-hand turns on red lights on to Nutwood Avenue. This is endangering pedestrians who are crossing in the diagonal crosswalk. Chair Bedell responded that these issues will be followed up and addressed.



Senator Nanjundappa invited all Senators and colleagues to attend the CFA Rally next Monday at 12 noon in the Quad. A reception at 1:00 p.m. in the Academic Senate Chambers will follow.



         No minutes were available.       


V.           CHAIR’S REPORT

PAB received the draft of the Civility Statement. ASI Inc. will see it on Tuesday and the Senate will receive it for consideration in the next two weeks.


Chair Bedell submitted a President’s Initiative Document to request augmenting next year’s sabbatical pool by 15 more sabbaticals.


We are in the formative stages of preparing a proposal to make the Academic Senate Chambers a SMART classroom.



         The Statewide Academic Senators will meet next Thursday.



M/S/P [Jones/Junn] to approve the consent calendar (ASD 06-21 Athletic Training Certificate). Passed unanimously.



8.1     ASD 06-05 Revised UPS 103.004 Computing Facilities Use Policy [IT Committee]

Continued Discussion:

Senator Shapiro (friendly amendment to Senator Hewitt’s amendment): Section 7 (p.2, line 24):   change wording to “…computer labs shall not be used for commercial purposes.”


M/S/P [Buck/Pasternack] to refer 103.004 back to the IT committee with instructions per the discussion of the Academic Senate and request them to report back to the Senate during the current academic year.



9.1 With the consent of the body, Chair Bedell moved Item 9.4 ASD 06-22 Bylaw Changes [Elections Committee] to the first items of New Business. Senator Matz, Chair of the Elections Committee explained that the Elections committee recommends changing the Bylaws to state that the last day of voting should end at 4:00p.m. to allow time for people to contact the Academic Senate office if they encounter problems while attempting to vote electronically.


It was M/S/P [Nanjundappa/Michalopoulos] to change the Bylaws to indicate that elections run for a duration of four days.


               M/S/P [Matz/Guerin] to approve the Elections Committee’s recommendation.


         9.2 ASD 06-10 Revised UPS 320.030 Policy on Computer Competency [IT Committee]


M/S [Drezner/Fitch] to approve ASD 06-10 Revised UPS 320.030 Policy on Computer Competency.


It was M/S/P [Michalopoulos/Kreiner] to refer this document back to the IT committee with notes of the following discussion:

·        Overall, the Senate felt that the IT committee should come up with the process for implementation of the last sentence: "Students who feel they do not meet the expected level of competency, should contact the Academic Advising Center."


·        M [Pasternack] friendly amendment on Line 18 (Section 1a): Add the words "back up" before "and save files and folders on hard drives..."


·        It was suggested that the IT Committee consider rescission of this document since it only tells us how to publicize the computer competency skills necessary for entering students. It is not a policy on determining computer competency.


·        M/S [Fidalgo/Fitch] to (1.) delete the entire second paragraph,  (2.) delete “Preamble” as the title of the first paragraph, (3.) change “Competency includes” to “Entering students should have”, and (4.) change the last sentence of the document to bullet #3.


·        “Competency” needs to be asserted in this document. Use of the words” proficient in basic use” (of a computer) instead of “knowledgeable” was suggested by one senator.  


9.3 President Gordon requested that discussion of UPS 261.000 be deferred since he was unable to attend today’s Senate meeting. With the consent of the body, discussion of ASD 06-06 Revised UPS 261.000 Emeritus Status [Faculty Affairs Committee] was deferred to the next meeting.


9.4 ASD 06-06 Revised UPS 103.005 World Wide Web Policy [IT Committee]

               It was M/S/P [Pasternack/Michalopoulos] to refer ASD back to the IT committee.

Senator Pasternack expressed that we are currently in violation of our own policy. Other Senators had the following questions and concerns:

                                    Section IIA2:

·        Who will be mandated to check the web pages to see if this requirement has been met?

·        Posting the disclaimer at least once seems feasible, but it might be troublesome when dealing with lots of external links

Section IIA4:

·        Statement is too broad (define personal information and other information).

                                    Section IIA8:

·        Any department administrator would probably try to find a site on if this policy was implemented. Consultation with the person(s) responsible should take place before a web page is removed.

                                    Section IIIB3:

·        Why isn’t the last sentence in the section on non-administrative web sites (section IVB3) not included on the section on administrative web sites (IIIB3)? Should be parallel in structure. Suggestion: Last sentence (“Individuals may be sued…”) should be moved into section two of the document and stated only once so that it applies to all (administrative and non-administrative).

·        It would be distracting to have to put name and contact information on every page. Someone is going to have to do this and check the pages.

Section IVB3:

·        That which is considered slander/defamation is open to debate. Legalistic references really need to be considered carefully in this document because the law varies from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. We should not tread too heavily on the freedom of faculty members when they put material on web sites.

·        Define who is accountable for “currency” of the material, if, for example, someone else (other than the faculty member that posted the material on the web site) authored the material.


9.5 ASD 06-23 Revised UPS 210.007 Appointment of Administrative Personnel [Senate Executive Committee]


It was M/S/P [Guerin/Hewitt] to approve ASD 06-23 Revised UPS 210.007 Appointment of Administrative Personnel with the following amendments (passed unanimously):

                        Senator Pasternack (friendly amendments):

·        Section IA1 (p. 1, line 32) add “at least” before “three of whom…”

·        Section IA2 (p. 1, line 42) add “at least” before “two of whom…”

·        Section IA3 (p. 2, line 10) add “(at least three of whom must be tenured)”

·        Section IB2 (p. 2, lines 29-30 & 35-36) Change: “Secretarial assistance shall be provided by the university to aid the committee in its work.”  to “Section IC” (and the section that was originally Section IC  to Section ID)


Senator Hall (not friendly):

·        Section IA3 (p.2, line 8) change the word “elected” to “convened”

·        It was M/S/P [Pasternack/Hall] to change the word “elected” to “convened”



X.           ADJOURNMENT

        Meeting was adjourned at 1:00p.m.