March 3, 2005













11:30 A.M. - 1:00 P.M.                                                          ACADEMIC SENATE CHAMBERS

Members Present:  Allen, Alva, Arkenberg, Azima, Bedell, Buck, Burgtorf, Cox, Emry, Erickson, Fidalgo, Fitch, Fromson, Gass, Gilbert, Gordon, Guerin, Hagan, Hall, Jones, Junn, Kanel, Kelly, Klassen, Kreiner, Matz, Meyer, Michalopoulos, Nanjundappa, Pasternack, Rahmatian, Randall, Rhodes, Rhoten, Schroeder, Shapiro, Smith, and Vogt  


Absent:  Jewett, Kantardjieff, Tavakolian, Vasquez and Walicki


I.              CALL TO ORDER

Chair Bedell called the meeting to order at 11:34 a.m.  Chair Bedell acknowledged and thanked  Dean Samuelson  for the complimentary notebooks [distributed to the Senators] announcing the Performing Arts Center gala opening on January 14, 2006.  Chair Bedell on behalf of the Executive Committee and Academic Senate presented a wedding gift to Ms. Bakken.



It was m/s/p [Pasternack/Guerin] to approve minor editorial changes to the dates in UPS 293.000. The Carol Barnes Excellence in Teaching Award was approved unanimously by the Senate on February 17, 2005.



Senator Matz extended an invitation to the Senators to attend the Memorial Service for Dr. William B. Gudykunst, Professor Speech Communication on March 4, 2005 at 3:00 p.m. in the Theatre, Titan Student Union.


President Gordon announced a Retirement Farewell Reception will be held for Dr. Michael Parker on Monday, March 14, 2005 in Portola Pavilion A from 3:00-5:00 p.m.


Chair Bedell welcomed back Senator Nanjundappa. Senator Nanjundappa thanked the members for their get well wishes.  He informed the members a “Petition to Rebuild the CSU” has been circulated and encouraged members to participate.  This is CFA’s lobbying effort to bring more funds to the CSU. 


Senator Shapiro distributed a copy of an article “The Myths and Realities of Public Employee Pension Plans” and asked members to read the article. 



Chair Bedell reported President Gordon has signed most of the documents approved by the Academic Senate. 



Senator Pasternack reported that the Statewide Senate will meet next week Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.  There will be second readings on the first reading items that Senator Pasternack mentioned at the last Senate meeting.  The Academic Senate Chair from the University of California will address the Senate.



It was m/s [Jones/Nanjundappa] to approve the following Consent Calendar.  Senator Pasternack requested Item C be removed from the Consent Calendar and will be the first of item of New Business.  Motion passed to approve the Consent Calendar.


      Director – Center for Internships and Service Learning

     Nominees:    Robert Voeks (HSS); Kari Knutson-Miller (HHD); Pamela Caldwell (COMM); Irene Lange (CBE); Arnold Holland (ARTS)

B.   Rescission of UPS document:

      1.   ASD 05-11 UPS 330.234 Police Practices

C.   ASD 05-15 Report on Restructuring of the Division of Kinesiology and Health Science

D.  ASD 05-17 Minor in Liberal Studies [Curriculum Committee and PRBC]



A.  ASD 05-14 UPS 450.600 Procedures Related to Summer Session Bulletin

      Senate approved to rescind UPS 450.600.






A.  ASD 05-07 Academic Senate Minutes February 3, 2005

                    Senator Pasternack clarified on page 4 under his Statewide Academic Senate Report that there was a resolution in support of the Trustees’ position in try to get a legislative change in the Master Plan for Higher Education that would permit the CSU to offer applied doctorate degrees. This resolution was passed by the Statewide Senate.  On page 5, his  quote should be put in quotation marks.  Changes were accepted as a friendly amendment.   


B.  ASD 04-181 Revised UPS 410.104 Undergraduate Options, Concentrations & Emphases

It was m/s [Alva/Fromson] to approve ASD 04-181.  This policy that was reviewed and revised by the University Curriculum Committee.  Motion passed unanimously.





C.  ASD 05-16 Revised UPS 107.000 The Role of the PRBC in Allocation of Faculty Positions

      It was m/s [Nanjundappa/Klassen] to approve document ASD 05-16. 


It was m/s and accepted as a friendly amendment [Pasternack/Fromson] on page 1 to add at the end of the introductory paragraph to read “The percentage of tenured/tenure-track faculty should be at least 75% of FTEF.


It was m/s and accepted as a friendly amendment [Pasternack/Gilbert] on page 1 in the second paragraph to reword the sentence “In order to carry out its constitutionally-mandated roles of reviewing resource allocations and acting in an advisory role to the administration, the Priorities Resources Budget Committee shall annually review information regarding faculty resources.”


It was m/s and accepted as a friendly amendment [Pasternack/Michalopoulos] on page 1 under I. C. to strike “and SFR.” and on page 2 to move A. and B to page 1 under III. A.


It was m/s and accepted as friendly amendment [Buck/Kreiner] to spell out the word PRBC in the title of the document “Priorities Resources Budget Committee.” 


Motion passed to approve ASD 05-16 as amended. 


The meeting adjourned at 11:57 a.m.