March 13, 2003













11:30 A.M. - 1:00 P.M.                                                          ACADEMIC SENATE CHAMBERS


Members Present:  Abdelwahed, Arkenberg, Bedell, Boyum, Buck, Emry, Erickson, Fitch, Gannon, Gilbert, Gordon, Guerin, Hewitt, Jeremiah, Kim, Meyer, Parker, Parman, Pasternack, Perkins, Putcha, Reisman, Rhoten, Rimmer, Roberts, Russell, Rutemiller, Schroeder, Shapiro, Smith, Sutphen, Taulli, Tavakolian, Vargas, and Wong 


Members Absent:  Cox, Fromson, Hagan, Jones, Junn, Klassen, Nanjundappa, Randall, Sawicki, Szeszulski, and Wolverton


I.              CALL TO ORDER

Chair Gilbert called the meeting to order at 11:36 a.m.






President Gordon informed the members that Michael Ortiz [Sacramento] will be the new president at CSPU Pomona and Alexander Gonzalez [San Marcos] will be the new president at CSU Sacramento.

President Gordon expressed pride that Dr. Ephraim Smith was a finalist at Pomona.  Pomona’s loss—our gain was the sentiment that brought a standing ovation and applause from the Senators and guests in the room.   

Dinner at the home of President Gordon’s on Tuesday evening brought a first of its kind honor to the Board of Trustees when they were entertained by our Theatre and Dance students.  The highlight of the evening was our students singing an original song, lyrics composed by Dean Hess that included the names of every trustee and Chancellor Reed.  At the request of Chair Farar a copy of the song and a photo of the group will be given to every individual board member.  President Gordon complimented Senator Taulli and his students for their outstanding performance.


President Gordon noted he will be attending an all day Budget Summit meeting in Long Beach on Friday, March 14th along with Chair Gilbert.  The meeting will be televised for those who wish to view the meeting.


Senator Russell reminded the members of the 33rd Philosophy Symposium on film held in the Library Thursday and Friday of this week.


Senator Sutphen announced several political scientists are circulating an anti-war petition and plan to place an advertisement in the Daily Titan.  If interested in signing this petition, contact Senator Sutphen or Phillip Gianos.


Senator Buck reminded members that next week is the Third Thursday and he invited all to meet at the Campus Pub for fellowship at 4 p.m.



Chair Gilbert announced an open address will be held on campus Friday, March 21 from 4-6 p.m. in Titan Student Union, Pavilion A sponsored by the Office of Grants & Contracts.  Willie B. Williams, Manager - Code M Research Program Office in the office of Space Flight Payloads Division in the Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center will be speaking on “NASA Research on the International Space Station:  Goals & Objectives.”


He also reported that he and Senator Jeremiah attended the Scholar Athlete Award Brunch.  Award recipients from Cal State Fullerton were Kelly Mathiasen, member of CSUF gymnastic team and Tim Donnelly, member of CSUF men’s soccer team. 



It was m/s/p to approve the following Consent Calendar:


A.   ASD 03-15 Academic Senate Meeting Minutes February 20, 2003

B.   ASD 03-19 Department Name Change:  Speech Communication


Student Academic Life Committee

Nominee:    Jeanine Congalton (COMM)


NOMINEES TO AD HOC COMMITTEES - Program Performance Review

Nominee:    David Fromson (CNSM)



A.   ASD 03-12 UPS 280.000 Intramural Research Grants.

It was m/s/p [Pasternack/Hewitt] to approve the document ASD 03-12 with revisions proposed by the Faculty Research Committee. 



A.   ASD 03-18 Proposed new UPS Unit Limits for Summer YRO Sessions

It was m/s [Gannon/Boyum] to approve the document ASD 03-18.  Senator Gannon deferred to Marika Becz, Chair of Academic Standards Committee.  She stated that this proposed policy was brought to the committee’s attention because there were no limits set for summer session. Students were not able to enroll fairly across the board.  Some students enrolled in too many units and then had to drop out of some of the classes.  


It was m/s [Boyum] and accepted as a friendly amendment on line 22 after the word work to delete, p. 478 and insert the following language see “University Regulations” section of the and continue with University Catalog.      


It was m/s [Guerin] and accepted as a friendly amendment on line 36 after the word advisor to delete the comma and insert the word and.


Discussion of ideas and questions:

§         Use the student’s GPA’s as a criteria for enrollment in excess units, but students may not know their most recent semester’s GPA when they register for summer session.

§         Availability of financial aid.

§         Concerns expressed as to whether expectations for summer school were less than the regular session.


It was m/s/p [Bedell/Sutphen] to end debate.  Motion to approve the document ASD 03-18 passed unanimously as amended.




B.   ASD 03-21 “First Reading” of Statements of Opinion

Chair Gilbert stated that Bylaw 92-101(UPS 100.001) provides that no fewer than three statements of opinion on matters within the Academic Senate's area of responsibility shall

be submitted to the Academic Senate by March 20 for approval.  When approved as ballot items, they shall be circulated to the Senate electorate with pro/con statements and shall be placed on the at-large ballot form at the all-university elections in May. Executive Committee has submitted three possible questions which were then discussed at seriatim. 


First Statement of Opinion:

Should the Academic Senate take a position on political issues?

Motion carried to include this question on the ballot.


Second Statement of Opinion:  

Best practice in classroom teaching now nearly always require a website to be associated with the class? 


Senator Roberts suggested making some editorial changes to this question to read “Should best practice in classroom teaching now nearly always require a website to be associated with the class? 


Motion carried to include such a statement of opinion on the ballot and making some editorial changes.  Vote:  Yes: 17;   No:  7


Third Statement of Opinion: 

How should the campus address large funding cutbacks?

      a.   Cuts should be made equally across the board.

      b.   Low enrollment programs should be eliminated.

      c.   All of the cuts should come from the non-instructional budget.

      d.   Enrollment should be reduced.


Motion carried to include this question subject to some fine tuning and editorial writing.


It was m/s/p [Buck] to include the following two questions as possible statements of opinion:


The total enrolled students from the Fullerton campus should

a.   Be kept at the current number

b.   Marginally reduced

c.   Marginally increased

d.   Continue to increase to meet demand


Currently, CSUF estimates that the average student pays 22% of the education.  Which of the following comes closest to what you feel is the appropriate percent that CSUF students should pay for their education? 


The motion carried to include a question on student fees provided the body can come up with some questions.   Vote:  Yes =17;    No = 5


It was m/s/p [Bedell] to adjourn.  The meeting adjourned at 12:28 p.m.