March 15, 2007



11:30 A.M. - 1:00 P.M.                                                                        ACADEMIC SENATE CHAMBERS

Members Present:  Alva, Arnold, Buck, Dabirian, Fromson, Guerin, Hagan, Hewitt, Holland, Jones, Junn, Kanel, Kantardjieff, Kirtman, Liverpool, McConnell, Mead, Palmer, Randall, Rhoten, Smith, Spitzer, Stang, Stein, Taylor, Vogt, Walicki, Zhao

Absent:  Altar, Bedell, Bruschke, Burgtorf, Drezner, Fidalgo, Fitch, Gordon, Hassan, Klassen, Meyer, Michalopoulos, Nanjundappa, Pasternack, Rumberger, Shapiro, Williams



I.              CALL TO ORDER

         Chair Guerin called the meeting to order at 11:33 a.m.






Senator Arnold announced that the production of Diviners directed by one of our graduating Theatre students has been selected to be performed at the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C in April. It is one of four productions nationally that has been chosen to be performed at the Kennedy Center.


VP Hagan reported that we have addressed all 55 recommendations that were made to us as a result of the audit report to the satisfaction of the Trustees.


Senator Buck notified the body of a city meeting to be held on March 27th concerning the Fullerton Jefferson Commons plans for 375 units of student housing on the northwest corner of Commonwealth and Chapman. The meeting will take place at 7:00 p.m. in the City Council Chambers.


Senator Kanel announced that the HUSR department has been reaccredited for five years. We have the only accredited HUSR program on the west coast. The MSW program is in full swing now, and accepting applications until April 1st. It is the only MSW program in Orange County and will begin next fall.


Senator Junn reminded Senators to consider attending, immediately after today’s Senate meeting, the open forum for the second candidate for Director of Assessment in Educational Effectiveness in EC-605. The third candidate will come in next Thursday at the same time.


Chair Guerin stated the following:

·        A copy of the WASC steering committee’s first update (WASC Notes) was distributed to each Senator around the table.

·        Please register (on the web portal) to attend the Access to Excellence event next Wednesday from 12:00 -3:30 p.m. in Titan Student Union Pavilion AB. Lunch will be provided. The last day to register is Friday, March 16th.

·        Committee Interest forms can now be completed online. Please visit the Academic Senate web site and complete the form.  


Chair Guerin updated the body on the conditions of Senators Nanjundappa and Fidalgo. Both had been hospitalized for the past few days.


She also thanked standing committee chairs, Executive Committee liaisons, and Marilyn Miller for their work in producing the mid-year committee report.



It was M/S/P [Rhoten/Fromson] to approve ASD 07-33 Academic Senate Meeting Minutes 2-22-07.


V.            TIME CERTAIN

Time Certain

Subject: Revised UPS 210.000 - ASD 07-19 Remaining (Section III.C) and

ASD 07-37 (Section I: Definitions and Section II: Faculty Personnel Standards) [Source: FPC 2005-2006]

Time: 11:45 a.m.

Section III.

M/S/P [Kanel/Taylor] to approve Section III.C as submitted.


M/S/P [Rhoten/Stang] to approve Section III (ASD 07-19) as edited:

·        Page 1, line 38 (Section III.B.3): Friendly amendment [Hewitt]: delete “their most”

·        Page 3, lines 8-9 (Section III.B.5): Friendly amendment [Hewitt]: delete “the most”

·        Page 3, lines 14-15 (Section III.B.5): Friendly amendment [Hewitt]: delete “the most” and add “activities” after “significant”


Section I.

It was M/S [Hewitt/Fromson] to approve Sections I and II (ASD 07-37) as edited:

·        Page 1: The body had no objection to including a Table of Contents at the beginning of this document.

·        Page 2, lines 57-59 (Section I.B.1): Senator Mead asked: Given that there is no formal review process in the first year, under what conditions would “probationary faculty members be terminated by decision of the President at the end of their first or second probationary year without further employment at the University”?  VPAA Smith stated that he will look into this and try to get the information for Senators by the next Senate meeting.

·        Page 2, lines 79-84 (Section I.D): M/S/P [Liverpool/Fromson] to restore the deleted text. (“Probationary and tenured library faculty are appointed as…”)

·        Page 3, line 127 (Section I.F): No objection to restore “or the Librarian” which was accidentally deleted.

·        Page 4, lines 174-175 (Section I.G.4): No objection to restore “(AVPSA for counselor faculty)” which was accidentally deleted.

·        Page 4, line 175 (Section I.G.4) Friendly amendment [Liverpool]: Change “dean” to “dean/librarian”.

·        Page 4, line 175-176 (Section I.G.4) Friendly amendments: add semicolon after “(AVPSA for counselor faculty)” and a period after “Vice President”.

·        Page 5, line 233 (Section I.J): M/S/P [ Taylor/Junn] to insert “and grade distributions” after “student ratings of instruction”. Friendly amendment [Randall] to make it “and (3) grade distributions”

·        Page 5, line 233 (Section I.J): After discussion on this page, it was agreed that changes should be made to grade distributions when the entire document is considered.

·        Page 6, line 289 (Section I.J.6): Friendly amendment [Mead]: Delete the comma after “following year”.

·        Page 6, lines 310-311 (Section I.J.10): “10. Faculty on Personal or Medical Leave”: It was agreed that if we do not receive the text from FAR by next the Senate meeting, deletion of the section may be considered.

·        Page 7, line 353 (Section I.K.1-7): Friendly amendment [Smith] change “dean” to “dean/librarian”

·        Page 8, line 404 (Section I.M) M/S/P [Smith/Kanel] to delete “a mentor”.

·        Page 8, line 397 (Section I.M) M/S/P [Alva/Junn] “departmental personnel standards, if available, and”

o       Friendly amendment [Mead] add “approved” before “departmental personnel standards…”

o       Friendly amendment [Taylor] to move this new language to line 401 after “should also familiarize themselves with”.

o       Friendly amendment [Buck] capitalize “Departmental Personnel Standards” (line 401)


Section II.

·        Page 1, line 34 (Section II.A.2.b) Friendly amendment [Hewitt] Change “established” to “approved”.  (At next Senate meeting, search document and insert the word “approved” before any reference to University and Departmental Standards)

·        Page 3, lines 119-123 (Section II.B.1.a) M/S/P Buck/McConnell] to postpone discussion on department standards until the next Senate meeting.


There were no suggested changes on pages 4-5. Meeting adjourned with discussion of this item on the floor due to loss of quorum.



M/S/P [Randall/Hewitt] to approve the Consent Calendar as submitted.

6.1  ASD 07-39 Statements of Opinion – Spring 2007

6.2  ASD 07-40 Changes to UPS 100.000 (AS Constitution) and UPS 100.001 (AS Bylaws) [Elections Committee]




The Executive Committee continues to meet on Tuesdays for an hour and a half. It is currently reviewing the make-up of our constituencies. Some members of the Library constituency requested separation from the Administration constituency.  A poll is being conducted to determine if the members of the Library and Athletics constituencies wish be separated from the Administration constituency to form its own. Subsequent to the aforementioned request, Counselor faculty members have asked to be included in the poll.



Senator Buck distributed the report from Senator Tarjan via email prior to today’s meeting.


Chair Guerin noted that the Statewide Senate sent nominations for Senator Craig Smith and Senator Kathy Kaiser to Governor Schwarzenegger for Faculty Trustee.





9.1     ASD 07-28 Amendments to UPS 100.001 Academic Senate Bylaws in Response to Special Investigation (Audit) Report 04-91 [Academic Senate Executive Committee] (Approved as edited):

·        Friendly amendment to Revised BL 87-6 [Alva]: Add “Graduate Education Committee”  after “Curriculum Committee”

·        Friendly amendment to Revised BL 92-3 [Alva]: Change the last sentence to read: “The terms of the members elected to the PRBC shall be three years; approximately one-third of terms shall end each year.”


         Items 9.2 – 9.6 were not discussed due to lack of time.

9.2     ASD 07-08 Proposed UPS on SRI [FAC]

9.3     ASD 07-09 Revised UPS 300.040 Academic Standards for Postbaccalaureate Students [ASC]

9.4     ASD 07-17 Revised UPS 508.000 Policy on Return or Replacement of Library Materials [Library Committee]

9.5     ASD 07-27 Resolution: One-Year Trial to Elect Standing and General Committee Chairs in the Spring [Academic Senate Executive Committee]

9.6     ASD 07-38 Revised UPS 210.007 Appointment of Administrative Personnel

       [Academic Senate Executive Committee]


X.           ADJOURNMENT

         Meeting was adjourned (in absence of quorum) at 12:52 p.m.