11:30 A.M. - 1:00 P.M.                                                                         ACADEMIC SENATE CHAMBERS

Members Present:  Allen, Alva, Arkenberg, Bedell, Buck, Cox, Emry, Fidalgo, Fitch, Fromson, Gass, Gilbert, Guerin, Jewett, Jones, Kanel, Kantardjieff, Kelly, Klassen, Kreiner, Matz, Meyer, Michalopoulos, Nanjundappa, Pasternack, Randall, Rhodes, Rhoten, Schroeder, Shapiro, Smith Tavakolian, Vasquez, and Walicki


Absent:  Azimi, Burgtorf, Erickson, Gordon, Hagan, Hall, Junn, Rahmatian and Vogt


I.              CALL TO ORDER

Chair Bedell called the meeting to order at 11:33 a.m.  Chair Bedell asked the members of the Senate to join him in observing a moment of silence in memory of Emmett “Shorty” Long, Professor of Human Communications Studies.  A memorial will be planned on campus sometime mid-April.  The Senate was notified this morning of the death of another colleague Professor Ralph Beckett, also from the same department.


Time Certain

11:35 a.m.

Jerry Olson, Director – Titan Shops

Subject:  Textbook Rewards Program


Jerry Olson, Director of the Titan Shops, presented the Academic Senate two checks totaling $10,675.50 for Fall 2004 and Spring 2005, as part of the Textbook Rewards Program.  This program has generated over $55,000 for Senate scholarships since Spring 2000.


Jerry thanked the Senators for their past support and discussed ways the bookstore is trying to lower costs to students, such as the book rental program.  The cost of textbooks has never supported the Rewards Program.  He introduced Steve Magana and Michael Dickerson who work with Titan text adoptions.  Fall orders are due April 15.



Chair Bedell recognized Senator Schroeder who referred to the page he passed out entitled “Matter of Urgent Business:  Proposal to Modify Academic Senate Bylaws UPS 100.001.”


It was M/S/P as amended [Schroeder/Arkenberg] Bylaw 92-01 (page 3) delete the words “at-large” to read “These statements shall be placed on the ballot form at the all-university elections in May.”  Further Bylaw 01-1 j. (pg 7) be modified to add after the word but…“may also vote on the Statements of Opinion.”

A friendly amendment (Shapiro) was accepted to BL 01-1 j. to add additional sentence:  “the votes of the part-time faculty shall be tallied separately from the votes of the full-time faculty.”



Chair Bedell welcomed and recognized Senator Nanjundappa who announced that a member of CALPERS Board from San Marcos, George Diehr, will speak on campus April 7, 2005 regarding the attack on the CALPERS pension.  He encouraged all to attend this luncheon meeting.



Chair Bedell reminded Senators that tomorrow is the deadline for submitting nomination petitions for the State-wide Academic Senate seat.


April 26, 2005, is the date for the campus forum, “Conversations on Civility” in Pollak Library 130.  Sessions are scheduled at 8:30 and 10:00 AM, with an eclectic set of panelists.  The commencement video, Titan Pride, focusing on proper commencement decorum, will be shown.  Graduating students are being required to see this video before receiving their commencement tickets.  The FORUM issue focusing on civility will be distributed on April 4, in anticipation of the civility program on April 26.


Chair Bedell announced that thirty-eight (38) of our colleagues have been granted sabbaticals for next year and reminded faculty to notify the Senate office if they serve on any Senate committees and are scheduled to leave campus for a semester or more.


On March 22, 2005, the Senate hosted the first reception honoring newly promoted faculty.



Senator Pasternack reported on Statewide Academic Senate:

Ø       Proposed changes suggested by the governor to our pension.  The CSU will be going to Sacramento to lobby Monday and Tuesday following Spring break.

Ø      The CSU has formally dropped out of the CAN (California Articulation Numbering System) process. We will be using the LDTP (Lower Division Transfer Process) to satisfy the regulations of 1785 which call for common course numbering.

Ø      The CSU finalized nominations for faculty trustee and sent forward two names:  Craig Smith, (Long Beach) and Kathy Kaiser (current faculty trustee).


Senator Guerin announced that the CSU is documenting a history of the system in preparation for its 50th anniversary.  In addition, both Chancellor Reed and John Fathers from CFA expect that bargaining will be a long process, and both mentioned that the new CFAF report shows faculty salaries lag significantly behind.



It was unanimous with no discussion to approve the Consent Calendar item:

A.           Rescission of UPS Document:  ASD 05-14 UPS 450.600 Procedures Related to Summer Session Bulletin.



A.  ASD 05-29 Proposed Statements of Opinion (BL 92-01)

Chair Bedell directed senators’ attention to the handout.  The Senate is charged to come up with at least three of these statements for the All-University Elections.  The Executive Committee is suggesting six.   Lengthy discussion followed with particular interest in #4 (The number of GE units should be reduced from 51 to 48) and #6 (Achieving goal of 75% tenured/tenure-track faculty within 5 years)  The suggestions made today will be taken back to the Executive Committee for further consideration.






A.  ASD 05-32 Revision of UPS 100.000 Academic Senate Constitution

      Chair Bedell called for a motion to begin the process at seriatim to approve changes as revised.

Ø      M/S/P unanimously [Pasternack/Gilbert] page 3, Article III, Section 1 a, d, e.

Ø      M/S/P unanimously [Pasternack/Gilbert] page 4, Section 3 c

Ø      M/S/P unanimously [Pasternack/Gilbert] page 5, Section 7

Ø      M/S/P unanimously [Pasternack/Gilbert] page 5, Article IV, Section 3

Ø      M/S/P unanimously [Pasternack/Gilbert] page 5, Article IV, Section 4

Ø      M/S/P unanimously [Junn/Gilbert] page 6, Article IV, Section 5

Ø      M/S/P unanimously as amended [Junn/Rhoten] page 6, Article V, Section 6) with added sentence. “No person shall be an elected member of more than two standing committees or one standing and one general committee.  No person shall serve on more than one general committee.  The Executive Committee will make every attempt to ensure that as many faculty members as possible serve in standing committee positions.”

Ø      M/S/P unanimously [Gilbert/Meyer] page 7, Article VI, Section 1 Faculty Personnel Committee.  Senator Shapiro suggested a slight change in wording for clarity:  “Except the College of Humanities and Social Sciences, which shall have two members, one from the Humanities and one from the Social Sciences.”  Friendly amendment by consensus.

Ø      M/S/P unanimously [Gilbert/Fromson] with Shapiro wording page 7, Article VI, Section 2  Professional Leaves Committee

Ø      M/S/P unanimously [Gilbert/Fromson] with Shapiro wording page 7, Article VI, Section 3  Research Committee

Ø      M/S/P unanimously [Pasternack/Fitch] page 7, Article V, Section 7 to remove words “by secret ballot” at the end of Section 7.


Chair Bedell spoke to the need to work through the Constitutional changes for Standing Committees as nominees for the Curriculum, Faculty Affairs, and the General Education Committees are to be confirmed at the electoral meeting in May.  The General Committee members must be approved to be on the ballot for the All University Elections on May 9-11.


Although there was a motion and second for change on Page 8, Article VII, Section 2 Curriculum Committee, no action was taken.


It was moved and seconded to adjourn due to time and quorum at 1:02 p.m.