April 19, 2007



11:30 A.M. - 1:00 P.M.                                                                        ACADEMIC SENATE CHAMBERS

Members Present:  Altar, Bedell, Buck, Burgtorf, Drezner, Fitch, Fromson, Gordon, Guerin, Hassan, Hewitt, Holland, Jones, Junn, Kanel, Kantardjieff, Kirtman, Klassen, Liverpool, McConnell, Mead, Meyer, Nanjundappa, Palmer, Randall, Rhoten, Rumberger, Sage, Shapiro, Smith, Spitzer, Stang, Walicki, Williams, Zhao

Absent: Alva, Arnold, Bruschke, Dabirian, Fidalgo, Hagan, Michalopoulos, Pasternack, Stein, Taylor, Vogt


I.              CALL TO ORDER

Chair Guerin called the meeting called to order at 11:31 a.m. She opened the meeting with a moment of silent reflection for the victims of the tragedy that took place at Virginia Tech University on Monday, April 16, 2007. On Tuesday, April 17th, President Gordon informed the Academic Senate Executive Committee that he had sent a letter of condolence to Virginia Tech.



Senator Hassan did not receive unanimous consent of the body to move President Gordon’s response to ASD 06-194 Resolution to Restore Summer Pay to Faculty Who Completed Instructional Work in Summer 2004 as an item of urgent business. It became the first item of new business.



Chair Guerin reminded the body that nomination petitions for Senate seats and General Committees are due next Tuesday, April 24th at noon. The Elections will be held May 7-10th.


Senator Rhoten announced that President Gordon was recently honored by the National Association of Student Personnel Administrators with the President’s Award for his significant and outstanding contributions to the campus, student affairs, and higher education.


Senator Rhoten also distributed four different cards as part of the academic integrity campaign that was kicked off on Monday with the rap contest on integrity. She encouraged all to share the cards, posters, and web site ( with their students in promotion of this campaign.


Senator Nanjundappa reported that on Monday, April 23, 2007, a special meeting for all faculty members will be held to discuss the provisions of the new contract. George Diehr, CFA bargaining team member, will attend the discussion and be able for question.


Senator Nanjundappa also announced that ratification of the new contract will be held May 1-3, 2007, 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. in the CFA Fullerton Chapter office, LH-214. This announcement will go out to all faculty members.


Senator Shapiro reminded all of open enrollment until June 30th for the CalPERS Long-Term Care Program.


Senator Buck encouraged all to attend Dr. Jim Young’s presentation next Thursday, April 26th in the Young Theatre on the history of the CSUF Theatre department.



M/S/P [Bedell/Fromson] to approve ASD 07-58 Academic Senate Meeting Minutes 3-15-07 as corrected:

o       Senator Junn seconded Senator Alva’s motion to amend a portion of Section I.M. in UPS 210.000 (ASD 07-37).

M/S/P [Nanjundappa/Stang] to approve ASD 07-59 Academic Senate Meeting Minutes 3-22-07 as submitted.



         M/S/P [Drezner/Fitch] to approve the consent calendar.

5.1  Nominees to General Committees:


Faculty Personnel Committee

Additional Nominees:    Gerald Gannon (CNSM); Robert Gass (COMM); Ron Hughes (SOC SCI);

Confirmed 4/5/07:        Chandra Putcha (ECS); Joanne Gass (HUM)

Continuing:                     Laurence Timm (ARTS); Mabel Kung (CBE); Andrea Guillaume (EDUC);

                                       Debbie Rose (HHD)


Professional Leaves Committee

Confirmed 4/5/07:        Gus Manoochehri (CBE); Kim Norman (EDUC); Reyes Fidalgo (HUM)

Continuing:                     James Taulli (ARTS); Anthony Fellow (COMM); Bin Cong (ECS);

                                       Leslie Grier (HHD); David Drath (CNSM); Bill Haddad (SOC SCI);

                                       Susan Tschabrun (Library)


Faculty Research Committee

Confirmed 4/5/07)        Marc Dickey (ARTS); David Cheng (ECS); Grace Cho (EDUC);

                                       Renae Bredin (HUM); Julie Stokes (SOC SCI); Barbara Miller (Library)

Continuing:                     Irene Lange (CBE); Cynthia King (COMM); Sharon Seidman (HHD);

                                       Chris Meyer (CNSM)


5.2 Nominees to Search Committees:



      Nominees:                      Irene Lange (CBE); Jon Bruschke (COMM); Lenny Wiersma (HHD)




Time Certain

Subject: ASD 07-65 Revised UPS 210.000 Faculty Personnel Policy and Procedures

(As revised by Academic Senate – Spring 2007)

Time: 11:45 a.m.

It was M/S [Drezner/Hewitt] to approve ASD 07-65 Revised UPS 210.000 Faculty Personnel Policy and Procedures with the following revisions:


Chair Guerin reported that during review of the revised UPS 210.000 as a whole, she and Tiffany Gibson made the following edits as per the suggestions of the body:

·        Substituted “Student Opinions” or “Student Opinion Questionnaires” for “Student Responses to Instruction” or “Student Rating Forms” throughout the document

·        Capitalized review levels (i.e., “Department Chairs” or “Dean”)

·        Substituted “Dean (or equivalent)” systematically

·        Recognized that page numbers in the table of contents will be added once the document is approved.

·        Changed the contents of the Abbreviated Review files (in Section I.J.) to include the three items that are mentioned later on in the document: (1) an updated curriculum vitae, (2) statistical summaries of student opinions of instruction, and (3) grade distributions for the period since the last full performance review. (When pointed out, the body considered this a friendly amendment)

·        Page 8, line 371 (Section II.A.5.d):  When pointed out, the body consented to deleting “not to exclude contributions made in earlier years,” since this language is unclear in the context of the sentence.


      The body made the following revisions:

·        Page 3, line 123 (Section I.G.3): (Friendly amendment – AVP Atwell): Insert “written” before “request”

·        Page 3, line 123 (Section I.G.3): (Friendly amendment – Stang): Make “A written request for tenure…” a separate item.

·        Page 7, lines 292-293 (Section II.A.1): (Friendly amendment – Liverpool): Change “…or a master’s degree plus license in Marriage and Family Therapy or Clinical Social Work is required…” to “…or a master’s degree plus license in Marriage and Family Therapy, Clinical Social Work, or Licensed Educational Psychologist is required..”

·        Page 8, line 360 (Section II.A.5.c): (Friendly amendment – Fromson): Add “Because the professoriate entails growth and reassessment, the University expects that the tenured faculty will continue to strive for excellence in teaching, creative activity, and service.”

·        Page 9, lines 402-403 (Section II.B.1.b.2): It was M/S [Junn/Fromson] to delete “However, they shall not count for more than 50% for weighing teaching effectiveness” and substitute with “However, they shall not be used by any level of evaluation as the sole measure of teaching effectiveness.”


(Discussion of this item was halted to take up the next time certain.)


Time Certain

Subject: ASD 07-08 Proposed UPS on SRI [Source: FAC]

Time: 12:15 p.m.

(Friendly amendment – Hewitt): Change SRI to SOQ (Student Opinion Questionnaires) throughout the document to make the language parallel to the proposed language in UPS 210.000.


(Section III.D.): (Amendment not friendly – Junn) M/S/P [Junn/Stang] to delete the last sentence and substitute with “Your evaluation is confidential, so please refrain from discussing your course evaluation with others. Thank you for your consideration.” with the following amendments:

·        (Friendly amendment – Buck): Add “talking or” before “discussing”

·        (Friendly amendment – Stang): Add “during” after “talking

Sentence should read: “Your evaluation is confidential, so please refrain from talking during the course evaluation or discussing your course evaluation with others. Thank you for your consideration.”


(Section II.J): M/S/P [Mead/Fromson]: Change to read “All SOQ forms and statistical summaries that are older than six years, and no longer needed for retention, tenure, and promotion purposes, shall be returned to the faculty member, whether completed in class or online.”


(Discussion of this item was halted to take up the next time certain.)




Time Certain

Subject: ASD 07-61 Revised UPS 300.002 Academic Advising Policy [Source: SALC]

Time: 12:45 p.m.

         M/S/P [Rhoten/Drezner] to approve revised UPS 300.002 Academic Advising Policy as amended:  


(Section III.A.): (Friendly amendment - Hewitt): Change section A to read “Students have responsibility to familiarize themselves with departmental and university requirements and take advantage of opportunities for academic advisement provided by the various University offices and programs.”


(Section III.C.1): (Friendly amendment – Hewitt): Add “This requirement is in addition to any college or departmental mandatory advising.”


(Section III.C.2): (Amendment not friendly – Hewitt): M/S/P [Hewitt/Nanjundappa] with one abstention to change section C.2. to read “All incoming transfer students must complete a student orientation session prior to registration for their second semester. This requirement shall be satisfied by attending Transfer Student Orientation or by completing the Online Transfer Overview. This requirement is in addition to any college or departmental mandatory advising.”


(Approved unanimously)



             No report, due to lack of time.



             No report, due to lack of time.



         Item 9.1 was not reviewed due to lack of time.

         9.1 UPS 271.101 Rights of Temporary Full and Part-Time Faculty


X.           NEW BUSINESS

         Items 10.1 – 10.4 were not discussed due to lack of time.

10.1 ASD 07-09 Revised UPS 300.040 Academic Standards for Postbaccalaureate Students [ASC]

10.2 ASD 07-17 Revised UPS 508.000 Policy on Return or Replacement of Library Materials

       [Library Committee]

10.3 ASD 07-27 Resolution: One-Year Trial to Elect Standing and General Committee Chairs in the Spring [Academic Senate Executive Committee]

10.4 ASD 07-38 Revised UPS 210.007 Appointment of Administrative Personnel

        [Academic Senate Executive Committee]



         Meeting adjourned at 1:00 p.m.