April 24, 2003













11:30 A.M. - 1:00 P.M.                                                          ACADEMIC SENATE CHAMBERS

Members Present:  Arkenberg, Bedell, Buck, Cox, Fitch, Fromson, Gannon, Gilbert, Hewitt, Jeremiah, Jones, Junn, Meyer, Nanjundappa, Pasternack, Perkins, Putcha, Randall, Rhoten, Rimmer, Roberts, Russell, Rutemiller, Schroeder, Smith, Sutphen, Szeszulski, Wolverton and Wong 


Members Absent:  Abdelwahed, Boyum, Emry, Erickson, Gordon, Guerin, Hagan, Kim, Klassen, Parker, Parman, Reisman, Sawicki, Shapiro, Taulli, Tavakolian, and Vargas 


I.              CALL TO ORDER

         Chair Gilbert called the meeting to order at 11:36 a.m. 






Chair Gilbert asked for a moment of silence to remember Willis McNelly, emeritus professor of English and a Cal State Fullerton and CSU Outstanding Professor, who died on April 7, 2003.


Chair Gilbert also announced that Senate elections will be conducted electronically May 5 through May 8.   


Senator Nunjundappa announced that he had no news regarding the bargaining situation.


Senator Arkenberg asked for an update on the Inter-library Loan Policy which proposes to limit the number of requests per year.  Chair Gilbert explained the Executive Committee met two weeks ago with representatives from the Library to discuss the new proposed policy, which also has been endorsed by the Senate Library Committee and Council of Deans. The recommendation proposes that the general number set as a limit would be 250 per year.  Senator Fitch noted that researchers who use foreign language resources, of which the library has few, could be severely impacted by too low a limit.  Senator Buck said there should be more input from faculty and a wider discussion of limits. 


Chair Gilbert congratulated David Fromson for his leadership in spearheading the effort to bring Morris Dees to our campus.  More than 1000 people attended the very successful event.


A Town Hall meeting will be held this evening from 7:30 to 9:00 p.m., moderated by our own Senator Bedell and sponsored by the College of Communications.  Panelists include the Honorable Marilyn Brewer, Honorable Chris Lowe, Honorable Richard Mountjoy and Dean Rick Pullen. 


Senator Sutphen announced Cal State Fullerton’s baseball team is now ranked number one in the country by the national polls and Senator Jeremiah added that the softball team is ranked 7th.



Time Certain

11:45 a.m.

Joe Ferrer, Director of Parking

Subject:  Parking Update


Joe Ferrer presented an update of the parking activities in response to some of the suggestions made by the Senate in February. 

§         Parking Services is pursuing every avenue possible for more off-site parking to be accompanied by shuttle service. 

§         To encourage parking at these off-site lots, faculty, staff and students are allowed to park there for free. 

§         Concern about part-time faculty as well as faculty who might have difficulty parking on campus has led to the decision to allow faculty/staff permits to be valid to park in 30 minute spaces after 6 pm.

§         Cap permit sales.

§         Close permit dispensers.

§         For those who decline to purchase a parking permit, fully subsidized bus passes will be provided ($36/month); the cost is $21/month for those who also have a parking permit. 

§         Faculty, staff and students who take rail service to the Fullerton Transportation Center and Anaheim Canyon rail stop will be provided shuttle service to/from both locations.

§         There will not be a grace period on the first day of instruction this fall; a parking permit will be required from day one. 

§         Student sales will be capped at 19,000 starting this fall, but evening permits (parking permitted only after 3 p.m.) will be available.

§         Construction on parking structure begins June 2.   Lot C & D and West Campus Drive will close.  We will lose 562 student spaces and 520 faculty spaces.  Publicity will accompany these changes including a May 15 “commuter options fair” in the central quad.  


Senator Pasternack suggested encouraging 8 to 5 staff to use the off-site facilities which would cut down considerably the need for shuttle service every 20 minutes.


Time Certain

12 Noon

Jerry Olson, Director Titan Shops

Subject:  Book Reward Program


Jerry Olson presented a check in the amount of $8300 to Chair Gilbert for the Academic Senate Scholarship fund. He also introduced Steve Magana, Text Manager and Assistant Text Manager, Michael Dickerson. He stated that the bookstore needs the support of our faculty to make sure they actually use the books they assign for their classes to help keep costs down.  He thanked the Senate for their support.






It was m/s/p [Nanjundappa/Bedell] to approve the following Consent Calendar:

A.   ASD 03-33 Academic Senate Minutes March 27, 2003


Faculty Personnel Committee  Terms:  three 3-year, one 1-year

Nominees:      Mike McGee (ARTS), James Dietz (CBE), Hallie Yopp-Slowik (HDCS), Paul DeLand, 1-yr (CNSM)

Continuing:     James Santucci (HUM), Phillip Gianos (AT-LG), William Gudykunst (COMM), Nancy Fitch (SOC SCI), Chandra Putcha (ECS)


Faculty Research Committee  Terms:  two 3-year, one 1-year

Nominees:      Zvi Drezner (CBE), Kuen-Hee Ju-Pak (COMM), Scott Hewitt, 1-yr (CNSM)

Continuing:     Joan Melton (ARTS), Susamma Barua (ECS), Franz Müller-Gotama (HUM), Suellen Cox (AT-LG), Robert Ortiz (HDCS), Jack Elenbaas (SOC SCI)


Professional Leaves Committee  Terms:  three 3-year, one 1-year

Nominees:      Jim Volz (ARTS), Mary Blake Huer (COMM), Mikyong Kim-Goh (HDCS) Morteza Rahmatian 1-yr (CBE),

Continuing:     Mariko Molodowitch (ECS), Gayle Brunelle (SOC SCI), Murtadha Khakoo (CNSM), George Peale (HUM), Vuryl Klassen (AT-LG)






A.   ASD 03-39 BL 82-2 Extended Education Committee Functions

It was m/s/p [Sutphen/Fromson] to approve the document ASD 03-39. 


B.   ASD 03-40 Revised UPS 450.000 Goals, Scope, and Policy Regulation for Extended Education

It was m/s [Sutphen/Fitch] to approve the document ASD 03-40. 


It was m/s and accepted as a friendly amendment [Fitch/Sutphen] on page 1, line 28 to substitute “the surrounding communities” with the word “elsewhere.”


It was m/s and accepted as a friendly amendment [Buck/Fitch] on page 2, line 9 after the word administering insert “University Extended Education programs.”


The motion to approve the document ASD 03-40 as amended passed.


C.   ASD 03-41 UPS 450.100 Policy on Extension Program

      It was m/s [Sutphen/Fitch] to approve the document ASD 03-41. 


It was moved and accepted as a friendly amendment [Pasternack] page 1, line 16 delete the words is here defined as and change the word including to “includes” and hyphenate the word non credit.


It was moved and accepted as a friendly amendment [Fitch] on page 2, line 41 to insert after the word Committee “of the Academic Senate.”


It was m/s [Buck/Rimmer] page 3 to add a new section:  “D. Publication of University Extended Education Offerings.  All University Extended Education offerings shall be published via print or electronic media and shall be disseminated to the campus community in advance of their being offered.”


It was m/s [Pasternack/Bedell] to call the question on the entire document.  Motion carried to close debate.


Motion on the amendment to create a new section D to the document passed.  Motion to approve the document ASD 03-41 as amended passed with several no votes.


Due to time limitations, documents ASD 03-42, ASD 03-43, ASD 03-44 and ASD 03-45 will be placed on the agenda as Unfinished Business items to be considered at the next Senate meeting.


It was m/s/p [Bedell/Rhoten] to adjourn.  The meeting adjourned at 12:55 p.m.