May 4, 2006




11:30 A.M. - 1:00 P.M.                                                                ACADEMIC SENATE CHAMBERS

Members Present:  Alva, Bedell, Burgtorf, Dabirian, Drezner, Emry, Fitch, Fromson, Gass, Gordon, Hall, Hassan, Hewitt, Jones, Junn, Kanel, Kantardjieff, Kelly, Kirtman, Klassen, Klein,  Kreiner, Liverpool, Lovell, Matz, Michalopoulos, Nanjundappa, Napper, Pierson, Rhoten, Rumberger, Shapiro, Taylor, Williams

Absent:  Buck, Fidalgo, Guerin, Hagan, Holland, Pasternack, Schroeder, Smith, Syed, Tavakolian, Vogt, Walicki


I.              CALL TO ORDER

Chair Bedell called the meeting to order at 11:32 a.m.






President Gordon:

·        Equity increase letters will go out this week. He clarified that theses notices are for equity increases, not market salary increases.

·        The President will be meeting with the co-chairs of the 50th Anniversary Committee.

·        It appears that we will exceed 80% of our hiring goal. One reason for this is the availability of housing.


Senator Nanjundappa:

·        The contract has been extended until July 1, 2006. Though this is the last day that the contract is effective, it is not necessarily the deadline to apply for a 5-year FERP appointment. Information clarifying this will be distributed to faculty via email. VP Atwell stated that if someone is still interested in applying for FERP, he or she may still submit an application.

·        Requested that everyone complete the survey on quality and remind colleagues to do so.


Senator Dabirian updated the body on the pilot SRI project. It will began on Monday. Faculty gave permission for 140 classes to participate in the project. Thirty-nine percent of the students responded (1,200 out of 3,100).


Senator Matz reminded the body that the All-University Election is next week. The Statements of Opinion and Candidate Statements will be publicized tomorrow.


Chuck Kissell reported that the campus reached a milestone when Titan Shops received 65% adoptions on time, the highest amount ever received for a fall semester.


Senator Burgtorf announced that Fulbright Scholar, Andrea Cano, a student in the TESOL Program, will teach in Chile during the 2006-2007 academic year.



Time Certain

11:45 a.m.

Subject: Continuing Discussion on UPS 210.000 Personnel Policy and Procedures for Tenure-Track and Tenured Faculty

Chair Bedell opened discussion on this document with the suggestion to deal with the suggested changes first and then go through the document and fine-tune the language.


Section I.C. Personnel File (p.4):

·        Senator Kreiner suggested that language be inserted to indicate that information placed in a Personnel Action File be subject to notification of the faculty member.

·        Senator Michalopoulos (friendly amendment):

Add the following sentence to the end of Section C: “All information to be inserted in the Personnel Action File is subject to notification of the faculty member.”


Section I.E. Service Credit (p.4):

·        The Front Table was asked to note to ask for equivalent ranks for others in Unit 3.

·        Senator Liverpool (friendly amendment):

Add “or equivalent” after “V.P. for Academic Affairs”

·        Senator  Nanjundappa (friendly amendment):

Section I.E.5: change “more heavily” to “greater weight”

·        Senator Nanjundappa explained that specific credit that a faculty member will receive for accomplishments during service credit years should be indicated.

§         Chair Bedell offered the following language “Accomplishments during service credit years must be considered in the decision for the granting of promotion and/or tenure.”

·        Senator Nanjundappa agreed with this language.

·        VP Atwell did not agree. She explained that the original sentence stipulates that service credit in it of itself is not sufficient.

·        Senator Nanjundappa stated that the language should indicate what type of consideration is given to service credit

·        Senator Hall (friendly amendment):

“Accomplishments during service credit years shall be considered, but shall never be sufficient in and of themselves for the granting of promotion and/or tenure.”

·        Shapiro stated that for librarian and counselor faculty, language should indicate that service credit is for work in positions that correspond with one of the ranks at CSUF.


Section I.G. Tenure (p.5):

·        Senator Liverpool (friendly amendment):

Add “the appropriate Vice President” to the end of item 4.


Section I.H. Promotion (p.5, lines 15-16):

·        Senator Fitch (friendly amendment):

Delete “A probationary faculty member shall not normally be promoted during probation.” Replace “However” with “Under exceptional circumstances,”.


Section I.J. Timing of Review Cycles and Types of Recommendations

·        M/S/P [Kanel, Michalopoulos] (17 yes, 12 no, 4 abstentions) to change the second sentence in Section b to read: “For Abbreviated Reviews, the faculty member must submit a current curriculum vita, copies of the statistical summaries of teaching performance from the previous year, and copies of reviewers’ comments from the previous year for review by the Chair and the Dean.”

§         Rationale: To make this a simpler process. To relieve people of the time it takes to review these files. Including review by a Department Personnel Committee places an added burden on primarily newly tenured associate professors. Some departments have a limited amount of faculty who are available to serve on a DPC. Places burdens on associate professors since they have to work on DPC’s, serve on other committees, and teach more classes. This prohibits many associate professors from doing the research and writing required to be promoted to full professor. It’s almost repetitive or unnecessary for the DPC to go through this. It will not make a recommendation, at that level, anyway.

·         Senator Hall: We owe our younger faculty the effort of reading the files and giving feedback.

·         Dean Rikli: Agreed with Senator Kanel’s amendment. Supports lightening the load for associate professors so that they are not completely overloaded.

·         Senator Kanel: Perhaps the associate professors’ mentors could be present at the meetings.

·         Senator Michalopoulos: Can we make it an option at the discretion of the department?

·         Senator Nanjundappa: There has to be uniformity in the evaluation process.


·         Senator Kanel (friendly amendment):

Since DPC was deleted on line 13, delete it from line 20.

·        Senator Kanel (suggested amendment not friendly):

Line 20: Change sentence to read “The Department Chair shall meet with the faculty member to review both the written comments from previous year’s reviewers’ and the faculty member’s progress since the last review. The Chair will provide a written summary of this meeting with the faculty member and forward this to The Dean for his/her review and comments”. And delete last sentence.


·        Senator Burgtorf (friendly amendment):

    (Page 6, Section b): Change “vita” to “vitae”. Vita in connection with curriculum is “vitae”.

§         Senator Jones: Amend the amendment. Concerned that there is no check and balance for the faculty. Add that the mentor can be included. (Will come back to this)

§         Senator Hassan: In this section, we should indicate that any material that is used in the review process should be available to view. (Senator Hassan will work on this language and body will come back to this.)


·        It was M/S [Drezner/Hassan] to eliminate the Abbreviated Review.


Meeting adjourned with discussion of this document on the floor. Discussion will resume at the next meeting.


V.           CHAIR’S REPORT

Chair Bedell reminded Senators to complete the lunch request forms for the added Tuesday senate meetings and return it to the Senate office staff.


The street near the Marriott will be reconfigured so that cars can enter campus from Nutwood Ave. in two places. Prior to the fall semester, a signal light will be installed there. Gymnasium Drive will be closed around June 20th for construction of the Student Recreation Center. Senator Shapiro voiced concern about access to campus for emergency vehicles in light of the entrance closures. Chair Bedell stated that he will follow up on this concern. 



No report.



         M/S/P [Drezner/Rhoten] to approve the consent calendar. (Approved unanimously)



         Item 8.1 ASD 06-63 Revised UPS 411.100 Curriculum Guidelines was not discussed due to lack of time.


IX.         ADJOURNMENT     

        Meeting was adjourned at 12:54 p.m.