May 10, 2007


11:30 A.M. - 1:00 P.M.                                                                             ACADEMIC SENATE CHAMBERS

Members Present: Altar, Arnold, Bedell, Bruschke, Buck, Dabirian, Drezner, Fidalgo, Fitch, Fromson, Gordon, Guerin, Hagan, Hassan, Hewitt, Holland, Junn, Kanel, Kantardjieff, Kirtman, Klassen, Liverpool, McConnell, Mead, Meyer, Nanjundappa, Randall, Rhoten, Rumberger, Sage, Shapiro, Smith, Spitzer, Stang, Stein, Vogt, Walicki, Williams

Absent: Alva, Burgtorf, Jones, Michalopoulos, Palmer, Pasternack, Taylor, Zhao



I.              CALL TO ORDER

              Chair Guerin called the meeting to order at 11:32 a.m.



M/S/P [Nanjundappa/Randall] to endorse the CFA Fullerton Chapter resolution introduced by Senator Nanjundappa which resolved to petition Chancellor Reed to use discretionary funds to fund the costs for implementing the CSU faculty contract that exceed the original CSU offer for the duration of the CSU/CFA faculty contract (July 1, 2006 – June 30, 2010). (Approved with 4 abstentions)






4.1 M/S/P [Mead/Drezner] to approve ASD 07-74 Academic Senate Meeting Minutes 4-19-07 as corrected: (Approved Unanimously)

·        (First page, under “Announcements”): Correct the spelling of George Diehr’s name.

·        (Third page, under ‘Time Certain – ASD 07-08 Proposed UPS on SRI”): Add the word “no” after “All SOQ forms and statistical summaries that are older than six, and”



The consent calendar was approved unanimously with the exception of ASD 07-80, which was pulled by Senator Shapiro.

5.1 Nominees to Search Committee


ASSistant VP – BudgeT and Human Resources (Student Affairs)

Nominee:                Rosario Jasis (EDUC)

Confirmed 5-3-07:     Eileen Walsh (SOC SCI); Ellen Dumond (CBE)


         5.2 ASD 07-79 Spring 2007 New Course Proposals – General Education

5.3 ASD 07-80 Spring 2007 New Course Proposals – Undergraduate (Was not approved as a consent calendar item; became the first item of new business.)

         5.4 ASD 07-81 Spring 2007 New Course Proposals – Graduate

         5.5 ASD 07-69 Rescind UPS 271.101 Rights of Temporary Full and Part-Time Faculty



Time Certain

Subject: ASD 07-85 Proposed UPS on SRI (With revisions from Academic Senate Meetings 4-5-07 & 4-19-07)

Time: 12:00 noon

            M/S/P [Stang/Junn] to approve ASD 07-85 (new ASD number) with the following amendments:


·        Page 2,  line 69 (Section III.A.): (Amendment not friendly – Buck)

M/S/P [Buck/Drezner] to insert “senate approved” between the words “standardized” and “directions”

·        Page 3, line 133 (Section V.F.): M/S/P [Buck/Rumberger] to revise section V.F. to read “Prior to leaving the classroom, securely seal the envelope containing the completed SOQ forms with the provided security tape and, along with a witness, seal;”

·        Page 3, line 136 (Section V.G.): M/S/F [Buck/Rumberger] to revise section V.G. to read “Along with the witness, sign the standardized statement attesting to the integrity and confidentiality of the process.”

·        Hand vote resulted in the following: 11 (Yays); 21 (Nays); 3 (Abstentions) Motion failed.

·        Page 3, lines 104-105 (Section IV.A): M/S/P [Junn/Fromson] to revise section IV.A to read “Instructors shall not make any inappropriate statements regarding the SOQ to the students that may influence the content of student responses on the SOQ forms.”

·        (Friendly amendment – Junn): Add “(whether in class or online)”  after “regarding the SOQ”

·        (Friendly amendment – Buck): Section V. should have parallel language. Add this clause to section V, making it the new section V.A. and renumbering the subsequent clauses.


Senator Junn introduced a “Resolution Regarding Student Opinion Questionnaires”. The Academic Senate Executive Committee will review this document and determine if it should be referred to the FDC Board or made an item of new business on the Academic Senate agenda.



Chair Guerin reminded the body of the following:

·        Electronic voting for the All-University Election closes today at 4:00 p.m.

·        Encourage colleagues to complete the online committee interest form on the Academic Senate web site.

·        The Academic Senate marathon meeting will take place next week. Breakfast will be served at 8:00 a.m. and the meeting will be called to order at 8:30 a.m. The electoral meeting begins at 11:30 a.m. Lunch will be provided before this meeting.



The Statewide Academic Senate is meeting today.



Senator Shapiro pulled ASD 07-80 Spring 2007 New Course Proposals from the consent calendar due to his concerns with the course descriptions for HESC 203 and 303. He explained that it does not take 45 hours to cover the material indicated in the course description. He requested additional information to justify the amount of units assigned to these two courses and suggested revising the course descriptions because they place emphasis on the certifications, as they are written. Chair Guerin stated that the Senate office will ask for a review of these course descriptions. M/S/P [Fromson/Bedell] to approve ASD 07-80 Spring 2007 New Course Proposals. (Approved unanimously.)


9.1  Response to ASD 06-194 Resolution to Restore Summer Pay to Faculty Who Completed Instructional Work in Summer 2004 [Senator Hassan]:

o       Senator Hassan asked President Gordon to elaborate further on his decision to not restore the summer pay to faculty who completed work in summer 2004. 

o       M/S/P [Bedell/Meyer] to refer this issue to the Academic Senate Executive Committee. Senator Hassan and Dr. Norman, Dean, University Extended will be invited to meet with the Executive Committee to discuss this issue.


9.2  Jay Bond, Associate Vice President for Facilities Management and Kim Apel, Facilities Planner, summarized the findings of the Faculty/Staff Club Feasibility Study Results completed by Brailsford & Dunlavey. After analyzing data captured from a visioning session, detailed market analysis, electronic survey of faculty and staff, use of an integrated financial model, and three visits to campus, Brailsford & Dunlavey found that the creation of a modest Faculty/Staff Club appears to have the support of both the administration and the faculty and staff. Copies of the Executive Summary, Market Analysis, and Financial Analysis were distributed to the body during the discussion of this item. Mr. Bond and Mr. Apel addressed questions from the floor until the meeting was adjourned.


         Items 9.3-9.5 were not discussed due to lack of time:

9.3  ASD 07-82 Revised UPS 300.004 Policy on Course Outlines [FAC]

9.4  ASD 07-83 Revised UPS 300.016 Withdrawal Policy [ASC]

9.5  ASD 07-84 Revised UPS 411.102 Curriculum Guidelines and Procedures: Academic Jurisdiction [UCC]


X.           ADJOURNMENT

Meeting was adjourned at 1:02 p.m.