May 13, 2004













11:30 A.M. - 1:00 P.M.                                                                       ACADEMIC SENATE CHAMBERS

Members Present:  Allen, Arkenberg, Bedell, Boyum, Buck, Byrnes, Cox, Emry, Fitch, Fromson, Gannon, Gass, Gilbert, Gordon, Guerin, Hagan, Hall, Hewitt, Jewett, Jones, Junn, Kelly, Klassen, Kreiner, Meyer, Michalopoulos, Nanjundappa, Parker, Pasternack, Rahmatian, Randall, Reisman, Rhoten, Rimmer, Russell, Rutemiller, Schroeder, Smith, Sutphen, Tavakolian, Vargas, Wong and Vasquez 


Members Absent:  Erickson, Shapiro, and Taulli


I.              CALL TO ORDER

Chair Gilbert called the meeting to order at 11:30 a.m.






Senator Nanjundappa extended an invitation to the Senators for the CFA Fullerton Chapter Year-End Barbecue, May 24, 2004 in the Arboretum from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.  He also announced the Governor has approved the Golden Handshake, and those interested can call Human Resources for details.    


Senator Randall stated that she has heard inaccurate information about the proposed College of Education and encouraged everyone to read the proposal before casting their referendum vote. Senator Randall yielded the floor to Dean Rikli, who encouraged the reading of the committee’s report on the proposal, particularly the information on cost estimates.


Chair Gilbert informed the members there were sufficient numbers of valid signatures on the petition to justify the referendum.   The petition was received in a timely fashion in the Senate office, and signatures on the petition were verified by the Senate Elections Committee.


Senators Jones and Randall expressed concerns about the collection of the signatures and information provided to those who signed the petition.


Nanjundappa stated that Senate bylaws were followed.


Senator Byrnes thanked faculty for supporting the student protest against fee increases on April 29.


Senator Fitch stated she supports the Referendum petition because some senators who had legitimate questions to ask about this issue did not have a chance to speak at the last Senate meeting.

Chair Gilbert announced Senate elections are currently taking place, but that computer problems had been experienced and so the voting period would be extended.  He described the timeline and process to be used for the Referendum voting.  According to the Senate Bylaws, there will be a brief summary of the pro/con statements from the discussion from last Senate meeting that will go out as a separate ASD prior to voting along with a brief summary of the process through which the proposal was evaluated prior to it coming to the Senate.  The electorate needs to be aware of the process and the bylaws under which that evaluation took place. A web link to the report of the ad hoc committee will be provided.


Chair Gilbert also announced that 24 CSUF students participating in the Model United Nations received an “Outstanding Delegation Award” at the National United Nations Conference held April 5-11 in New York City. Also, Richard Wiseman, Human Communications Studies, was selected as Outstanding Professor 2003-04.  Sadly, two of our colleagues—John Lafky [Economics] and LeRoy Joesink-Mandeville [Anthropology] passed away.  A moment of silence was observed.


Senator Sutphen announced the upgrading of Blackboard will take place over the July 4th weekend.  She encouraged everyone to come to the Faculty Development Center to receive training on Blackboard 6.1; no one will be allowed to access it unless they have had training.   


Senator Parker stated that a mass attack on the campus computer system started about 11:00 pm last night.  Information Technology has been working on it; he does not know how soon they will be able to isolate the problem which has definitely slowed down the system.


Senator Pasternack requested to have a web link on the election page to the pro/con statement for the Referendum.  Chair Gilbert noted that with the consent of the body this will be done.


It was m/s [Michalopoulos/Fitch] to the have the all university election extended one day due to the computer system going up and down.  


It was moved and accepted as a friendly amendment [Pasternack] to extend the all university Senate election to 12:00 noon on Friday versus ending Thursday at 10:00 p.m. The Referendum election would begin at 1:00 p.m., on Friday.  Motion carried. 


Senator Fitch inquired as to when Plus/Minus Grading was to be implemented, and Vice President Smith responded that it would not be implemented until spring 2005.



Senator Pasternack reported on activities of the statewide Senate including a recommendation for a graduate fee differential, a resolution urging students who take more than 20% more courses than needed to graduate to pay a higher fee, and standardization and Inter-segmental General Education Transfer Curriculum. 


V.           CHAIRS REPORT

No report.



It was m/s/p to approve the following Consent Calendar with the exception of approving Counseling 350 which was removed at the request of the Counseling Department.

A.   ASD 04-39 Academic Senate Minutes April 8, 2004

B.   ASD 04-55 GE New Course Proposals Spring 2004

C.   ASD 05-56 Undergraduate New Course Proposals Spring 2004





A.   ASD 04-40 Revised UPS 300.000 Student Rights and Responsibilities

It was m/s [Wong/Rhoten] to approve document ASD 04-40.  The Student Academic Life Committee revised the present UPS 300.000 to incorporate portions of the rescinded document [UPS 300.001] that are still viewed as relevant.  Senator Rhoten stated the new UPS 300.000 better reflects our feelings that students have responsibilities as well as rights within the academic community.


It was m/s [Buck/Fitch] to amend line 17 on page 2 by placing a period after the word “persons” and eliminating the list of particulars after that.  Motion on Buck amendment failed.


It was m and accepted as a friendly amendment [Boyum] on page 5, line 37 after the word file to delete the word “is” and insert “shall be” to read “the file shall be kept permanently.”


It was m/s and accepted as a friendly amendment [Boyum/Bedell] on page 9, line 38, a. “Students’ free expression is bound by common sense and good judgment.”  Change to “Students are expected to exercise free expression in a context of common sense and good judgment.”


It was m/s and accepted as a friendly amendment [Randall/Sutphen] on page 9, line 5 insert language “the student is urged to consult first with the faculty/staff member, if appropriate.”  If necessary, the student should then consult with the appropriate supervisors or administrators at higher levels of responsibility.” 


It was m/s as a friendly amendment [Russell] to insert the word “generally.”  Motion failed.


It was m/s [Buck/Nanjundappa] on page 9, line 7 to place a period after the word “responsibility” and delete “at least to the Dean or Director level.”


It was m/s [Sutphen/Fitch] on page 9, line 7 after the word responsibility, delete “at least” and insert “as high as.”  Motion failed. 


Buck motion carried.


Motion passed to approve ASD 04-40 Revised UPS 300.000 Student Rights and Responsibilities as amended.



A.   ASD 04-57 Revised UPS 210.050 Personnel Policy for Full-Time Temporary Faculty

      It was m/s [Gannon/Nanjundappa] to approve document ASD 04-57.  Senator Gannon recognized Pat Bril, Chair of Faculty Affairs Committee.  Ms. Bril stated that UPS 210.050 is the first of three documents the Faculty Affairs Committee has looked at this spring and in each case the committee was seeking to clean up wording which might be archaic and also to bring these documents in line with current policies that exist within the collective bargaining agreement and other university policies. 


Senator Pasternack noted that on page 1, lines 21, 24 and 30, the term “full-time temporary faculty” should be consistently used.  Since the document deals with full-time temporary faculty perhaps there should be some clarification at the beginning of the document that this policy only relates to full-time temporary faculty so references elsewhere in the document could be deleted.  On a more substantive issue on page 1, in the first paragraph under Duties one can interpret that they get to vote in chair’s elections. There needs to be some clarifying language, such as “except as noted in CBA or UPS 211.l00 and UPS 271.101”.


Senator Boyum suggested that the issue reverts again to conversation about to whom this document applies.  On page 1, under Definition, B line 19 states it applies only to “full-time temporary appointments” and wonder if full-time temporaries are excluded from chair elections and other such things anywhere in the university. 


It was m/s [Rutemiller/Emry] to refer the document back to the committee.


Senator Pasternack noted that on page 2, line 2 “Exceptions shall be made only when the need is urgent…” and does not refer as to what exceptions?  Committee should clarify language as to exceptions and references.  On page 3 line 19 “For teaching, this shall include copies of course syllabi, assignments, examinations,” it should be clarified whether these are to be representative sample syllabi or all syllabi.  Under Scholarly/Creative Activity, “supporting materials that cover the period since the last review” should be revised to state specifically to include copies of supporting materials. 


Motion passed to refer ASD 04-57 Revised UPS 210.050 Personnel Policy for Full-Time Temporary Faculty back to the committee.


B.   ASD 04-58 Revised UPS 211.000 Responsibilities of Departments and Department Chairs

It was m/s [Gannon/Nanjundappa] to approve document ASD 04-58.  Senator Gannon recognized Pat Bril, Chair of Faculty Affairs Committee.  She reported the document was originally referred to the committee because it dated back to 1975, and made various gender- specific references to chairs (only to males) and needed to be updated. 


Senator Emry noted that the document misses the chance to make a pro-active statement about the role of departments in determining curriculum and to service students. 


It was moved by Senator Meyer on page 1 line 30 and line 27 on page 2, to substitute the word “Assumptions” to “Expectations”.  Motion failed.


It was m/s [Reisman/ Michalopoulos] to refer document back to committee with suggested comments by the members.


Additional comments for the committee:  on page 2, line 27 change the word “basis” to “basic,” line 45 change “int” to “into”, page 3 line 20 clarify “the chair shall be informed…”  This document should be very proactive in dealing with quality, with students, with curriculum and will require a great deal of additional and creative thoughts for the various sections of this document. 


On page 3, line 21 “the chair shall be informed of those policies and proposed policies that affect the department” should be clarified so that Chairs have access to the information needed to meet their responsibilities.  


Motion passed to refer ASD 04-58 Revised UPS 211.000 Responsibilities of Departments and Department Chairs back to the committee.


It m/s/p [Bedell/Byrnes] to adjourn.  The meeting adjourned at 12:55 p.m.