August 23, 2007


11:30 A.M. - 1:00 P.M.                                                                           ACADEMIC SENATE CHAMBERS

Members Present: Altar, Alva, Arnold, Bedell, Bhattacharya, Buck, Bullock, Burgtorf, Carroll, Dabirian, Drezner, Fidalgo, Fromson, Gass, Green, Grewal, Guerin, Hewitt, Hickok, Jarvis, Junn, Kanel, Klassen, Liverpool, McConnell, McMahan, Mead, Nanjundappa, Oliver, Palmer, Pasternack, Randall, Rhoten, Richter, Sage, Shapiro, Smith, Spitzer, Stang, Stein, Taylor, Walicki

Absent: Bruschke, Gordon, Kantardjieff, Williams



I.              CALL TO ORDER

         Chair Guerin called the meeting to order at 11:30 a.m.






Chair Guerin welcomed newly elected Senators Arnold, Bhattacharya, Bullock, Carroll, Gass, Green, Grewal, Hickok, Jarvis, McMahan, and Oliver, and ASI appointed Senator Richter.


Chair Guerin invited all to attend the Academic Senate Orientation to be held on Thursday, August 30th, 11:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. in the Academic Senate Chambers.


She also recognized that the campus has much to look forward to in its golden anniversary. Both the University Convocation and Concert Under the Stars will take place on Friday, September 14, 2007.


Senator Nanjundappa announced the following:

·        The state of California’s new budget will not affect the compact. He thanked everyone for their efforts in the form of phone calls to our assembly persons and senators to leave the compact intact. He reported that most likely, retroactive pay for June and July will be distributed in the form of separate checks next month. He will send all faculty an email message specifying exactly when the payments can be expected.

·        The CFA Welcome Reception is scheduled for Tuesday, August 28, 2007, 12-2:00 p.m. in the Academic Senate Chambers. Lunch will be provided. CFA Representation Specialist, Gerry Daly, has been invited to speak.

·        The RTP Workshops will take place on Tuesday, September 4th and Wednesday, September 5th  11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. in the Academic Senate Chambers. Lunch will be provided.


Senator Bedell invited all to the grand opening of the Anthropology Department’s Teaching Museum on Thursday, September 13, 2007, 4:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. in MH-426. The grand opening will feature an exhibit entitled “A World of Puppets: Expressions of Culture”.


Senator Buck invited all to attend a lecture entitled “Interviewing Skills: Winning Your Dream Job” to be given by Dr. Patty Malone of the CSUF Human Communications Studies department. It will take place on Tuesday, September 11th, 7:00 pm. to 8:30 p.m. in the Osborne Auditorium of the Fullerton Public Library. Admission is free.



4.1  M/S/P [Burgtorf/Gass] to approve the following:

·        ASD 07-88 Academic Senate Meeting Minutes 5-3-07

·        ASD 07-107 Academic Senate Meeting Minutes 5-10-07 as corrected: Senator Pasternack was not present at this meeting.

·        ASD 07-108 Academic Senate Marathon Meeting Minutes 5-17-07

·        ASD 07-109 Academic Senate Electoral Meeting Minutes 5-17-07



         M/S/P [Stang/Nanjundappa] to approve the consent calendar as amended:


5.1  ASD 07-106 Academic Senate Meeting Calendar 2007-08

5.2  Nominees to Standing Committees:

ACademic Standards

Nominees:    Ron Oliver (EDUC); Eileen Walsh (SOC SCI); Patricia Schneider-Zioga (HUM)

Continuing:   Eve Himmelheber (ARTS); Tom Johnson (CBE); Fred Zandpour (COMM)



Nominees:    Larry Peters (ARTS); Maria Grant (EDUC); Jason Tevin (COMM); Carl Wendt (SOC SCI); Gerry Grant (CBE);

Continuing:   M. Prasado Rao (ECS); Ellen Junn (HHD); Craig Ihara (HUM)



Nominees:    Judy Smith (EDUC)

Confirmed 5/17:   Marc Dickey (ARTS); Gloria Monti (COMM); Mostafa Shiva (ECS); Leslie Grier (HHD); Amy Coplan (HUM); Betty Chavis (CBE); Katherine Kantardjieff (CNSM); Hilla Israely (Soc Sci)


Extended Education

Nominees:    Mitch Fennell (ARTS); John Doyle (HHD); Amir Dabirian (Admin); Dana Loewy (CBE)

Continuing:   Shelly Arsneault (SOC SCI)



Nominees:    Lisa Kirtman (EDUC); Maijian Qian (CNSM); Charles Tumlinson (ARTS)

Confirmed 5/17:  Sharon Seidman (HHD); G. Nanjundappa (Soc Sci); Blaine Walgren (CBE)



Nominees:    Laura Lohman (ARTS); Spiro Courellis (ECS); Susan Cadwallader (CBE); Karen Perell (HHD); Paul De Land (CNSM); John Hickok (Library)

Continuing:   Natalie Fousekis (SOC SCI); Barbara Glaeser (EDUC); Gail Love (COMM);

                     Rebecca Dolhinow (HUM)



Nominees:    Maqsood Chaudhry (ECS); pending David Fromson (CNSM); pending (CBE);

                     pending (EDUC)

Confirmed 5/17:  Robert W. Davis (COMM); Shari McMahan (HHD); Mark Drayse (SOC SCI);

                     Christina Y. Smith (ARTS); Pilar Valero-Costa (HUM)





Nominees:    Xiong Wang (ECS); April Bullock (HUM);

Confirmed 5/17: Zvi Goldstein (CBE); Genelle Belmas (COMM); Rob Watson (ARTS);

                            Paula Herberg (HHD); Jochen Burgtorf (SOC SCI); Pat Keig (EDUC);

                     Mike Loverude (CNSM)


Information Technology

Nominees:    John Carroll (SOC SCI); Pamela Caldwell (COMM); Cliff Cramp (ARTS); Sean Walker (CNSM); pending (HHD); pending Demitri Michalopoulos (ECS)

Continuing:   Kristin Stang (EDUC); Teeana Rizkallah (CBE); Susan Tschabrun (Library)


International Education

Nominees:    Katherine Powers (ARTS); Grace Cho (EDUC); John Patton (SOC SCI);

                     pending Denise Stanley (CBE)

Continuing:   Andi Stein (COMM)


InternSHIPS and service learning

Nominees:    Irene Lange (CBE); Jon Bruschke (COMM); David Falconer (ECS)

Continuing:   Chandra Srinivasan (CNSM); Susan Larsen (HHD)



Nominees:    Kevin Bao (CBE); Robert Wheeler (COMM); Mary Wickman (HHD);

                     Vuryl Klassen (CNSM)

Confirmed 5/25:  Dennis Siebenaler (ARTS); Jorge Fondevila (SOC SCI); David Cheng (ECS); Brenda Spencer (EDUC); Jinghui Liu (HUM)



Nominees:    Mehmet Akbulut (CBE); Georgia Spiropoulos (SOC SCI)

Continuing:   Gerald Seminatore (ARTS); Beth Evans (COMM); Terri Patchen (EDUC)



Nominees:    Joe Arnold (ARTS); Tom Boyd (CBE); Mark Wu (COMM); Shahin Ghazanshahi (ECS); pending Belinda Karge (EDUC); pending (CNSM);

Continuing:   Elizabeth Housewright (Library); Renae Bredin (HUM); Christine Latham (HHD)



Time Certain

11:45 a.m.

Recognition of Brian Quinn, Recipient, 2006-2007 Athletic Director of the Year Award

Recognition of Peggy Hammer, Recipient, Ernest T. Stewart Award for Alumni Volunteer Involvement

Peggy Hammer was congratulated on her receipt of the Ernest T. Stewart Award for Alumni Volunteer Involvement. In her remarks, she expressed her passion for helping students, even in her retirement, and graciously accepted the body’s acknowledgements of her contributions to the University. She was presented with the “traditional” Academic Senate key chain and a bouquet of flowers.


The Senate congratulated Brian Quinn on receiving the prestigious Astroturf Division 1 West Region Athletics Director of the Year Award for 2006-07. Mr. Quinn came to CSUF from Loyola Marymount where he chaired the West Coast Conference Athletics Directors Association and the NCAA Men’s Volleyball Committee. In his six years at CSUF, the Men’s Baseball team has gone to Omaha four times. He was thanked for the work that he does with our athletes. He acknowledged that the faculty has been very supportive and it’s been a blessing to come to work and love what he what he does. He invited everyone to attend the games and support the athletes and thanked the body for their acknowledgement.


Time Certain

12:10 p.m.

Recognition and Farewell – Dr. Judith Anderson, Executive Vice President

Dr. Anderson was acknowledged for her contributions to the University and wished well in her retirement. In her sixteen years, she has been actively involved in the President’s Scholars Program, the University Planning Committee, Public Affairs and Governmental Relations, University Communications and Marketing, CSUF’s television station, and the NCAA. Chair Guerin also noted that Judith’s hard work has produced a beautiful web presence for the campus. She described Dr. Anderson as one of the most persistent, persevering, and task-oriented people she knows, and thanked her for all of her efforts to acquire additional space for the University off campus. Dr. Anderson remarked that she has had a great experience working on campus, describing her job as a “dream job”, and noted that she believes that she is the longest serving member of the Planning,  Resource and Budget Committees, and its predecessor organizations, having served 15 consecutive years. Chair Guerin presented her with a bouquet of flowers and an Academic Senate keychain. Dr. Anderson thanked everyone for the acknowledgement.


Time Certain

12:20 p.m.

Bahram Hatefi, Director of Internal Audit

Gerald Patton, Director of Assessment and Educational Effectiveness

Robin Graboyes, Director of Faculty Affairs and Records 

Subject: Introductions of New Campus Administration

Chair Guerin introduced the new members of campus administration,   and presented them with  Academic Senate keychains. Each of them  addressed the body.


Dr. Bahram Hatefi, the Director Internal Audit, came to our campus from the University of Cincinnati in Ohio. He has an extensive background in Accounting and is a Certified Public Accountant, Internal Auditor, Fraud Examiner, and Internal Control Auditor. He expressed that he is delighted to be at CSUF and expressed his eagerness to work with the Senate.


Dr. Gerald Patton, Director of Assessment and Educational Effectiveness, has served as the Deputy Commissioner of Higher Education for the State of New York. Prior to that, he was Executive Associate Director of the Middle State Commission of Higher Education. He described himself as an advocate for assessment, accountability, and a constant process of educational effectiveness and improvement and expressed that he looks forward to working with the with the body in these endeavors.


Ms.  Robin Graboyes, Director of Faculty Affairs, served as interim Director of Faculty Affairs until her recent appointment to Director. Before that, she was Assistant Director. Ms. Graboyes emphasized that the Faculty Affairs office has made it a priority to work on communication, establish a more user-friendly web site, and improve the RTP process. She also stated that the office has an open-door policy and that all faculty are welcome to come in any time for assistance and information.



            Chair Guerin reported the following:

·        The Academic Senate Executive Committee met four times over the summer. Originally, five meetings were scheduled, but one meeting was cancelled so that members of the committee could attend the memorial service for colleague Dr. Don Castro, which fell on the same day.

·        The committee spent a great deal of time gathering nominees for committees and reviewing various issues that arose.

·        Chair Guerin requested a vote of the Academic Senate on the following three actions which were taken over the summer. M/S/P [Bedell/Randall] to approve the following actions (as referenced on ASD 07-137):

·        Nominees for ad hoc Committee on Sustainability:

Scott Hewitt (CNSM); Nancy Jimeno (HSS); Pinaki Chakrabarti (ECS); Jon Taylor (HSS); Jochen Schenk (CNSM); Rebecca Dolhinow (HSS)

·        Search Committee for Director, CSUF Irvine Campus:

Irene Lange (CBE); David Fromson (CNSM); Susan Shipstead (HHD); John Bock (HSS); JoAnn Carter-Wells (EDUC)

·        General Education Committee Request for a Moratorium on New Course Proposals

·        The following revised UPS documents were recommended by the 2006-07 Academic Senate and approved by President Gordon on August 7, 2007:

o       UPS 300.040 Academic Standards for Post Baccalaureate Students

o       UPS 508.000 Policy on Return or Replacement of Library Materials

o       UPS 210.007 Appointment of Administrative Personnel

o       UPS 271.101 Rights of Temporary and Part-Time Faculty

o       UPS 300.004 Policy on Course Outlines

·        The following documents were recommended by the 2006-07 Academic Senate and are currently pending approval:

·        Revised UPS 261.000 Emeritus Status (Transmitted: 10-13-06)

·        Revised UPS 300.231 Policy Regarding the Illegal Use of Drugs by Students (Transmitted: 10-13-06)

·        Revised UPS 330.230 Tape Recording of Classroom Lectures

      (Transmitted 10-13-06)

·        Revised UPS 210.000 Faculty Personnel Policy and Procedures

      (Transmitted 6-8-07)

·        UPS XXX.XXX Proposed UPS on SRI/SOQ (Transmitted 6-8-07)



Chair Guerin made the body aware that the CSUF Statewide Senators are Senator Buck, Senator Pasternack, and herself. She added that we have the honor of having the Chair of the Statewide Academic Senate, Senator Pasternack, on our campus. The Statewide Senate will meet September 5-6.


Senator Pasternack outlined some of the issues the Statewide Senate will be working on this year. They include:

·        Facilitating Graduation

·        Digital Marketplace and Academic Technology

·        CSU Funding

·        Access to Excellence

·        Textbook Taskforce Report will be reviews

·        Report on Drops, Withdrawals, and Repeats and Incompletes will be out shortly

·        International Education Taskforce


9.1  Update on Accessible Technology Initiative (ATI) - Senator Dabirian highlighted the following:

·        Coded memorandum AA-2006-41, which was issued by the Chancellor and discussed on our Senate floor in November 2006, has been updated. This updated memo (AA-2007-04) was issued in February 2007.

·        The ATI is based on CSU Executive Order 926 (January 2005), California Government Coded 11135 of 2003 – Section 508,  the American Disabilities Act of 1990 – Section 255, and the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 – Section 504.

·        Priorities of this initiative includes: (1) Web Accessibility, (2) Instructional Materials Accessibility, and (3) Accessible Electronic and Information Technology (E & IT) Procurement

·        What’s been done:

·        May 15, 2007: Completed of the First Web Report

·        June 15, 2007: Submitted the Web Accessibility Implementation Plan and First Year Web Report.

·        June 15, 2007: Submitted the campus Instructional Materials Accessibility Plan (IMAP)

·        June 15, 2007: Submitted the Electronic and Information Technology Procurement Plan

·        July 1, 2007: Implemented the Instructional Materials Accessibility Plan (IMAP) provisions related to timeliness of alternate formats for print-based instructional materials.

·        To be completed:

o       No later than September 1, 2007: New and updated administrative web sites, web applications, and web content that, at a minimum, should conform to baseline accessibility standard as defined in Section 508, subpart B, and where appropriate, Subpart C.

o       No later than September 1, 2007: Implement  an accessible procurement process for E&IT formal solicitations and acquisitions greater than $50,000.


9.2  General Education Committee Recommendation for G.E. Moratorium:

Senator Alva explained that more recently, the General Education Committee completed the Herculean task of a recertification of over 400 courses. This entailed reviewing representative syllabi and individual responses to questions that determine whether or not the course met the learning goals of the categories in which they reside.


The GE Committee would like to work towards improving the GE program. An ad hoc work group of the General Committee has put together a request for proposals for faculty and others who are interested in piloting projects that examine the learning goals of the GE program.


On a system wide effort, we need to do a program performance review to examine the policies and procedures of the GE program in search of ways to make improvements.


In a report from the Statewide General Education Advisory Committee, results of its survey of all CSU campuses underscored a number of issues, one being that the GE Program outlined in Executive Order 595 in Title 5 has not been updated at the system level for 20 years.


Senator Dabirian assisted Senator Alva in conducting a survey, using electronic responders, in which the Senators present at this meeting were asked to respond to several items on a 7-point rating scale. They were asked to indicate how important they think it is for the General Education Committee to include the individual content areas in our General Education program. Senator Alva stated that she would summarize the survey results and distribute them to the body.


X.           ADJOURNMENT

         Meeting was adjourned at 12:59 p.m.