August 25, 2005




11:30 A.M. - 1:00 P.M.                                         ACADEMIC SENATE CHAMBERS

Members Present:  Alva, Bedell, Buck, Burgtorf, Dabirian, Drezner, Emry, Fidalgo, Fitch, Fromson, Gordon, Guerin, Hall, Hassan, Hewitt, Holland, Jones, Junn, Kanel, Kelly, Kirtman, Klassen, Kreiner, Liverpool, Lovell, Matz, Meyer, Michalopoulos, Napper, Pasternack, Pierson, Rhoten, Schroeder, Shapiro, Syed, Taylor, Vogt, Walicki and Wiley


Absent:  Gass, Hagan, Kantardjieff, Nanjundappa and Smith


I.              CALL TO ORDER

Chair Bedell called the meeting to order at 11:33 a.m.



Senator Fromson once again expressed his concerns about the issue of excessive speeding in the parking structure and concern for people’s safety because of driving at a rate that is clearly unsafe.  We were told last semester that there would be a plan in place and would be implemented and were lead to believe it would be implemented over the summer and nothing has happened.   Something needs to be done and needs to be done quickly before there is an accident that really causes us some greater pain and sorrow.


Mr. Barrett responded to Senator Fromson’s concerns.   Since the campus has started the evaluation of the traffic pattern in the garage, many things have changed.  We wanted to get many things done, painting stripes, yield signs, put up additional barriers and signage.  We had to wait for the contractor to get all of that finished which was completed this summer.   Additional signage was added on the columns within the building on each level and cones have been put in place to help channel traffic and change some of the entries ways with additional signage.  We have had quite a bit of police presence in the garage and had patrol cars in the garage every day this week.   We hoped would be available this fall was radar in the building; however, there is a requirement in the state of California that police officers have to be certified to use radar guns, so the officers will need to take a 40 hour course.  Every road has to be certified including the parking garage which was completed a couple of weeks ago and can now post an actual, enforceable speed limit in the parking garage.  Police can then actually enforce it.  He quoted some comparative data that Chief King provided for him.  On the parking garage compared to Lot E.  Lot E has 2, 497 spaces, garage has 2, 541 spaces.  Within Lot E of the last academic year, there were 54 incidents, in the Nutwood structure there were 55 incident.  In Lot E there was one injury accident, 7 non-injury accidents, 3 hit and run, property damage, one auto burglary, 4 vandalism and 8 vehicle thefts.  Nutwood structure—7 non-injury accidents, 7 hit and run property damage, 5 vandalism, 6 auto burglary, two vehicle thefts and 2 DUI’s.  No injury accidents.  The pattern seems to be same in the parking structure in terms of driving and student behavior as it is for any other parking lot.  Plans are to continue to do more. 


Chief King added that her officers know that the Nutwood structure is a priority and not just because of individual speeding, but because its presents an opportunity for several other things to occur as well as any number of things.  She noted their priority the first week of school is to get students on to the campus and addressing vehicles exiting the parking structure. The speed certified will be 10 mph.


Chair Bedell referred to an email he had sent to Chief King regarding Senator Buck’s concern about behavior at seminars by non-Fullerton family members so we can then highlight it at the Executive Committee later.   Senator Buck’s concern was regarding a talk held last spring by a professor which 145 people attended.   There was a group of people outside the classroom who were disrupting the meeting.  Police officers were there and potentially said they could not remove these people and the only option they had was to shut the meeting down.  Senator Buck wanted to know what is the policy regarding this situation.  Chief King noted there are options but there is no hard and fast policy regarding this matter.   It depends on the circumstances and the officers who were there at that time and they would have to make their best judgment.  She said she would check on this and look  into setting up perimeters for the officers when responding to this type of situation as acceptable behavior.


Time Certain

11:45 a.m.

Judith Anderson, Executive Vice President

Subject:  Irvine Campus


Ms. Anderson presented an update on the California State University, Fullerton Irvine Campus and distributed a pamphlet of interest—A New Campus for a New Era.  CSUF did sign a one year lease with Lenar [who has purchased the property] effective through June 30, 2006.  Lenar is in the midst of their own planning and indicated that until they have finished their master plan they are not willing to go into any leases any longer than that.  


We are in the midst of working on a backup plan, so that classes would finish out this academic year.   We do have a backup plan for the fall 2006, should that be necessary.  Ms. Anderson briefly commented on the following topics in the pamphlet:

·        Opportunity for a new permanent campus In Irvine

·        Academic Excellence—Providing the Intellectual Capital

·        The Economic Benefits—It Makes Good Business Sense

·        Focus On Community—The Social and Intellectual Benefits

·        Working Together—Partnerships and Collaboration

·        The Community and Lifelong Learning

·        Envisioning the Future


Lenar in late July, unveiled their next concept plan of the Great Park Corporation and have redefined those four parcels around which the Navy sold the base and have reconceptualized those into three districts, one of which is called the Life Line Learning district and encompasses the 275 acres that had earlier been identified for education and university campus.  Lenar also indicated to us in a meeting in early August that they plan to solicit the interest of other educational entities and they can conceptualize what will go on in that Life Line Leaning district.  At this point in time, it appears unlikely that we would be able to secure the full 275 acres parcel which was our initial goal.  Ms. Anderson noted that she remains optimistic that there will be a place for us and a place for a branch campus down in El Toro.  We are active and very engaged in conversations with Lenar. 


Ms. Anderson introduced Jack Smart, who is the project director who is a CSU Vice Chancellor emeritus and has a lot of experience both at the campus and system level and a real asset for the university with all this planning.



Senator Guerin announced that Senator Nanjundappa is away representing faculty today and on his behalf is presenting a brief report on CFA.  Senator Guerin and Senator Nanjundappa attended the board meeting last weekend.  In terms of bargaining, it is going slowly and there is no agreement on salary or FERP that has been signed.  We did hear a preliminary report from a member of the Salary Structure Committee which operates separate from the bargaining team.  They are looking at ways to try to take care of the CPEC lag and making recommendations soon.   FERP being eliminated is off the table; however, the number of years it will last seems to be under negotiations as well as the number of units that FERP faculty will teach.  CSU wants the FERP faculty to teach 15 units.  Reminded Senators of the Welcome Back Reception, Monday, August 29, 2005 in the Senate Chambers at 11:30 a.m., and will present more detail about the bargaining situation.  Friday there was a day long activitist training.  CFA is exerting a lot of energy to try and defeat Proposition 75 and 76.


Senator Buck extended an invitation to the Senators to join him and others in Garden Café for lunch and socializing.


IV.         MINUTES

Chair Bedell removed 4.1 ASD 05-84 Academic Senate Marathon Minutes May 26, 2005 from the agenda.


M/S/P [Junn/Buck] to approve 4.ASD 05-85 Academic Senate Electoral Minutes May 26, 2005


V.           CHAIR’S REPORT

Chair Bedell reported the following:

§         Executive Committee met nine times since the Academic Senate met last including a special meeting with President Gordon and a retreat. 

§         Recommendation under the Consent Calendar of approximately 75 of our colleagues for various committees, boards and search committees.

§      Thanked Ms. Bakken for attending Senate meeting.

§         Special thanks to Ms. Miller who has been holding the Senate office together as the office is going thru the search process to replace Ms. Bakken.

§         Chair Bedell extended his congratulations to Senator Dabirian on the appointment as Chief Information Technology Officer.  Reminded Senators of the Concert Under the Stars on September 16.

§         Academic Affairs Forum will be the last week in January 25 or January 26. 

§         Welcomed Zehra  Syed and Drew Wiley, ASI representatives on the Senate. 

§         Chair Bedell was pleased with the very successful on the Academic Affairs/Academic Senate Retreat held last week. 

§         At the next Senate meeting we will surface with a committee charge and some ideas for Senator’s thoughts.   Senators also will be receiving from the Chair a 1977 documents on what a group of people at that time thought this place should look like.  He encouraged the Senators to please read it. 



Senator Buck reported on the new officers of the statewide Senate.



M/S/P [Burgtorf/Fitch] to approve the following Consent Calendar as amended:

7.1    ASD 05-81 Academic Senate Calendar – Fall 2005-Spring 2006

7.2    Nominees to Senate Committees




Faculty Personnel Committee  Term:  One 2-year

Nominee:               Forthcoming (ECS)

Elected 5-12-05:   Mike McGee (ARTS), Larry Ward (COMM), James Dietz (CBE); Diana Guerin (HHD);

Hallie Yopp Slowik (EDUC); Hélène Domon; (HUM); Keith Wanser (CNSM); Richard Lippa (Soc Sci)


Professional Leaves Committee  Term:  One 2-year

Nominee:               Zvi Drezner (CBE)

Elected 5-12-05:   Jim Volz (ARTS), Mary Blake Huer (COMM), Mikyong Kim-Goh (HHD);

Louise Adler (EDUC); Bin Cong (ECS); Sheryl Fontaine (HUM); Susan Tschabrun (Library); David Drath (CNSM); Bill Haddad (Soc Sci)




Academic Standards Committee

Nominee:               Fred Zandpour (COMM)

Confirmed 5/26:   Debra Ambrosetti (EDUC), Kristi Kanel (HHD); Eve Himmelheber (ARTS);

Paul Deland (CNSM); Gordon Bakken (Soc Sci)


Extended Education Committee

Nominee:               Amir Dabirian (Admin/Library/Ath)

Confirmed 5/26:   Hamid Tavakolian (CBE); Shelly Arsneault (Soc Sci); Sandra Perez-Linggi (HUM);

Fred Ramirez (EDUC)


Faculty Development Center Board

Nominees:             Dana Rutledge (HHD); Maijian Qian (CNSM); Linda Fraser (CBE)

Confirmed 5/26:   Mallela Prasada Rao (ECS); Heather McCrea (Soc Sci); Rachel Clemens (Library); Kenneth Walicki (ARTS); Terry Saenz (COMM); Kristin Stang (EDUC);

Juan Carlos Gallego (HUM)


General Education Committee

Nominee:               Irene Lange (CBE)

Confirmed 5/12:   Tony Rimmer (COMM), Dorota Huizinga (ECS); Gerald Gannon (CNSM);

Andrea Guillaume (EDUC); Carl Renold (HHD); Nancy Fitch (Soc Sci);

Christina Smith (ARTS); Paul Levesque (HUM)


Graduate Education Committee

Nominees:             Robert Watson (ARTS); Zvi Goldstein (CBE);

Confirmed 5/26:   Cynthia King (COMM); Shari McMahan (HHD); Cheryl Zimmerman (HUM);

Barbara Glaeser (EDUC), Phil Armstrong (CNSM); Jochen Burgtorf (Soc Sci);

Jeff Kuo (ECS)


Information Technology Committee

Nominee:               Tae-Wan Ryu (ECS)

Continuing:            Marty Bray (EDUC); Dana Loewy (CBE); Collette Davis (Library);

                              Marilyn Stoner (HHD); Charles Grieb (ARTS); Thomas Clanin (COMM);

                              Robert Koch (CNSM); William Marelich (HSS)


International Education Committee

Nominees:             Mary Kay Crouch (HUM); Jesa Kreiner (ECS)

Continuing:            Shu-Chen (Jenny) Yen (HHD); Svetlana Efremova-Reed (ARTS); Joe Greco (CBE)


Library Committee

Nominees:             Jessie Jones (HHD); Nashat Saweris (CNSM); Vijay Karan (CBE);

                              Kenneth Tom (COMM); G. Nanjundappa(Soc Sci)

Continuing:            Ula Manzo (EDUC); Chris Ruiz-Velasco (Hss); Debra Noble (ARTS);

Spiridon Courellis (ECS)



Nominees:             Louise Adler (EDUC); Jim Hofmann (HUM); Demitrios Michalopoulos (ECS);

                              Bill Haddad (Soc Sci); Suellen Cox (Library)

Continuing:            Mark Stohs (CBE); Katherine Dickson (CNSM); Susan Hallman (ARTS);

Kathy Koser (HHD); Ed Trotter (COMM)



Nominees:             Angeles Sancho-Velazquez (HUM); Laura Chandler (HHD)

Continuing:            Jeanine Congalton (COMM); Susana Flores (EDUC); Chandra Putcha (ECS)



Nominees:             John Erickson (CBE); Vuryl Klassen (CNSM); Maqsood Chaudhry (ECS;

                              Bill Meyer (ARTS); Jon Bruschkle (COMM)

Continuing:            Rosemary McGill (Library); Robert Ortiz (EDUC); Christine Latham (HHD);

Perry Jacobson (Soc Sci)





Nominee:               Vic Brajer (CBE)

Continuing:            Jill Rosenbaum (Soc Sci)



Nominees:             Kristi Kanel (HHD); Wayne Engstrom (Soc Sci); Scott Hewitt (CNSM)



Nominees:             Chris Street (EDUC); Maijian Qian (CNSM)



Nominee:               Patti Laguna (HHD)



Nominees:             Betty Chavis (CBE); Alan Axelrad (Soc Sci)



Nominees:             Bill Haddad (Soc Sci); Alan Emry (Soc Sci)



Nominees:             Jonathan S. Taylor (Soc Sci); Heather Battaly (Hum)

Continuing:            Edward Fink (COMM); Zena Pearlstone (ARTS); Amy Coplan (Hum)



Nominee:               Maria Linder (CNSM)

Continuing:            Barry Pasternack (CBE); William Meyer (ARTS)



Nominee:               Dennis Gashen (COMM)

Continuing:            Debra Lockwood (ARTS)



Nominees:             Debra Lockwood (ARTS); Joe Weber (Soc Sci)



Nominee:               Pat Bril (Library)

Continuing:            Linda Fraser (CBE); Willie Hagan (ADMIN)



8.1     ASD 05-88 Informational Item:  ASD Documents Pending as of 8-18-05

Chair Bedell thanked the President for signing off on ten documents.  Chair Bedell noted that tomorrow he will be sending out approximately 75 UPS documents to committees for further reviewing in the final stage of our committee and Senate review.  This will then complete the total analysis of our UPS documents other than UPS 210.000.


Senator Guerin asked President Gordon for a clarification about documents not approved that have in the pipeline for some years as to the length and time.  President Gordon responded that some of the documents require legal opinions and has to wait until he receives approval from the Chancellor’s office.  He tries to get them through as quickly as he can if there are no issues. 


Chair Bedell suggested including outstanding documents on the Senate agenda as a point of information item.



9.1     ASD 05-52 New UPS Policy on Patents and

Chair Bedell noted this policy has been a year in conversation and one of our goals is to upper out on this subject. 


Senator Shapiro noted that this is a very reasonable policy and much more general policy than most universities offer their employees and in most cases will reside with the inventors except where there is contract language otherwise like a government contract. 

Their being no further comments on the document, Chair Bedell took the liberty to adjourn this subject to the topic of old business and if a member needs a copy to contact the Senate office.


The meeting adjourned at 12:15 p.m.