September 8, 2005




11:30 A.M. - 1:00 P.M.                                                  ACADEMIC SENATE CHAMBERS

Members Present:  Alva, Bedell, Buck, Burgtorf, Dabirian, Drezner, Emry, Fidalgo, Fitch, Fromson, Gass, Gordon, Guerin, Hall, Hassan, Hewitt, Holland, Jones, Junn, Kanel, Kantardjieff, Kelly, Kirtman, Klassen, Liverpool, Matz, Meyer, Michalopoulos, Napper, Nanjundappa, Pasternack, Pierson, Rhoten, Shapiro, Syed, Taylor, Vogt, Walicki and Wiley


Absent:   Hagan, Kreiner, Lovell, Schroeder, and Smith


I.              CALL TO ORDER

Chair Bedell called the meeting to order at 11:30 a.m.  Chair Bedell asked the members of the Senate to join him in a moment of silence for those who have lost their lives in the tragedy in Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama.






Senator Nanjundappa announced the information has been sent send via email.


IV.         MINUTES

M/S/P [Matz/Reyes] to approve ASD 05-84 Academic Senate Marathon Minutes 5-26-05.


V.           CHAIR’S REPORT

Chair Bedell reported Executive Committee has been updated on the organizational structure of the fiscal affairs under Dr. Hagan’s operation.  Dr. Young briefed the committee on his needs and the workload of the Graduation Education office.  Dr. Alva presented an to the committee on Chancellor Reed’s coded AA 2005-21 memo requiring each campus to develop action plans and timelines to facilitate time to degree on 22 specific dimensions by December8, 2005. 



Senator Pasternack reported the CSU Statewide Senate has not yet met but will be considering doctor’s in education degree and credit card legislation and that also passed the Senate.  The credit card is issued by the alumni office and is a master card/visa and the alumni will get a percentage of whatever monies is earned by those cards. 




M/S/P [Rhoten/Drezner] to approve the Consent Calendar.



8.1         ASD 05-88 Informational Item:  ASD Documents Pending as of 8-18-05

Chair Bedell informed the members that this document will be postponed for 15 minutes waiting for arrival of the person that speak to this document.



9.1         ASD 05-92 The Role of Faculty in Enhancing Quality:  An Academic Vision

M/S [Emery/Junn] to approve ASD 05-92.  Senator Emery reported this is a document the Executive Committee drafted. This document comes from the Academic Affairs/Academic Senate Retreat held in August and in that retreat were a series of sessions that focused on the idea of growth and quality.  In 12 years, we have grown 45 percent in student enrollments and some of us want to make certain that as we move forward, we envision a university that protects quality as we grow.


Senator Junn spoke in support of this document and is very important for us a group to consider and weigh all of the options and make sure that as we grow we still maintain quality and community on campus.


M [Nanjundappa] and accepted as a friendly amendment under Charge after the word “define” to insert the word assess. 


M [Senator Nanjundappa] and accepted as a friendly amendment under item (f) after the word “planning” insert “and monitoring.”


M [Nanjundappa] and accepted as a friendly amendment under Membership (b) after the words “and/or” insert and may include emeriti.


M [Fitch] and accepted as a friendly under membership under (b) after the word “faculty” to insert “[including junior and senior faculty]”


M [Pasternack] and accepted as a friendly amendment under Membership (a) to strike “no more than” and under (b) “at least.”


M [Meyer] and accepted as a friendly amendment under Charge (f) after the word planning to insert “implementations,” to read “recommend an Academic Senate vehicle for an active role in University planning, implementations, and monitoring with an emphasis on quality.”


Motion passed unanimously to approve as amended document ASD 05-92. 


Chair Bedell noted since the time for the persons to discuss the patent policy are not present and there being no other business, the meeting adjourned at 11:45 a.m.