September 13, 2007

11:30 A.M. - 1:00 P.M.                                                                             ACADEMIC SENATE CHAMBERS

Members Present: Altar, Alva, Arnold, Bedell, Bhattacharya, Bruschke, Buck, Bullock, Burgtorf, Carroll, Drezner, Fidalgo, Gass, Grewal, Guerin, Hewitt, Hickok, Jarvis, Junn, Kanel, Klassen, Liverpool, McConnell, McMahan, Mead, Nyaggah, Palmer, Randall, Rhoten, Sage, Shapiro, Stang, Stein, Walicki, Williams

Absent: Dabirian, Fromson, Gordon, Green, Kantardjieff, Oliver, Pasternack, Richter, Smith, Spitzer, Taylor


I.              CALL TO ORDER

         Chair Guerin called the meeting to order at 11:32 a.m.



In anticipation of CFO Hagan’s Fiscal State of the University address scheduled for September 27, 2007, Senator Bedell requested a conversation about possible budget cuts. M/S/P [Bedell/Gass] to consider this an item of new business. [Approved unanimously] Became New Business item 7.1.



3.1  The body paused in a moment of silence in memoriam in memory of these dear colleagues:

·        Dr. James W. Cusick, Professor Emeritus, Department of Secondary Education

·        Dr. Gangadharappa  Nanjundappa, Professor, Department of Sociology; CFA Fullerton Chapter President; Academic Senator

·        Dr. John Cooper, Professor Emeritus, Department of Geological Sciences


M/S/P [Bedell/Drezner] to approve ASD 07-147 Resolution in Honor of Dr. Gangadharappa Nanjundappa. [Approved unanimously]

·        Chair Guerin welcomed Dharmaveer G.D., who shared fond words about his brother, Dr. Nanjundappa, and thanked Dr. Mahamood Hassan and others on campus who have been of great assistance to him during this time.

·        Also welcomed to the Senate was Dr. Mougo Nyaggah, acting President of the CFA Fullerton Chapter who spoke briefly about Dr Nanjundappa and announced that a memorial service for Dr. Nanjundappa has been planned for Friday, October 5, 2007 at the Golleher House. He also stated that RTP workshops have been postponed to September 17th and 18th and will be held in the Academic Senate Chambers from 12-2:30 p.m.


Senator Bedell invited all to the Department of Anthropology’s puppet exhibit in MH-426, today at 4:00 p.m.


Senator Altar asked all to encourage their students to participate in the ASI Block Party today in front of TSU.


Chair Guerin reminded everyone that Convocation and Concert Under the Stars will take place tomorrow and that the Open House event is this Saturday. Senator Shapiro’s retirement party will be held over this weekend, as well.





4.1  M/S/P [Burgtorf/Drezner] to approve ASD 07-143 Academic Senate Meeting Minutes 8-23-07

as amended.



         M/S/P [Shapiro/Hewitt] to approve the Consent Calendar. [Approved unanimously]

5.1  Nominees to Standing Committees



Nominees:    Matthew Jarvis (SOC SCI); pending

Confirmed 5/17: Charles Tumlinson (ARTS); Lisa Kirtman (EDUC); Maijian Qian (CNSM);

                     Sharon Seidman (HHD);



Nominees:    Chris Renne (EDUC); John Erickson (CBE)

Confirmed 8/23: David Fromson (CNSM); Maqsood Chaudhry (ECS); Robert W. Davis (COMM);

                     Shari McMahan (HHD); Mark Drayse (SOC SCI); Christina Y. Smith (ARTS);

                     Pilar Valero-Costa (HUM)


Information Technology Committee

Nominees:    pending (HHD)

Confirmed 8/23: John Carroll (SOC SCI); Pamela Caldwell (COMM); Cliff Cramp (ARTS); Sean Walker (CNSM); Kristin Stang (EDUC); Teeana Rizkallah (CBE); Susan Tschabrun (Library);

                     Demitrios Michalopoulos (ECS)



Nominees:    David Bowman (CNSM);

Confirmed 8/23: Joe Arnold (ARTS); Tom Boyd (CBE); Mark Wu (COMM); Shahin Ghazanshahi (ECS);

                     Belinda Karge (EDUC);Elizabeth Housewright (Library); Renae Bredin (HUM); Christine Latham (HHD)


5.2  Nominees to Miscellaneous Committees



Nominee:      Irene Lange (CBE)



Nominee:      Vic Brajer (CBE)

Continuing:   Jill Rosenbaum (SOC SCI)



Nominees:    Irene Matz (COMM)

Continuing:   David Wong (CBE)



Nominee:      Bill Meyer (ARTS)

Continuing:   Barry Pasternack (CBE); Maria Linder (CNSM)



Nominee:      Debra Lockwood (ARTS)

Continuing:   Mark Ellis (EDUC)



Time Certain

11:45 a.m.

Subject: Introduction of Pat Carroll, Newly Appointed Executive Assistant to the President

Mr. Carroll stated that he feels privileged to have the position of Executive Assistant to the President, and commented on how he enjoys the sense of community at CSUF.  He added personal condolences to the brother of Dr. Nanjundappa, stating that in his role as University Counsel, he often interacted with Dr. Nanjundappa. Though on opposite sides of the table, Mr. Carroll remarked, Dr. Nanjundappa was always a consummate professional and treated everyone with a great deal of respect.


Chair Guerin welcomed Mr. Carroll and in the tradition, presented him with an Academic Senate keychain.


Time Certain – Postponed until later date

11:50 a.m.

Subject: Recognition of Jay Bond, Mike Smith, Kurt Borsting, Andrea Willer, Recipients of Best Overall Sustainability Award for Student Recreation Center


Time Certain – Postponed until later date

11:55 a.m.

Jay Bond, Associate Vice President, Facilities Management

Subject: Report on Campus Construction Projects



7.1  Budget Cuts [Bedell]

Senator Bedell explained that he had heard discussion about “possible imminent” budget cuts this fiscal year. If that is the case, he stated, he, as the Department Chair of a small department, will not be able to meet expenses. His department budget has already been committed to faculty salaries, spring scheduling, and various other financial obligations.


In light of the Chancellor’s letter (dated September 12, 2007) which indicated that the CSU is in good shape financially, Senator Bedell requested ample opportunity for discussion on how our campus arrived at facing potential budget cuts and how to prepare for them. He requested transparency, a collegial response to his concerns, and suggestions as to how departments should respond to the cuts in the Fiscal State of the University report to be given on September 27, 2007.


VP Hagan stated that these details will be discussed in greater detail in the Fiscal State of the University report, but commented that the deficit has been present in the past five years. The PRBC recommended that the University balance its structural deficit once and for all; therefore, the general fund expenditures will be cut down to fit the dollars that we have available. He stated that he is unable to speak to how this translates to departments, since the cuts were allocated out to divisions on a prorated basis.


He also made the following points:

·        Our goals are to (1) balance the structural deficit and (2) allocate lottery funds to campus.

·        In the past, lottery funds were being held in reserve to cover the over-allocated general fund. They were serving as an emergency fund which was not their intended purpose. According to the guidelines, lottery funds are intended for instructional purposes, not to supplant operating funds.

·        One benefit of balancing the structural deficit is to disengage lottery funds from being held for emergency purposes.

·        As part of the PRBC’s recommendation, lottery funds are being allocated to divisions to be spent.


VP Hagan addressed additional comments and questions from the floor.




7.2  Resolution on Second Language Graduation Requirement  [Academic Senate Executive Committee]:

Chair Guerin explained that the effective implementation date specified in UPS 410.107 Second Language Graduation Requirement was June 24, 2005. In May 2006, the Academic Senate passed a resolution in support of suspending implementation of Second Language Graduation Requirement (ASD 06-67) until two reports were received by the Academic Senate and discussed. One report would look at the impact of the implementation of the requirement on incoming students (from data received from Institutional Research and Analytical Studies). The other would come from an ad hoc study group established to review on the policy itself and issues that were raised in discussion of the policy. The Academic Senate Executive Committee was given a status update on the reports and both groups indicated that they will complete their work in the timeframes that they were given.


However, this poses problems:

·        We are now receiving inquiries from prospective incoming freshmen and transfer students and advisors from high schools and community colleges about whether this policy is being implemented or not.

·        We have some issues to resolve in clarifying the policy.

·        Admissions applications are due before the results of the two task forces are made public. We will not have the information we need until March 2008.

·        It would be unwise to implement this requirement in 2008, the date that ASD 06-67 called for, because we would have unknown information for students and counselors.


M/S/P [Bedell/Kanel] to approve ASD 07-145, motion to delay implementation of the requirement until these issues are resolved and we can provide information to counselors and prospective students. (Approved with 2 abstentions)



 On behalf of the Statewide Academic Senators, Chair Guerin reported briefly on the following:

·        The Statewide Academic Senate reviewed four resolutions (will be posted to Statewide Academic Senate web site shortly):

·        Resolution on 2008-09 Budget Priorities

·        Resolution on Textbook Affordability

·        Consultation on Professional Fee for Graduate Business Degrees (Statewide Senate passed with a waiver to 1st time reading rule, due to time sensitivity): Proposal is to increase fees to $210 per unit. Statewide Senators were asked to consult their campuses for input on this proposal, so copies of it were distributed to Senators. This item will appear on our agenda in the near future.

·        Opposition to the “Community College Governance, Funding Stabilization, and Student fee Reduction Act”. (This item will appear on the ballot for the next Statewide Academic Senate general election. Information about this item can be obtained at the web site of the Secretary of State.)

·        The Statewide Senate reviewed the outline draft of the Access to Excellence (CSU Strategic Plan Initiative). The draft report is due within the next month. When we receive the first draft, we will circulate to the Senators for discussion.



Chair Guerin reported the following:

·        Standing and General Committees are in process of being filled and some have already met. Nominations for members of these committees will continue until completed.

·        Chair Guerin is reviewing 2006-07 Annual Reports submitted by past chairs of these committees

·        The newly formed Academic Senate ad hoc Committee on Sustainability has met. This committee is due to report to the Academic Senate by December 1, 2007.

·        The Chair is in the process of putting together a luncheon meeting for standing committee chairs, senate representatives, and Executive Committee liaisons to discuss methods to move work through our committees more effectively.

·        The members of the University Board on the Second Language Graduation Requirement will contacted and asked meet this year.

·        We are awaiting responses to the revised documents that have been transmitted to the President’s office. A reminder was sent to President Gordon and VP Smith.

·        We are planning a joint retreat for the PAB and Academic Senate Executive Committee.

·        Senator Alva forwarded the results of the GE survey that was conducted at the August 23rd Senate meeting to the Academic Senate office. (They were distributed to Senators). Senator Alva commented that the overall findings were consistent with the framework for the current CSU plan: We continue to hold as very important, the “golden four” (writing, critical thinking, oral communication, mathematics and quantitative reasoning). After these items, there is some interest in integrating global understanding and information competence into the GE program. These results will be taken to the GE committee for review.

·        The Executive Committee met with VP Smith and others involved in administrative restructuring. More information is forthcoming.

·        The Academic Senate was asked to recommend PRBC members to serve on a vacated office and instructional space committee. Chair Guerin thanked Jay Bond for his efforts to include faculty members on these committees.

·        The Executive Committee met with AVP Ray Young to discuss the transformation of existing degree programs to online. He indicated that if we move more than 50% of the courses in a program and 1\3 of a course to online, we would need to undergo a substantive change review with WASC. We need to amend our policies to incorporate this.


X.           ADJOURNMENT

         Meeting adjourned 12:47 p.m.