October 9, 2003











11:30 A.M. - 1:00 P.M.                                                                       ACADEMIC SENATE CHAMBERS

Members Present:  Allen, Arkenberg, Bedell, Buck, Byrnes, Cox, Emry, Fitch, Fromson, Gannon, Gilbert, Guerin, Hagan, Hewitt, Jones, Junn, Kelly, Klassen, Kreiner, Meyer, Michalopoulos, Nanjundappa, Pasternack, Randall, Reisman, Rhoten, Rimmer, Russell, Rutemiller, Schroeder, Shapiro, Sutphen, Taulli, Tavakolian, Vargas, Wolverton and Wong 


Members Absent:  Boyum, Erickson, Gass, Gordon, Hall, Martinez, Parker, Rahmatian, and Smith


I.              CALL TO ORDER

Chair Gilbert called the meeting to order at 11:31 a.m.






Chair Gilbert announced a new faculty stipend program being supported by the Wang Family Scholarship. Full-time tenured or tenure track faculty at CSU campuses are eligible for this Scholarship/Stipend which provides four (4) ten thousand dollar ($10,000) stipends annually over a ten year period (2002-20012) and are designed to be used for research or teaching at the National Taiwan University in the Republic of China (Taiwan), the National Tsinghua University in the Republic of China (Taiwan), Peking University in Beijing, and Jiao Tung University in Shanghai.  Applicants may be involved both in research and teaching at their host universities.  Applicants must also demonstrate appropriate Chinese language competency.  The deadline for receipt of applications at the Chancellor’s Office is December 1, 2003.  See Chair Gilbert for those interested.


He also announced the annual notification on the availability of Resident Director positions available in China, France, Israel, Japan, Mexico and Spain.  These are academic year appointments; if interested contact Irene Lange, our campus representative on the ACIP.


Chair Gilbert also noted the email policy is being included in contract negotiations in Unit 4; the document passed by the Senate has not been signed by the President.


Senator Nanjundappa announced that the CFA and CSU have not scheduled any meetings for negotiations on the re-opener contract for Unit 3.



Chair Gilbert reported he attended the quarterly meeting last week with the Executive Committee of the state-wide Academic Senate.  A variety of items were discussed, including a draft budget proposal for 2004-05 academic year that included a request for an additional $263,949,000 in funding to cover a variety of things in the partnership program.  A below-the-line portion includes another $546,000,000 of start-up funding for ACR 73, monies for off campus centers, monies to store the 2003-04 budget cuts, etc.  The state legislature has begun a series of hearings to look at various ways of changing the way the state funds higher education, ranging from formula funding based on mode and level of instruction, a voucher model, high tuition with many scholarships, and basing funding on graduation rates rather than enrollments.  They were updated on lower division requirements in majors as part of the integrated teacher preparation discussion that has been going on statewide.  This is a joint project of the Academic Senate of the CSU and the Division of Academic Affairs of the CSU.  The activities of the Statewide Academic Senate committees were reviewed.  Academic Affairs is examining the Integrated Teacher Preparation framework, the graduation writing assessment requirement, the assessment of information competence across the system. The Committee is also looking at Executive Order 665, which is has to do with challenge exams, and whether recommendations have or have not been implemented from the Cornerstones Report.  Faculty Affairs is looking at a number of task force reports that have recently come out, including those on Intellectual Property, Faculty Flow, and Department Chair Workload, to see what kind of system level policy implications they might have.  They are also looking at a project called “Investing in the Faculty.” The Integrated Teacher Preparation Task Force is working to achieve a common lower division transfer curriculum so that students transferring into the CSU would not have to take additional lower division classes upon transfer.  The degree and multiple teaching credentials are to be done within 135 limit and have 30 units minimum of statewide or at minimum regional, transferable units that would be applicable to any CSU.   Fullerton would be in a region with Long Beach, San Bernardino, and Pomona. 


David Spence discussed a system goal to speed progress towards degree and improve graduation rates, noting that the articulation models being developed for the Integrated Teacher Education Program could perhaps be developed for all majors.  He said the average number of units required for completion of graduation in the CSU is 160; we need to get students through quicker as the state cannot afford to fund excess units in this budget climate.  He noted that allowing students to change majors five or six times costs the state too much money and limits access.  Richard West discussed this year’s budget, noting that further changes were not expected, but that the outcome of the recall election may make the budget uncertain. 


The system-wide chairs discussed two issues among themselves:  1) how budgets are determined in the CSU system; and 2) how decisions on enrollment management are done around the system.  There is great variation in how much the faculty is involved in those kinds of discussion or not at all. 


The bill for the golden handshake is still on the governor’s desk. 


Time Certain

11:45 a.m.

Jerry Olson, Director Titan Shops

Subject:  Book Rewards Program


Jerry Olson presented the Academic Senate with a check for scholarships as the Senate’s share of the requisition reward program.  Olson stated that since spring of 1999, when the program began, Titan Shops and the Foundation have returned $235,000 to the Senate, the Associated Students, and departments for scholarships.  He again urged faculty to share their book requisitions with the bookstore, even if they prefer to place their book orders elsewhere, so at least the bookstore can accommodate those students who do wish to purchase their books from Titan shops. 


Chair Gilbert thanked Jerry Olson on behalf of the Senate and declared we had reached our second time certain.


Time Certain

12:00 Noon

Bob Ericksen, Director International Programs

Subject:  SEVIS


Bob Ericksen distributed and reviewed a handout regarding SEVIS (Student and Exchange Visitor Information System), a post September 11 regulation that significantly impacts our 1400 international students.  It is has taken International Ed over $80,000 and 4,000 person-hours to implement the new data base.  In particular, he noted that minimum unit requirements for international students (12 for undergraduates, 9 for graduate students) are now strictly enforced.  With respect to unit load, grades of “W” (withdrawal) grades or “WU (unauthorized withdrawal) do not count toward course load.  However, “F” grades do count toward full-time course load.  Faculty should not feel pressured to change a grade from “WU” to “F” solely for the purpose of protecting immigration status.  Status violations are recorded electronically within specific deadlines directly to immigration authorities.


Chair Gilbert thanked Bob Ericksen and declared having reached our third time certain.


Time Certain

12:15 p.m.

Willie Hagan, VP for Administration

Jay Bond, Assistant VP for Facilities Management

Bill Dickerson, Executive Director, CSUF Foundation

Subject:  1.   Changes in Custodial Services

               2.   Elks Club Faculty/Staff Housing Project


Senator Hagan first addressed the topic of Faculty/Staff housing.  He updated members on the status of the University Gables project and provided an overview of a new project involving building a new lodge for the Elk’s Club in exchange for land to develop housing for faculty and staff.


Senator Hagan next explained that the budget situation has forced him to leave vacant 23 (out of 65) custodial positions.  The result is that custodial services will need to be cut.  A draft memo detailing priorities and service changes was distributed.  Changes included eliminating emptying of trash cans in individual offices.


Chair Gilbert requested consent of the members to carry this over to the next meeting to continue this discussion. 









A.   ASD 03-115 Proposal for a Certificate in Instructional Design Level 1, ASD 03-116 Proposal for a Certificate in Instructional Design Level 2, ASD 03-117 Certificate in Postsecondary Reading and Learning

It was m/s [Guerin/Sutphen] to adopt these proposals. Guerin stated that in PRBC all of these certificate programs were reviewed on the 26th and were unanimously approved after a careful review.  Chair Gilbert added that Grad Ed also reviewed these programs at their final meeting of the spring semester and also unanimously approved them without any reservations.


It was m/s [Junn] to call the question. 


The motion carried to approve documents ASD 03-115, ASD 03-116 and ASD 03-117 with one abstention.


It was m/s [Guerin/Nanjundappa] to adjourn.  The meeting adjourned at 1:00 p.m.