October 12, 2006



11:30 A.M. - 1:00 P.M.                                                                ACADEMIC SENATE CHAMBERS

Members Present: Bedell, Bruschke, Buck, Burgtorf, Dabirian, Drezner, Fitch, Fromson, Gordon, Guerin, Hassan, Hewitt, Jones, Kanel, Kantardjieff, Kirtman, Klassen, Mead, McConnell, Meyer, Michalopoulos, Nanjundappa, Napper, Palmer, Pasternack, Randall, Rhoten, Rumberger, Shapiro, Smith, Spitzer, Stang, Stein, Taylor, Vogt, Walicki, Williams, Zhao

Absent: Altar, Alva, Arnold, Fidalgo, Holland, Junn, Klein, Liverpool,


I.              CALL TO ORDER

Chair Guerin called the meeting to order at 11:32 a.m.






Javier Gamboa, Executive Vice President, Associated Students, Inc., distributed a resolution entitled “Faculty Role in Mitigating the Cost of Textbooks” which was passed by the CSU Academic Senate May 4-5, 2006. He encouraged all faculty members to submit textbook requisitions to Titan Shops in a timely manner, as doing so will benefit students by allowing them to receiving the highest possible buyback price, enabling bookstores to obtain a greater selection of used textbooks for sale at a savings to students, and creating more scholarship opportunities. Departments who participate could earn up to $500 worth of Titan Shops credits.


Senator Nanjundappa reported that George Diehr was reelected to the CalPERS Board of Administration. He stated that a mediator has been assigned to assist in the process of hearings between CFA and CSU. Senator Nanjundappa will continue to keep us abreast of the developments from these hearings.


Senator Randall commended and thanked Associated Students, Inc. for its Anti-Hate initiatives and rally. Senator Rumberger thanked Senator Randall for her comments and acknowledged all of the clubs and organizations that planned the event and the Dean of Students for its support.


Lee Gilbert, Interim Director, Freshman Programs announced the position opening for Director of Freshman Programs. He asked that Senators help in the recruiting process by encouraging good candidates who are interested to apply. The position will need to be filled by spring 2007.


Chair Guerin thanked Chuck Kissel, Interim Director, Titan Shops, for the new chairs in the Academic Senate Chambers.



4.1 It was M/S/P [Pasternack/Bedell] to approve ASD 06-170 Academic Senate Meeting Minutes Draft 9-21-06 as submitted. (Approved unanimously)



         M/S/P [Drezner/Pasternack] to approve the consent calendar. (Approved unanimously)



Time Certain

12:00 p.m.

President Milton Gordon

Subject: State of the University Address

         President Gordon highlighted the following:

·        He thanked everyone for their support of Proposition 1D. About $15 million will go to campuses if passes.

·        Last year, the student population of CSUF was comprised of 50.8% minority students. In less than a year, this has increased to 52.5%. (0.5% American Indian, 3.4% Black/African American, 21.9% Asian/Pacific Islander, about 33% (12,000 students) White, and almost 9,600 Hispanic students (more than any 4-year university in California)

·        Female population is 59%, has reached as high as 60-61% in previous years.

·        With over 1,500 international students, we are third in the nation for Masters Level institutions. Our international student population increased after September 11th. We admitted 465 new international students this year.

·        We received 47,000 applications for this year. We continue to be number one in the system for transfer students.

·        We had a great meeting with the accreditation team for our new generic Master’s in Nursing Program. We have been funded for 60 entry level students. The Nursing program has also introduced plans for a program in Nurse Practitioner in partnership with UCI. Other programs in development include Midwife Nursing and School Nurse. Our online Nursing Program has over 250 students.

·        The Ed.D. progam is going well. We have funding for 20 students a year for this program.

·        We continue with our goal to hire 100 tenure/tenure-track faculty members.

·        We have been trying to strengthen the new faculty hires with the creation of several new programs to support them. It is also important to bring in a diverse group of faculty and staff for our diverse student base.

·        We have to continue to work on providing affordable housing

·        The Childcare Center Building is forthcoming. We are working with ASI to build this $8.5 million center on campus.

·        Regarding the CSUF Irvine Campus: We may have to purchase land there. EVP Judith Anderson and Owen Holmes have been working on this project.

·        The cost of the construction of the (new Business building) Steven G. Mihaylo building is increasing. The current cost is over $81.5 million.

·        The cost of the Student Recreation center will be $40 million.

·        Student Housing: There are plans to construct a 1,000 bed facility with a dining area. An additional parking structure will probably be needed.

·        The proposed Faculty/Staff Center would require an 8,000 square foot area on the first floor of Library South and provide seating for 125 in the main dining room. Two other rooms will be needed for catering/kitchen area and lobby/lounge. The cost would be slightly over $2 million. For this project to be viable, it will need to catch over 3-4% of the daily population of faculty and staff on a given week day. Additionally, 180-200 faculty and staff will need to pay membership fees of $9 per month for at least the 10 months. Under these conditions, the University will still need to contribute $200,000 per year. VP Hagan distributed a handout that detailed the size and cost of the center.

·        Laptop rollout is going well.

·        We have completed the human resources portion of the CMS project in August 2005. The financial module should be completed in June 2007. Student administration will be completed 2007-2008.

·        More places on campus have been made accessible for wireless internet.

·        We rolled out our campus Blackboard.

·        50th Anniversary: $400,000 will be used to fund the “Golden Ideas” proposals that will be submitted in commemoration of the campus’ 50th Anniversary.

·        CSU Strategic Language Initiative: The Los Angeles basin campuses have submitted this federal initiative for the last two years. Ed Royce sponsored this. It has been funded with $1 million for last year and $1 million again this year. Each of the LA basin campuses has one particular strategic language that is going to be emphasized on its campus. CSUF teaches Farsi. U.S. Senator Barbara Boxer has been a big supporter of this initiative.

·        CSUF signed an agreement with KCET. Over the next twelve months, KCET will bring in a fully digital channel into Orange County that will be broadcasting 24 hours a day. CSUF is a partner. President Gordon thinks that this will provide more internships and scholarships for our students, and we will be talking with KCET about creating some of our own programs.

·        President Gordon and Amir Dabirian stated that the new student email portal has to be used by the faculty in order for it to work as the campus’ primary means of direct communication. Currently, 31,789 students are using the portal. Over 26,000 log-ins are recorded per day. Use of the portal has increased dramatically.


         President Gordon advised the Academic Senate to pursue the following:

·        “Golden Ideas” for the 50th Anniversary: Submit proposals to the President. $400,000 is available for funding this project.

·        Assist in facilitating graduation: Currently, we have 10,362 seniors. Look at policies and procedures that will help students declare a major by the time they complete 60 units.

·        Assist in development of online orientation for transfer students to facilitate their transition to CSUF.

·        Assist Amir Dabirian, his designee to lead the CSUF campus accessible technology planning and monitoring effort. Senators received a copy of Coded Memo 2006-AA-41, Access to Electronics and Information Technology for Persons with Disabilities. Senator Dabirian suggested that the Academic Senate approve UPS 103.005 World Wide Web policy (which is currently under review) before January 29, 2007 and include in it a policy on accessibility standards.


Time Certain

12:45 p.m.

Thomas Whitfield, Director, Environmental Health and Safety

Judy King, Chief of Police, University Police Department

Subject: Fire Alarm System

Mr. Whitfield discussed various upgrades/changes that have been made to our buildings which include a new Emergency Notification System that allows Police Dispatch to make announcements to different zones on campus, the addition of door hold devises to comply with Fire Marshall standards (door wedges are not permitted), and the posting of classroom evacuation signs that illustrate two exits from each classroom and the assigned assembly points. Mr. Whitfield notified the Senate that a test of the Emergency Notification System will occur on Friday, October 27 at 11:00 a.m. and an all-University drill at 3:00 p.m. will occur the same day. Chief King stated that CSUF has completed a

$7 million upgrade project that was started in June 2005. The Cobb Resident Hall will be upgraded soon.



        Chair Guerin reported the following:

·        University Club: External reviewers are scheduled to visit campus on October 24th and 25th.  Among others, they are scheduled to hold focus groups with Executive Committee, the Campus Facilities and Beautification Committee, and six to eight junior and six to eight senior faculty members. The junior and senior faculty groups are nearly complete. The purpose of the external reviewers is to conduct a market analysis of campus constituencies.

·        Search Committees

o       Search committees for the Director of Assessment and Internal Auditor are on the Consent Calendar. These are both national searches. 

o       The Freshman Programs Advisory Board met yesterday to recommend the search committee for the Director of Freshman Programs This is a campus search.

o       President Gordon asked the Executive Committee for nominees to serve as Acting Executive Assistant to the President until a national search can be completed to fill the position. 

·        President’s Enrollment Management Advisory Group met on October 10th. 

o       The total headcount of enrolled students this fall is 35,921 (up from 35,040 last year).  We are likely to be the largest CSU in headcount for the second straight year. 

o       Our fall-to-fall [unrebenched] FTES was 27,025, up 2.2% from last year.

o       Outreach has developed new programs to increase the yield of admitted students. For example, either local or on-campus welcome receptions will be given for high-achieving students.  They will be given targeted information about University Honors and Scholars, President’s Scholar, faculty researchers, the library, and IT, etc.

·        WASC Planning Group met Monday. In January, members will be attending a two-day workshop on preparing the campus proposal for the campus-wide accreditation review.  There are three steps in the WASC review. The campus proposal is due October 2007; the Capacity and Preparatory Review is due in Spring 2010; and Educational Effectiveness Review is scheduled for Fall 2011. The proposal will be organized around three themes representing needs and priorities of the campus.  Faculty input to identify the themes is being requested through departments. A call will be going out shortly.

·        UPS 210.000. Chair Guerin asked the body to consider adopting special rules as it revises UPS 210.000 later this semester, such as submitting amendments in writing one week prior to debate to reduce debate on amendments that violate the collective bargaining agreement or other mandates.

·        Facilitating Student Success Conference. A campus delegation and the statewide senators   will attend a CSU conference next week. 



Senator Pasternack reported that the Statewide Senate has not met since he last reported. The steering committee that will oversee Cornerstones II (CSU strategic planning process) will meet on Monday in Long Beach. It will be discussing plans for the next decade in terms of the CSU. The Facilitating Student Success Conference will take place next Thursday and Friday in Los Angeles. Representatives from each campus will attend. Lee Gilbert stated that he and Sylvia Alva will make a presentation at this conference.



9.1 It was M/S/P [Pasternack/Hewitt] to approve ASD 06-153 Resolution in Support of Proposition 1D (Approved Unanimously). Senator Bedell added that the Orange County Board of Education supports this Proposition. Senator Rumberger stated that Associated Students, Inc. also passed a resolution in support of Proposition 1D.


9.2 VPAA Smith reported that 93 tenure track faculty, including 3 librarians, were hired out of 100 searches last year. Ninety-seven searches have been authorized for November 2006 this year. He also provided the following status report:

·        Currently, we have 247 assistant professors, 150 associate professors, and 257 full professors for a total of 654 tenure and tenure-track faculty.

·        Of the 654 tenure and tenure-track, 360 are tenured and 294 are tenure-track.

·        32 faculty are on sabbatical, 88 are in the FERP program, and 130 are full-time lecturers

·        Currently, there 35,921 students and FTES is 26,544



X.           ADJOURNMENT       

        Meeting was adjourned at 12:58p.m.