October 31, 2002












11:30 A.M. - 1:00 P.M.                                                                      ACADEMIC SENATE CHAMBERS

Members Present: Abdelwahed, Bedell, Boyum, Buck, Cox, Emry, Erickson, Fitch, Fromson, Gannon, Gilbert, Guerin, Hewitt, Jones, Klassen, Meyer, Parker, Parman, Pasternack, Perkins, Putcha, Rhoten, Rimmer, Russell, Rutemiller, Schroeder, Shapiro, Smith, Sutphen, Szeszulski, Taulli, Tavakolian, Vargas, Wolverton and Wong 


Members Absent:  Arkenberg, Gordon, Hagan, Jeremiah, Junn, Kim, Nanjundappa, Reisman, Roberts, and Sawicki


I.              CALL TO ORDER

Chair Gilbert called the meeting to order at 11:35 a.m., and extended a welcome to newly elected Senator Lynda Randall, representing HDCS.


Time Certain

11:30 a.m.

Jay Bond, Associate Vice President for Facilities Management

Subject:  Final Master Development Plan A “First Glimpse”


Jay Bond introduced Kim Apel and Willem Van der pol and then proceeded with a review of the revised master plan. The revised master plan includes a proposal to raise the current campus enrollment ceiling to 25,000, which is 5000 over our current enrollment ceiling, which was established at 20,000 FTES in 1962.


Jay Bond then briefly commented on the following features of the revised master plan:


§         Defines locations for future expansion even beyond 25, 000 FTES

§         Utilizes only existing, currently-owned property

§         Provides phased development of required academic facilities

§         Preserves quad, historic elements and campus green spaces—primarily develops current parking lots

§         Closes Nutwood and revises vehicle entries to campus

§         Expands on-campus student housing

§         Provide east campus food service in Engineering complex

§         Provides location for Student Recreation Center

§         Meets parking requirements with peripheral parking structures

§         Provides new site for expanded Children’s Center that would include childcare for children of faculty and staff

§         Includes a Faculty/Staff Center/Club

§         Includes a future cogeneration facility and anticipates infrastructure needs

§         Provides for future development of College Park property

§         College of Business and Economics Building

§         Arboretum Visitor’s Center


Members expressed serious concerns about the ability to smoothly and quickly evacuate the campus, the existence or lack thereof of emergency plans and the need to study traffic flow. 



It was m/s/p [Buck/Fitch] to request the Senate Chair to schedule a formal discussion of the FTES target.



Senator Szeszulski announced that the Child & Adolescent Studies Department is hosting a brown bag discussion on the Current Status of HIV and AIDS on Wednesday, November 6th from 12 to 1:30 p.m. in TSU, Ontiveros.


Senator Fromson announced Morris Dees, Co-Founder and Chief Trial Counsel, Southern Poverty Law Center, has accepted an invitation to speak on campus on April 23, 2003.



No report.



It was m/s/p to adopt Consent Calendar as amended:

A.      ASD 02-117 Academic Senate Minutes 10-3-02



Department Standards Review Committee

Nominees:  Jane Hipolito (HSS); Stewart Long (Dept. Chair/CBE); Sandra Sutphen (FDC/Exec Com)


Intellectual Property

Nominees:  Emily Bonney (HSS); Do Minh (CBE); Kolf Jayaweera (CNSM); Albert Flores (HSS); Marcelo Tolmasky (CNSM); Fleur Tehrani (ECS); Abbie Brown (HDCS); Michael Parker (IT); Thomas Clanin (Chair, IT Committee); Pamela Madsen (ARTS)



There being none.



A.      ASD 02-121 UPS 210.001 Revised Recruitment of Faculty

It was m/s/ [Sutphen/Gannon] to adopt document ASD 02-121.  Senator Sutphen indicated the revised document attempts to bring the policy in line with the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA), by allowing, with the President’s consent, probationary faculty to serve on search committees. 


It was m/s [Fitch/Perkins] to refer this document back to committee after the body’s discussion of the document to identify areas of concerns.


Points of dissent:


§   Page 1;   line 38           change “college request” to “college’s request”.

§   Page 2;   line 18           delete the words “of tenured faculty”

                        line 20           add “While the committee shall normally consist of tenured faculty” at the beginning of the sentence that starts with “If a department….

                        line 29           delete the word “all”

§   Page 2;   line 24           after the word President, add “via the VP for Academic Affairs”

§   Page 2;   lines 1& 2      delete the final sentence “At each point some flexibility will need to be maintained to allow for contingencies”.

§   Page 2;   lines 43-45     Senators raised two issues: 1) whose responsibility is it to inform prospective candidates regarding requirements for tenure and promotion—is it the department chair or the chair of the department personnel committee?  2) at what point in the process should this information be shared with the candidate?

§   Page 3;   lines 4-6        move the final two sentences of the paragraph on the role of the department chair to the end of the paragraph on the role of the dean, which ends on line 27.

§   Page 3;   lines 12-19     biggest issues have to do with how much access departmental faculty members, both tenured and untenured, who are not on the search committee, have to materials contained in the applicant’s files, keeping in mind the legal limits.  

§   Page 3;   section 5       suggests phone interviews are no longer acceptable  - they should be included as acceptable.

§   Page 4;   line 9            at the end of the first sentence replace the word “Chair” with “department”.  Then revise the beginning of the second sentence to read “After approval by a majority of the department and by the Department Chair, …

§   Page 4;   line 19           add a final sentence to the first paragraph to read “The appointment offer shall be made within one week after the department has submitted its recommendation and all required documents.”


It was m/s/p [Fromson/Meyer] to close debate.


Motion passed to refer UPS 210.001 document back to committee urging them to quickly revise the document.


It was m/s/p [Fromson/Bedell] to adjourn.  The meeting adjourned at 12:53 p.m.