November 14, 2002













11:30 A.M. - 1:00 P.M.                                                          ACADEMIC SENATE CHAMBERS

Members Present: Abdelwahed, Bedell, Boyum, Buck, Cox, Emry, Fitch, Fromson, Gannon, Gilbert, Guerin, Hewitt, Jeremiah, Jones, Junn, Kim, Klassen, Meyer, Nanjundappa, Parker, Parman, Pasternack, Perkins, Putcha, Randall, Reisman, Rhoten, Rimmer, Roberts, Russell, Rutemiller, Schroeder, Shapiro, Smith, Szeszulski, Tavakolian, Vargas, Wolverton and Wong 


Members Absent:  Arkenberg, Erickson, Gordon, Hagan, Sawicki, Sutphen and Taulli. 


I.              CALL TO ORDER

Chair Gilbert called the meeting to order at 11:33 a.m.






Chair Gilbert announced the sad news that Judy Ramirez’s husband, Frank, passed away on November 13th.  Condolences may be sent to Judy Ramirez, 2066 Picasso Drive, Davis, CA  95618. In lieu of flowers, contributions in memory of Frank may be made to the Child & Adolescent Studies Endowment Fund.


He also announced receiving a notification a week ago of a volume that the CSU Institute for Teaching & Learning is putting together relating to issues on academic technology in the CSU.  They are looking to identify published articles written by faculty from all the campuses, who have effectively integrated academic technology into their teaching.  They encourage papers that address the use of technology to improve student learning or student access to learning, but will accept any article that was written or co-authored by CSU faculty members that addresses the use of academic technology in higher education.  Submission deadline is Friday, December 6, 2002. 


Chair Gilbert noted he had received a notification from David Spence concerning an international faculty partnership seminar that will be held this summer in Paris.  Title of the seminar is “Imagine Real Spaces: France and California.”  Seminar theme will examine the world’s perception of Paris and California as places of dreams.  The group will also explore leading geopolitical roles each plays and how it highlights the contrasts between dream and reality.  Substantial amounts of the costs of attending are being picked up by the Chancellor’s office, and local campuses are encouraged to help out with travel costs.  If interested in applying for the seminar, brochures are available in the Senate office or in the International Program’s Office.


Senator Nanjundappa announced the 2003-04 Contract Re-Opener Bargaining Survey Luncheon Meeting scheduled to be held on Monday, December 9th at 12 noon.


Senator Rhoten commented on the materials she distributed to Senators from the Academic Integrity campaign sponsored by the Dean of Student’s Office, Judicial Affairs and University Honors and Scholars through University Initiative funding.  The aim of the campaign is to help students understand academic integrity expectations within the university community.  They worked with an advisory group of students from across the colleges who came up with the theme, “CSUF-Making Integrity Count,” and helped produce four different posters aimed at students to help them do the right thing. The campaign was kicked off in late October at an Honor’s Week event and they will be out at other student events throughout the rest of the academic year.


Senator Pasternack announced he had attended the statewide Senate meeting last week.  A major item of discussion on Friday was a Senate resolution calling for reconsideration of the Trustees’ proposed budget.  The budget proposal adopted by the Board of Trustees is inconsistent with Senate budget priorities in that it:

§         Provides for only 1% faculty salary increase within the partnership agreement;

§         Seeks funding for salary costs already funded under previous legislative allocations;

§         Sets the interests of faculty and university staff against each other through an attempt to achieve salary parity;

§         Fails to cover first-year costs of ACR-73 in the partnership agreement.


Senator Meyer explained that a major source of frustration for the faculty is that over the last 7 or 8 years, the system has received from the legislature exactly what the trustees have asked for.  We have not asked for monies to help with the closing of CPEC salary gap, or money for taking care of burdening maintenance.  We are not going to get additional funding from the State of California unless we ask for it, and for whatever reason, the Chancellor and Trustees have decided that they will not ask for it.  Predictions for next year’s budget include a cut estimated to be between 12 ½ to 15%. 



Chair Gilbert reminded the Senators that the discussion of the proposal to raise CSUF’s enrollment cap to 25,000, as part of the revised Master Plan, will be on the agenda for the next Senate meeting on December 12th.  In order to create a context in which we can have an informed, collegial and constructive discussion of that issue, he encouraged the Senators to communicate to the Senate office any questions, concerns or issues that they would like to raise at that meeting, so that the individuals who will be in a position to respond to those issues, can do so as responsibly and comprehensively as possible. 


Time Certain

11:45 a.m.

Amir Dabirian – Director, Information Technology

Subject:  Faculty Portals


Amir Dabirian was invited to do a presentation to the Senate on Faculty Portals.  The Faculty Portal provides secure access to online information personalized for each user.  The faculty pages feature tabs for easy navigation, and faculty can customize the appearance of their pages to reflect their particular needs.  Additional features will be added for faculty in the coming months.  Features currently being offered include:

§         My CSUF

§         Email

§         Library

§         Profile

§         Committees

§         Training

§         Finance

§         Services

§         Titan Card

§         Campus Calendar

§         Classes – faculty will now be able to post a message to the student’s portal. Faculty has access to class lists, an information-posting feature for the Class Schedule that displays notes and/or a syllabus for a particular class. 


Chair Gilbert, on behalf of the Senate, thanked Amir for the informative presentation.


Time Certain

12:15 p.m.

Dr. Louise Adler, Chair--Educational Leadership

Subject:  ASD 02-129 Joint Ed.D. Program


It was m/s [Bedell/Pasternack] to adopt the document ASD 02-129 Joint Ed.D. Program.


It was m/s/accepted as a friendly amendment [Shapiro/Fitch] to amend Section 1, sub-section g. Options concentrations or special emphases—page 20.  After the sentence “It is expected that most of those admitted to the program on this campus will be leaders or potential leaders in K-12 education” add the following sentence  Students with a rich background in classroom instruction gained through five or more years of teaching experience, are likely to bring to the program the necessary knowledge and dispositions to successfully complete the program.”


It was m/s/accepted as a friendly amendment [Vargas/Fitch] to amend the second paragraph on page 2, under Joint Executive Committee.  Immediately after the second sentence “All will be members of the Executive Committees of the participating campuses” add the following sentence “The chair of the joint Executive Committee will rotate between the campuses on an ad hoc basis, so that a member from each campus would be chair before a campus repeats in the chair position.”


It was m/s/accepted as a friendly amendment [Vargas/Fitch] that because of the previous motion, which changes the chart in the abstract and instead of having just one campus in the center and all the others pivoting around a satellite, propose changing this picture to a round table showing a pentagon where they are all equally arranged. 


It was m/s/accepted as a friendly amendment [Nanjundappa/Bedell] to add a sentence on page 38 under “Procedures for formation of Initial Governing Faculty Group (first 3 years): section d.” to read “During the first three years of the Governing Faculty Group, a member of the group may be removed by the Associate VP, Academic Programs in consultation with the appropriate dean and the chair.”


It was m/s/p [Pasternack/Bedell] to close debate.


It was m/s/p to approve document ASD 02-129 Joint Ed.D. Program as amended with one abstention.



It was m/s/p [Bedell/Abdelwahed] to approve the following Consent Calendar:

A.      ASD 02-126 Academic Senate Minutes October 31, 2002

B.      ASD 02-127 Department Name Change for Department of Foreign Languages & Literature



A.      ASD 02-123 UPS 300.030 Revised Academic Appeals

It was m/s [Gannon/Rimmer] to approve document UPS 300.030.


It was m/s/p [Rhoten/Gannon] on page 2, line 16 at the end of the sentence that ends in “either party” insert “according to Presidential Directive #9 the representative may not be a licensed or practicing attorney”.


Accepted as a friendly amendment on page 4, line 21 at the end of the sentence that ends in “either party” insert  according to Presidential Directive #9 the representative may not be a licensed or practicing attorney”.


Accepted as a friendly amendment on page 4, line 15 to insert “or uphold” after the word “dismiss”.


It was m/s/f [Rutemiller/Gannon] under Section C. Timing of Appeals Process amending line 39 and 40 to read the “written appeal shall be submitted within 60 calendar days of the completion of the consultation process described in Section B. 2.” 


It was m/s/f [Nanjundappa/Abdelwahed] to delete the first part of the sentence on page 1, line 20 “Because the university presumes that students act honestly.”


It was m [Fromson] to call the question on this amendment.  Amendment failed.


It was m/s/p [Shapiro/Fitch] to call the question on the document as amended. 


Motion passed to approve ASD 02-123 UPS 300.030 as amended.



A.      ASD 02-128 Revisions to Academic Senate Bylaws

This item was not considered at this meeting due to time limitations and will be placed on the agenda as Unfinished Business for the next meeting.


It was m/s/p [Fitch/Shapiro] to adjourn.  The meeting adjourned at 1:00 p.m.