December 2, 2004













11:30 A.M. - 1:00 P.M.                                                                      ACADEMIC SENATE CHAMBERS

Members Present:  Allen, Alva, Arkenberg, Azima, Buck, Burgtorf, Cox, Erickson, Fidalgo, Fitch, Fromson, Gass, Gilbert, Gordon, Guerin, Hall, Jewett, Jones, Junn, Kanel, Kantardjieff, Kelly, Klassen, Kreiner, Matz, Meyer, Nanjundappa, Parker, Pasternack, Rahmatian, Rhodes, Rhoten, Schroeder, Shapiro, Tavakolian, Vasquez, and Walicki


Absent:  Bedell, Emry, Hagan, Michalopoulos, Randall, Reisman, Smith and Vogt


I.             CALL TO ORDER

Vice Chair Hall called the meeting to order at 11:31 a.m.






Senator Nanjundappa extended an invitation to the Senators to attend the CFA Fullerton Chapter Holiday Party, on Monday, December 13, 2004, TSU Pavillion C from 11:30 a.m.—3:30 p.m.


Time Certain

11:35 a.m.

Subject: Honoring William Golembiewski (ROTC Student)

               Awarded the Legion of Valor Bronze Cross for Achievement


Vice Chair Hall recognized William Golembiewski, who received the Legion of Valor Bronze Cross for Achievement in recognition of scholastic and excellence in military and academic subjects as well as leadership.  He was one of only three cadets selected for this honor from the Western region, which includes 23 universities. 


Vice Chair Hall, on behalf of the Senate, extended congratulations to Mr. Golembiewski and presented him a key chain.



No report.




Senator Pasternack reported that the CSU Statewide Senate met on November 7-12; the Plenary meeting met on November 11 and 12. He noted that he had forwarded to the members the “Academic Senator,” which talks about the activities that occurred at the plenary meeting.

Ø      State Senator John Vasconcellos gave a report on his farewell tour of the state.

Ø      Chancellor Reed discussed the budget and the economic impact.

Ø      Vice Chancellor Spence talked about assessment and accountability.

Ø      Reports were heard from Faculty Trustee Kathy Kaiser and CFA President John Travis.

Ø      Passed one agenda item, “Commendation for Voter Registration Efforts” for the November election.



It was m/s/p [Gilbert/Vasquez] to approve the following Consent Calendar.

A.  Rescission of UPS documents.

1.   ASD 04-145 UPS 210.004 Contingency Promotions [Faculty Affairs Committee]

2.   ASD 04-146 UPS 210.010 Teaching Service Areas [Faculty Affairs Committee]

3.   ASD 04-147 UPS 210.011 Secondary Teaching Service Areas [Faculty Affairs Committee]

4.   ASD 04-148 UPS 412.005 Departmental Honors [Honors Board]

5.   ASD 04-161 UPS 103.003 Security of Computing Facilities and Privacy of Data [Information Technology Committee]

6.   ASD 04-167 UPS 100.220 Policy on Principles and Procedures for Allocation of Lottery Funds at CSUF [PRBC]


Time Certain

11:45 a.m.

Mike Parker, Chief Information Technology Officer

Amir Dabirian, CMS Project Director

Subject:  CMS Update


Mr. Parker distributed a document on Common Management System (CMS) which summarized many of the features about the CMS project.

Ø      CMS is a CSU system-wide initiative that seeks to replace legacy administrative software on each of the 23 CSU campuses.

Ø      Performs administrative functions with a common set of administrative best practices.

Ø      Supports administrative functions with a shared common integrated application software.

Ø      Supports the administrative software in shared service centers.


Mr. Parker introduced Mr. Dabirian who is the Project Director for CMS.  Mr. Parker then went on to explain that CMS consists of three modules: Human Resource, Finance, and Student Administration and uses a product called “PeopleSoft.”  There are several strategies and Chair Bedell asked Mr. Parker to especially address one at the meeting.  That strategy is to do something different than the rest of the campuses did earlier.  Other campuses hired a lot of high priced consultants and the consultants actually did a very large part of building the software and then managing it for the campus.  The problem is that because campus personnel were not involved in training nor recruited to do the work in the first place, the people on many of the campuses were not able to do the work. Instead, our campus chose to have our senior, most advanced people in every area, learn how CMS works.  We are using a minimum number of consultants and then will backfill positions so that the people who are working on CMS have some other people to help cover their work during the years they are doing this.  We think that in the long run this will save an enormous amount of money.  It also helps us to determine our own destiny and not be so reliant on outside external experts. Timeline:

Ø      Human Resource Implementation started in June of last summer and will go live with the first module in December of 2005. 

Ø      Last month, Finance Implementation was started and will go live July 3, 2006.

Ø      Student Implementation will begin next September and will go live in 2008.


Budget for CMS:  2004-05--$4.9 million; 2005-06--$7 million; 2006-07--$9.5 million and  in 2008-09--$10.8 million to finish up the student system.  After that the campus expects to do upgrades from then on and the cost per year is anticipated to be much less than that required for the initial implementation. 



A.  ASD 04-153 Proposed UPS 500.150 Library Circulation Policy

It was m/s [Gass/Jewett] to approve the document.  Senator Gass noted the committee reduced it to 5 points and one extension and a clear table that covers the checkout policy. 


Senator Burgtorf read a petition for a proposed referendum on UPS 500.150 signed by 32 faculty voicing their extreme dissatisfaction with the proposed policy and listing the following points:

Ø      False perception that many members of the faculty were misusing interlibrary loan resources during an era of especially tight budgets of funding the library.

Ø      Data showed that only a tiny minority of the faculty was misusing the privileges of interlibrary loan.

Ø      As scholars faculty view with great concern the possibility of seeing interlibrary loan privileges limited in any way whatsoever.

Ø      Limiting access to scholarly resources damages recruitment efforts.

Ø      The rationale that some faculty members do not utilize interlibrary services is a mis-guided and misinformed assessment used to justify the implementation of borrowing limits for all faculty. 


After a brief discussion, it was m/s/p [Guerin/Kreiner] to call the question.  Motion failed to approve the document ASD 04-153 UPS 500.150 Library Circulation Policies. 


Senator Shapiro suggested that we should have a policy rather than a process for exception and recommended the Library Committee take a look at page 2, line 1 and replace that line with “The Director of the Library in collaboration with the Library Committee shall propose a policy for the review of exceptions.”  A policy that would have procedures in place whereby one can check to make sure that the faculty member really needs more than 200 interlibrary loan requests and are being made for legitimate, academic scholarly purpose related to that faculty member’s research activities; and the same for graduate students and other people that might need exceptions. 


Senator Fromson suggested the Senate might benefit from some data from the library provided to the Library Committee.


B.  ASD 04-140 Revised UPS 211.100 Appointment of Department Chairs and Vice-Chairs

It was m/s [Nanjundappa/Pasternack] to approve document ASD 04-140. 


It was m [Rhoten] and accepted as a friendly amendment on page 3, line 1 after the word “of insert the word “temporary.”


It was m/s [Kantardjieff/Fromson] and accepted as a friendly amendment on page 2, line 1, A. 5 change the first sentence to read “The department shall set the nomination procedures, and once some of these procedures are adopted, the election shall involve successive secret ballots until one candidate receives a majority of the votes cast.”


Motion passed to approve ASD 04-140 as amended.


C.  ASD 04-156 Revised UPS 271.101 Rights and Responsibilities of Temporary Full and Part Time Faculty

      It was m/s/p [Nanjundappa/Pasternack] to refer UPS 271.101 back to the Faculty Affairs Committee.  The committee has invited Senator Schroeder to attend the meeting to discuss changes.


D.  ASD 04-141 Revised UPS 230.010 Faculty Obligation to Meet Classes

      It was m/s [Nanjundappa/Fitch] to approve the document ASD 04-141. 


It was m/s/p [Gilbert/Burgtorf] to amend line 28 to read “In the event that an emergency prevents a faculty member from meeting a class, the department chair shall be notified as soon as possible.”


Motion passed to approve ASD 04-141 as amended.


It was moved to adjourn.  The meeting adjourned at 1:00 p.m.