December 16, 2004













11:30 A.M. - 1:00 P.M.                                                          ACADEMIC SENATE CHAMBERS

Members Present:  Allen, Alva, Arkenberg, Bedell, Burgtorf, Cox, Emry, Erickson, Fidalgo, Fitch, Fromson, Gass, Guerin, Jewett, Jones, Junn, Kanel, Kantardjieff, Kelly, Klassen, Kreiner, Matz, Meyer, Michalopoulos, Nanjundappa, Parker, Pasternack, Randall, Reisman, Rhodes, Rhoten, Schroeder, Shapiro, Smith Vasquez, Vogt and Walicki


Absent:  Azima, Buck, Gilbert, Gordon, Hagan, Hall, Rahmatian and Tavakolian


I.              CALL TO ORDER

Chair Bedell called the meeting to order at 11:34 a.m.  Chair Bedell asked the members of the Senate to join him in observing a moment of silence in memory of Dorothy (Dee) Kilker, emeritus professor of English and Raynolds Johnson, emeritus associate professor of Communications.



Senator Alva requested Senate approval to place ASD 04-184 Fall 2004 New Graduate Course Proposals on the Senate agenda as a Consent Calendar item.  Members approved placing this document on the Consent Calendar.



Senator Meyer announced the Department of Theatre and Dance’s production of Shakespeare’s The Winter’s Tale, which was entered in the Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival has been selected to move on to the Regional Festival in Phoenix.  What makes this so special is that all the directors and designers are students and faculty were there only to supervise. 


Senator Allen reminded the Senators the Academic Affairs Forum will be held on January 26 beginning at 8:15 in TSU Pavilion.  Dr. Vincent Tinto from Syracuse University will be the keynote speaker and is known for his work in learning communities.



Chair Bedell reported Extended Education UPS 450.000 and UPS 450.100 have been approved by President Gordon.  He noted Senators should have received two emails from him pertaining to Plus/Minus Grading implemented in spring 2005.  A hard copy of the memo will also be distributed to full-time and part-time faculty beginning of January.   He also asked the Senators to discuss this with their department chairs to make sure their colleagues are aware of this new policy.



No report.



It was m/s [Burgtorf/Pasternack] to approve the Consent Calendar.  Senator Pasternack requested removal of ASD 04-184 from the Consent Calendar.  This will be considered as the first item of New Business.  Motion passed to approve the Consent Calendar.

A.  ASD 04-180 Proposed Name Change for the College of Human Development & Community Service (HDCS) [University Curriculum Committee]

B.   ASD 04-182 Fall 2004 Undergraduate New Course Proposals

C.   Rescission of UPS Document:

      ASD 04-171 UPS 260.103 Guidelines for Granting Research Leaves [Faculty Affairs Committee]






A.  ASD 04-184 Fall 2004 Graduate New Course Proposals

Senator Pasternack has some questions regarding the prerequisites for ART 483H, MGMT 427, HCOM 435, RTVF 427, ANTH 415 and BIOL 409.


Ms. McMahan explained in that the new catalog edition, “consent by instructor” will be removed, it will be implied in all curricula.   


It was m/s/p [Fromson/Reisman] to approve ASD 04-184. 


Chair Bedell, on behalf of the Senate, thanked Senator Reisman for his service to the Senate and presented him a key chain.  Senator Reisman is taking an extended leave from Cal State Fullerton and will be working at the Chancellor’s office.  


B.  ASD 04-178 Proposed UPS Barnes Excellence in Teaching Award

It was m/s/p [Emry/Jones] to approve the document ASD 04-178.  Motion passed unanimously.


C.  ASD 04-177 Revised Proposed UPS 500.150 Library Circulation Policy

      It was m/s [Gass/Arkenberg] to approve document ASD 04-177.  Senator Gass stated the committee has removed all limits to interlibrary loans and changed the number of concurrent checkouts for students equal to that of faculty. 


Senator Arkenberg noted the Library provided the Library Committee with all of the proper figures and the Library Committee unanimously passed this proposal. 


It was m/s [Guerin/Nanjundappa] to propose an amendment to section III. Policy Review, III.1 becomes III.2 “The University Librarian may share with the Academic Senate Library Committee instances of utilization of library resources that are considerably beyond average or norms for various services, e.g., interlibrary loan, reserves.  The Library Committee shall review such cases and recommend appropriate action.” 


Motion passed on the Guerin amendment.


It was m/s/p [Meyer/Kreiner] to end debate.  Motion passed to approve ASD 04-177 as amended.


D.  ASD 04-179 Revised UPS 300.030 Academic Appeals

It was m/s [Kanel/Nanjundappa] to approve document ASD 04-179.  Senator Kanel deferred to Mr. Rutemiller.  Mr. Rutemiller stated the document was prepared by himself and three faculty members currently on the Appeals Board and unanimously approved by the Academic Standards Committee.


Senator Nanjundappa suggested an editorial correction on page 3, line 45 changing the word “school” to “college” and accepted as a friendly amendment.


Senator Rhoten suggested the following changes:

1.   On page 1, line 21 and on page 3, line 32 change “clear and convincing evidence” to “a preponderance of the evidence” and accepted as a friendly amendment.


2.   On page 1, line 29, 39, 40 and on page 4, line 15 change the word “dispute” to “allegation” and accepted as a friendly amendment.


3.   Page 4, line 17, the coordinator has been mandated to respond within a period of time and states “The Coordinator shall within two calendar weeks provide…..”  In an academic dishonesty process there are no time limits stated for the Coordinator.  Request that the language be parallel between the two processes.  Accepted as a friendly amendment. 


4.   Page 2, line 7 the use of the phrase “render a summary judgment” is not consistent with the language used in another part of the document, which states “dismiss or uphold the appeal.”  Move to eliminate “render a summary judgment” and replace with “dismiss or uphold the appeal” and accepted as a friendly amendment.


It was m/s [Rhoten/Vasquez] to reinstate the language that was deleted on page 2, line 38, “If the Board finds that academic dishonesty occurred, then the Board will determine whether the penalty was appropriate under the circumstances.”


It as m/s/p [Junn/Randall ] to end debate.


Motion on Rhoten amendment failed.


Senator Fromson suggested on page 3, line 1 changing the word “calendar” to “working” and accepted as a friendly amendment.


Senator Rhodes suggested that on page 2, line 45 after the word “Board’s” insert the word “all” and accepted as a friendly amendment. 


It was m/s [Rhodes/Nanjundappa] on page 3, line 2 delete “Department chair has ten additional days to adopt the remedy.  If the Chair refuses to do so” insert “the Board chair shall implement the change.”


Due to time limitations, the Senate was unable to complete approval of UPS 300.030 Academic Appeals and will be placed on the Senate agenda as Old Business.   ASD 04-181 will be the first item of New Business on February 3, 2005.


It was m/s/p [Shapiro/Erickson] to adjourn.  The meeting adjourned at 1:00 p.m.