August 28, 2008



11:30 A.M. - 1:00 P.M.                                                                        ACADEMIC SENATE CHAMBERS

Members Present: Arnold, Au, Bedell, Bhattacharya, Bruschke, Buck, Bullock, Burgtorf, Dabirian, Dalley, Fidalgo, Gass, Gordon, Gradilla, Green, Grewal, Hagan, Hernandez, Hewitt, Kanel, Klassen, Liverpool, McConnell, McLain, McMahan, Mead, Nyaggah, Pasternack, Randall, Rhodes, Rhoten, Shapiro, Shoar, Smith, Stang, Walk, Williams

Absent: Carroll, Carvin, Drezner, Guerin, Hickok, Jarvis, Taylor, Walicki


I.          CALL TO ORDER

Chair Hewitt called the meeting to order at 11:35 a.m. He requested a moment of silence in memory of Bobbe Browning, former Director of the Career Development and Counseling Center.






Chair Hewitt announced the following:

·         The Academic Senate Orientation (Academic Senate 101) is scheduled for next Thursday, September 4, 2008, from 11:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. in the Academic Senate Chambers. New Senators and all those interested in learning about the Academic Senate are invited to attend.

·         Convocation will take place on Tuesday, September 9, 2008, at 10:30 a.m.

·         Concert Under the Stars will be held on Friday, September 12, 2008, at 6:30 p.m.

·         The Campus-Wide Planning Taskforce will host meetings on September 4th and 5th from 8:30 a.m. to  12:00 noon in the TSU Pavilions.


Senator Shapiro added that over the summer the CSUF Emeriti learned of the passings of the following three Emeriti: Gene F. Rose, Professor of Computer Science and former founding Chair of the Computer Science Department; Naomi Dietz Knox, Professor of Art; and Louise G. Lee, Director of International Education and Exchange. A moment of silence was observed in memory of these colleagues.


Senator Dabirian alerted the Senate that when using a campus telephone to dial an off-campus phone number with the 714 area code, we no longer have to dial 1-714 before the 7-digit phone number. He also noted that since our campus was unable to attain all of the available phone numbers in Orange County that begin with the (714) 278- prefix and we have run out of the numbers that were available to us, CSUF has requested all of the (657)278- phone numbers so that all numbers on campus will have the same area code and prefix. Senator Dabirian will make an announcement to the campus as soon as he receives a response from the telephone company. He advised everyone not to purchase business cards and to use electronic stationary when possible until we have an answer.



Senator Nyaggah invited the body to the CFA Fullerton Chapter Faculty Welcome Reception on Wednesday, September 3, 2008, from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. in the Academic Senate Chambers. Bernhard Rohrbacher, CFA Director of Representation, has been invited as guest speaker.



4.1 ASD 08-102 Academic Senate Meeting Minutes 3-27-08 were approved as edited.

4.2 ASD 08-103 Academic Senate Meeting Minutes 4-17-08 were approved as submitted.



M/S/P [Burgtorf/Rhodes] to approve the Consent Calendar as amended (approved unanimously):


5.1 ASD 08-116 Academic Senate Meeting Calendar 2008-09


5.2 Nominee to General Committee


Nominee:                Sharon Perry (Library)

Elected 5/8/08:       John Koegel (ARTS); Alfonso Agnew (CNSM); Nancy Fitch (SOC SCI);

                              Gus Manoochehri (MCBE), Anthony Fellow (COMM); Kim Norman (EDUC);

                              Leslie Grier (HHD); Reyes Fidalgo (HUM); Xiong Wang (ECS)



5.3 Nominees to Standing Committees

Academic Standards (6 faculty)

Nominees:              Kathleen Wright (MCBE); Eve Himmelheber (ARTS); Patricia Schneider-Zioga (HUM);

                              Steve Walk (HHD)

Continuing              Eileen Walsh (SOC SCI); Fred Zandpour (COMM)



Nominees:              Jidong Huang (ECS); Bill Beam (HHD); Laura Lohman (ARTS); Brady Rhodes (CNSM)

Continuing:             Maria Grant (EDUC); Jason Tevin (COMM); Carl Wendt (SOC SCI); Gerry Grant (MCBE)


CURRICULUM (9 faculty)

Nominees:              Emily Bonney (HUM)

Confirmed 5/15:     Mark Dickey (ARTS); Gloria Monti (COMM); Leslie Grier (HHD); Bill Hoese (CNSM);

                              Xiaoying Xie (MCBE); Judy Smith (EDUC); Michael Shafae (ECS);

                              Robert McLain (SOC SCI)


ELECTIONS (5 faculty)

Nominees:              Robert Mead (MCBE); Matthew Jarvis (SOC SCI); Jacqueline Frost (COMM);

                              Rebecca Otten (HHD); Janice Myck-Wayne (EDUC)


Extended Education (5 faculty)

Nominees:              Wayne Au (EDUC); Dana Loewy (MCBE); HyeKeung Seung (COMM)

Continuing:             Mitch Fennell (ARTS); John Doyle (HHD)



Nominees:              Kristi Kanel (HHD)

Confirmed 5/15:     Irene Matz (COMM); Zakyi Ibrahim (HUM); Mougo Nyaggah (SOC SCI);

                              Charles Tumlinson (ARTS); Maijian Qian (CNSM)




Nominees:              John Koegel (ARTS); Christine Hanson (COMM); Barbara Glaeser (EDUC);

                              John Patton (SOC SCI); Reyes Fidalgo (HUM); Will Breitbach (LIBRARY);

                              James Rodriguez (HHD)

Continuing              Spiro Courellis (ECS); Susan Cadwallader (MCBE); Paul De Land (CNSM)



Nominees:              Mark Stohs (MCBE); David Falconer (ECS)

Confirmed 5/15:     Chris Renne (EDUC); Shari McMahan (HHD); Mark Drayse (SOC SCI);

                              Christina Smith (ARTS); John Reinard (COMM); David Bowman (CNSM);

                              Mitch Avila (HUM)


Graduate Education Committee (9 faculty)

Nominees: Pawel Kalczynski (MCBE)

Confirmed 5/15:     Rob Watson (ARTS); Genelle Belmas (COMM); Xiong Wang (ECS);

                              April Bullock (HUM); Jochen Burgtorf (SOC SCI); Peter de Lijser (CNSM);

                              Pat Keig (EDUC); Penny Weismuller (HHD)


Information Technology (9 faculty)

Nominees:              Kristin Stang (EDUC); Susamma Barua (ECS); Suzanne Robertson (HHD);

                              Susan Tschabrun (LIBRARY); Rahul Bhaskar (MCBE)

Continuing:             John Carroll (SOC SCI); Pamela Caldwell (COMM); Cliff Cramp (ARTS);

                              Sean Walker (CNSM)


International Education (5 faculty)

Nominees:              Hee Soun Jang (SOC SCI); Andi Stein (COMM); John Hickok (LIBRARY);

                              Susan Jacobsen (HUM)

Continuing:             Grace Cho (EDUC)


InternSHIPS and service learning (5 faculty)

Nominees:              Irene Lange (MCBE); Jessica Spivey (SOC SCI); David Cherin (HHD);

                              Dana Lamb (ARTS)

Continuing:             Jon Bruschke (COMM)


LIBRARY (9 faculty)

Nominees:              Dennis Siebenaler (ARTS); Jing Yang (MCBE); Fleur Tehrani (ECS);

                              Franz Mueller (HUM); Alexandro Gradilla (SOC SCI); Mark Gray Forthcoming (EDUC);

Continuing:             Robert Wheeler (COMM); Mary Wickman (HHD); Vuryl Klassen (CNSM)



Nominees:              Bill Meyer (ARTS); Kari Knutson-Miller (HHD)

Confirmed 5/15:     David Wong (MCBE); Jeanine Congalton (COMM); Robert Koch (CNSM);

                              Sheryl Fontaine (HUM); Louise Adler (EDUC); Mohinder Grewal (ECS);

                              Bill Haddad (SOC SCI); Suellen Cox (LIBRARY)



Nominees:              Terri Patchen (EDUC); Lorraine Klein (HHD); Andrea Patterson (HUM)

Continuing:             Mehmet Akbulut (MCBE); Georgia Spiropoulos (SOC SCI)




Nominees:              Rebecca Dolhinow (HUM); Belinda Karge (EDUC); Michele Moutappa (HHD);

                              Stephanie Rosenblatt (LIBRARY)

Continuing:             Joe Arnold (ARTS); Tom Boyd (MCBE); Mark Wu (COMM); Chang-Hyun Jo (ECS); David Bowman (CNSM)



5.4 Nominees to Miscellaneous Committees


Nominee:       Brady Rhodes (CNSM)

Continuing:    Vic Brajer (MCBE)



Nominee:       John W. Bedell



Nominee:       Diana Guerin (HHD)

Continuing:    Bill Meyer (ARTS); Barry Pasternack (MCBE)



5.5 Nominees to Ad Hoc Committee

AD HOC COM:  Global Competency

Nominees:           Juan Carlos Gallego (HUM); Steve Murray (CNSM); Radha Bhattacharya (MCBE);

                           Ken Walicki (ARTS); Mikel Hogan (HHD); Wayne Au (EDUC); James Choi (ECS);

                           Barbara Miller (LIBRARY); John Carroll (SOC SCI); Fred Zandpour (COMM)



5.6 Nominees to Search Committees


Nominees:           Mougo Nyaggah (SOC SCI); Lynda Randall (EDUC); Ellen Dumond (MCBE);

                           Toya Wyatt (COMM); Susan Hallman (ARTS)



Nominees:           John Patton (SOC SCI); Jenny Yen (HHD); Irene Lange (MCBE); Amir Dabirian (ADMIN);

                           Brady Rhodes (CNSM)




No report was given due to lack of time.



No report was given due to lack of time.



Time Certain

11:45 a.m.

Willie Hagan, VP Administration & Finance; CFO

Subject(s): (1) Budget; (2) Space; (3) Earthquake


VP Hagan briefly discussed the affects of the 5.4 earthquake that occurred at 11:42 a.m. on July 29, 2008. He stated that the earthquake was “a good training exercise”. Some procedures that were in place did not work as well as we had hoped, but overall, several people did an excellent job. The earthquake was experienced by the various areas on campus in different ways. VP Hagan showed photographs of offices and rooms of upper floors of Langsdorf Hall and the Library that were found to have incurred the most damage. Fallen file cabinets and books, loud shaking, blocked doorways were some of the problems caused by the quake. (Plans are underway to have bookcases and files bolted down across campus.)


Campus responded with a self-initiated building evacuation. An assessment of injuries and damage was conducted. Cell phones were not working, due to overloaded lines. A bit of confusion across campus did ensue due to communication challenges. The Police Department and Physical Plant immediately established operational centers. Facilities Management worked quickly to bring a structural engineer to campus to inspect the buildings; damages were found to be minor. A text message was sent at 12:46 p.m. to announce the campus closure. After the full inspection of the campus, a second text message was sent to announce the reopening of campus the following day. An email message went to campus employees the following day that provided a report on the structural inspections. Debriefing sessions were held to discuss what worked and what could be improved. Faculty and staff were also notified via email of timekeeping/reporting procedures and instructions for July 29th.


One of the major issues was that several individuals in key leadership positions were not present on campus when the earthquake occurred. In addition, we were in the midst of several department moves, (which revealed the need to reestablish building marshals), and two campus Police Officers were responding to a suicide attempt at Parking Structure 2, which made responding quickly to calls for assistance after the earthquake a challenge.


There were concerns that no signal or verbal alarms to evacuate could be heard in some buildings. It was later discovered that some fiber optic strands that are used for the voice notification system had been cut, most likely due to construction. They have been repaired.


The situation in the College Park building was complicated by the fact that private tenants work in the building, as well, and it is managed by a private firm. There was confusion about what the campus closure meant for College Park and the Irvine Campus. President Gordon added that the alarm at El Dorado Ranch went off, but was not connected to the campus, or the local Fire or Police departments.


Another issue was that several children were present on campus because of the various sports camps. Decisions had to be made on where to house the children while calls are made to parents. It was also important to look at having a sufficient number of callers take care of contacting the parents. In this incident, CSOs were instructed to facilitate this task.


Though there are areas in which emergency planning needs to be improved, several strategies did work well; there were no serious injuries reported, building marshals responded very well, and the Physical Plant set up an operation center that was very helpful with inspecting, setting-up, and restoring after the quake.


Overall, the next steps are to focus improving the following:

1.  Communication training

2.  Building Marshal Program

3.  Emergency Operational Center

4.  Policies (i.e., definition of campus closure, building inspection priority, etc.)


Campus will soon be notified of a campus-wide plan to secure all heavy furniture.


A statewide earthquake drill is planned for November 13, 2008.


President Gordon urged the body to send any recommendations about emergency planning to him or VP Hagan to assist with the process of becoming better prepared for emergency situations in the future.



VP Hagan credited Willem van der Pol and the Facilities Management staff whose efforts facilitated the moves into Mihaylo Hall before the start of the fall semester. The moves resulted in over 40,000 sq. ft of vacated space. Comprised of faculty, staff and two members of the PRBC, the Space Committee made recommendations to the President on how the space should be allocated. The recommendations focused primarily on moves from Langsdorf Hall and College Park, although there were some from McCarthy Hall and University Hall.  Lisa Kopecky, Assistant Vice President of Academic Operations and Finance, worked with Facilities Management to coordinate the Academic Affairs moves. She put together a chart that shows the various movements on campus. This information can be made available, if there is interest. More than 470 rooms were moved; 365 were Academic Affairs operations, 19 were Student Affairs, and others included Information Technology and University Advancement. Over a period of eight weeks, most of the space vacated by faculty was cleaned, repaired, and painted.


VP Hagan addressed various questions from the body regarding renovations and the status of acquiring additional property.



Not a lot has changed in the status of our budget. Several recommendations made by the PRBC were based on an approved state budget. There has been discussion of it being approved in October. VP Hagan will present his fall Fiscal State of the University Address later in the semester; however, he provided the following update:

·         It was initially reported that CSUF would face a $18 million baseline budget cut.

·         In mid May, the Trustees approved a student fee increase and the Governor restored about $97 million to the CSU budget, which calculates to about a $6 million baseline budget cut to CSUF.

·         We are planning on the allocations found in the May budget revise, but the May revise is not a sure thing.

·         In addition to what might be a $6 million cut are the $5 million in unfunded mandatory costs (i.e., increase in benefits, changes in collective bargaining agreements), $6 million in ongoing baseline expenditures, and $10 million in priority items.

·         The President attended a meeting of the PRBC and indicated that his top two budget priorities for this fiscal year are to maintain the SFR and conduct the 100 new faculty searches. PRBC recommendations to the President are in agreement. It is estimated that the cost of salaries, recruitment, and start-up costs would add up to approximately $4 million; if baseline budget reductions take place, one strategy to cover these costs will be to use Lottery funds.

·         CMS remains a continued cost, as well.




Meeting adjourned at 1:01 p.m.