September 18, 2008



11:30 A.M. - 1:00 P.M.                                                                  ACADEMIC SENATE CHAMBERS

Members Present: Bruschke, Buck, Bullock, Burgtorf, Carroll, Carvin, Dalley, Drezner, Fidalgo, Gradilla, Guerin, Hagan, Hernandez, Hewitt, Hickok, Jarvis, Kanel, Klassen, Liverpool, McConnell, McLain, McMahan, Mead, Nyaggah, Pasternack, Randall, Rhodes, Rhoten, Shapiro, Smith, Walicki, Walk, Williams

Absent: Arnold, Au, Bedell, Bhattacharya, Dabirian, Gass, Gordon, Green, Grewal, Shoar, Stang, Taylor, Walicki


I.          CALL TO ORDER

Chair Hewitt called the meeting to order at 11:34 a.m.



Senator Klassen commented that “Concert Under the Stars” was fun, but in speaking with some attendees (three retired faculty members), he was made aware of a number of students who were disruptive-- smoking, and drinking alcohol, and walking between concertgoers at the event. Similar behavior has occurred at baseball games. He expressed concern that this behavior affects the CSUF image, and he thinks that we should address it before it happens again. Chair Hewitt stated that we will look into this issue.



         Senator Nyaggah reported that on October 9th and 10th, the CFA Fullerton Chapter will host a workshop on pensions and retirement benefits. Dr. Jonathan Karpf (San Jose State), member of the CFA Health and Retirement Benefits Committee, will be present.


         Senator Fidalgo announced that the University Club plans to see the Theatre Department’s production of Our Town on October 18th. Dinner will follow at a nearby restaurant in downtown Fullerton. All are welcome to attend.


         Senator Gradilla provided an update on the statewide legal battle over AB 540. Those who have been lobbying for the right of AB 540-qualified students to in-state tuition lost the first round in local courts. Students are devastated, but this is not the last word. Senator Gradilla thanked all faculty members, Dr. Roberta Rikli and Dr. John Mcdermitt in particular, who have comforted and built a sense of trust with our undocumented students. A student representative of AB-540 qualified students expressed their joint desire to be given a chance to be a part of this society and a chance to compete for financial aid. Several AB-540 students from all over California went to Sacramento yesterday to lobby and were told that the law would not pass. He asked the body for support and understanding. Many of these students cannot afford higher education without financial aid.


         Chair Hewitt requested a moment of silence in memory of Corporal Jack Dunlap, ten year veteran of the University Police, who died after a long battle with cancer.



4.1   M/S/P to approve ASD 08-129 Academic Senate Meeting Minutes 4-24-08 as edited.



The Consent Calendar was approved as edited:

·         Corrected spelling errors are reflected in underlined blue font.

·         Senator Fidalgo requested removal of the nominees to the Search Committees (5.2) and further consideration of nominating a faculty member from the College of Humanities. This item became new business.





Nominees:    Laura Chandler (HHD)



Nominee:      Lynda Randall (EDUC)

Continuing:   Lenny Wiersma (HHD); Kristin Beals (SOC SCI)



Nominees:    Gordon Bakken (SOC SCI); Steve Walk (HHD); Ofir Turel (MCBE); Chris Peterson (ARTS)

Continuing:   Amy Beth Cohen (CNSM)



Nominee:      Kristin Stang (EDUC)

Continuing:   Irene Matz (COMM)



Nominees:    Gayle Brunelle (SOC SCI); Erica Bowers (EDUC)

Continuing:   Robert Istad (ARTS); David Chen (HHD); Craig McConnell (HUM)



Nominees:    Willie Hagan (ADMIN); Iaokim Boutakidis (HHD); Katherine Kantardjieff (CNSM)


Item 5.2 was removed from Consent Calendar (became item of new business):




Nominees:    Paul DeLand (CNSM); Karen Ivers (EDUC); Zvi Drezner (MCBE); Paul Peretz (SOC SCI); Debbie Rose (HHD)



(Nominees:   Christina Smith (ARTS); Shari McMahan (HHD); Scott Hewitt (CNSM); Mark Drayse (SOC SCI); Forthcoming




Chair Hewitt reported the following:

·         The Academic Senate Executive Committee met seven times over the summer. Most of the time was spent filling committees and discussing priorities. He invited Senators to share any issues with him or any member of the Executive Committee that they feel should be discussed by the Senate as a priority.

·         The Academic Affairs/Academic Senate Retreat was held the week before the semester began. Faculty mentoring, research, the Faculty Development Center, global competency, sustainability, and WASC were discussed as priority issues. We are working on processing the feedback that was received from retreat attendees.

·         The Academic Senate Executive Committee will meet with the President’s Advisory Board next Monday, September 22nd. Some of the issues discussed at the retreat will be brought to this meeting as well.

·         New bicycle paths have been established on campus. He pointed out that, currently, the signs along the path are temporary, as this is a work in progress. Chair Hewitt thanked Senator Carroll, Senator Buck, President Gordon, and everyone who worked on creating them and acknowledged that the campus is becoming more bicycle friendly and sustainable.

·         A special election to fill the vacancy for the Library seat on the Professional Leaves Committee will take place September 29th -October 2nd. This committee was inadvertently left off the ballot for the spring 2008 All-University Election.

·         The Academic Senate will meet on October 23rd. President Gordon will give his State of the University address to the Senate on that day. We will consider cancelling one of the other October meetings if there is not enough Senate business to justify meeting.

·         Chair Hewitt reminded the body of the statement on civility found in UPS 100.006. He asked that everyone remember that disagreements are common, but we are all working towards the same goal, to make Cal State Fullerton as best as possible.



Senator Pasternack reported the following:

·         An abbreviated first meeting was held last week.

·         Four resolutions, two of which were waived, were discussed:

1.      CSU Budget Priorities for 2009-2010: Urged the Chancellor to request fully funding the enrollment from 2006 to 2008, full-funding for the compact for this year and next year, and for additional budget challenges that have been called “above-the-line requests”. [First reading waived; Passed unanimously]

2.      First Reading: Resolution on Advocacy for the California State University.

3.      First Reading:  Support for Policy Change on Sub-Programs: Minors, Options, Concentrations, Special Emphases

4.      Efforts to Encourage California Community College (CCC) Participation and Collaboration in the Lower Division Transfer Patterns (LDTP) Project. [First reading waived; Passed unanimously]

·         The ASCSU heard reports from Chancellor Charles Reed, Vice Chancellor Gary Reichard, ASCSU Chair John Travis, and Faculty Trustee Craig Smith.

·         Chancellor Reed’s discussion speculated on the budget.

·         Vice Chancellor Reichard raised the Access to Excellence accountability measures. The ASCSU Executive Committee, on behalf of the ASCSU, and different groups worked on accountability measures over the summer. It was requested that the faculty perspective be included. Ultimately, the draft ended up being fifty pages, but has been reduced and distributed to ASCSU Senators and Campus Senate Chairs. There is an early October deadline for forwarding comments to the ASCSU. Dr. Pasternack noted that this is not an implementation plan. It is a way to examine if the goals in the Access to Excellence plan have been met. Members of the ASCSU Executive Committee were not a part of the writing team of the Access to Excellence document; the group made comments on the document after it had been developed. Some of the comments were accepted, others were not.


         Regarding Access to Excellence, Senator Buck added that the role of faculty in the document has been minimal, even less than in Cornerstones, in which it was also minimal..


         Senator Buck also reported that the Chancellor commented on the budget; essentially, he is not satisfied with the fact that it will be less than the compact.The CSU is starting the search process to replace Keith Boyum, who is retiring and returning to the CSUF campus.  He also reminded the body that the CSU is looking for candidate for Faculty Trustee; a new committee has been elected to select a candidate.


         Senator Guerin thanked Senator Randall for attending the ASCSU meeting on her behalf. Senator Randall reported that she attended the Fiscal and Governmental Affairs Committee meeting that took place on Thursday. That committee heard a report from John Travis, CFA, on the budget and the possibility of reopening negotiations for a 3.0% salary increase, and reports from various campuses about how they are handling the budgetary crisis. Assistant Vice Chancellor Robert Turnage reported on upcoming legislation from both the federal and state level.



Time Certain

11:45 a.m.

Recognition of Katherine Kantardjieff, Named One of Fourteen Innovators from Campus Technology, 2008

Dr. Kantardjieff, a former Senator, is a faculty member in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry and the current Academic Technology Coordinator for the Faculty Development Center.  An article featured in Campus Technology highlighted Dr. Kantardjieff’s work and stated, In an outstanding example of blended learning, web conferencing, and remote-enabled instrumentation, chemistry faculty and students are trained in the hands-on use of a diverse array of sophisticated instruments.” This activity is taking place in the CSUF W.M. Keck Foundation Center for Molecular Structure. Chair Hewitt congratulated Dr. Kantardjieff on this prestigious recognition and presented her with the traditional Senate keychain. She commented that high performance computing has been an integral part of her research and her science for almost 30 years; none of these achievements would have been possible without the support of this campus and its infrastructure. She thanked Amir Dabirian, CITO, for his work in negotiating “an enterprise license for a very robust piece of cyber infrastructure, without which the majority of the components of the project that Campus Technology magazine recognized wouldn’t be possible,” she stated. Dr. Kantardjieff added that she is deeply honored by Campus Technology and the CSUF campus for the recognition.


Time Certain

12:00 noon

Subject: Campus Wide Earthquake Drill/ “Great Southern California Shakeout”: November 13, 2008

David Bowman, Chair, Geological Sciences

Dr. Bowman explained that the “Great Southern California Shakeout” is a statewide event that will take place in mid November. A campus-wide drill and evacuation is scheduled for November 13th, and other related events, including a “Get Ready Rally” on November 10th, are scheduled to take place throughout that week. CSUF is being recognized nationally as being a leader in this “Duck and Cover”/Evacuation drill.

The “ShakeOut” is a scenario for a large earthquake on the San Andreas Fault that has been worked on by the Southern California Earthquake Center, of which CSUF is a member, and the U.S. Geological Survey as part of the USGS Multi-Hazards Demonstration Project. We are overdue for a large earthquake on this fault. It is not a question of “if”, but “when” it will occur. A magnitude of at least 7.8 is expected.


Dr. Bowman showed a real-time demonstration of a 100-second rupture of the San Andreas Fault. Widespread ground-shaking would last for approximately two minutes. An earthquake of this size will be catastrophic, destroying freeways, gas lines, and aqueducts. It is expected that residents will be without power from Palm Springs to Los Angeles and estimated that some places will be without water for as long as six months. Many commuters will be displaced and stranded. We should expect that many stranded people will be directed to CSUF, since this is a public university and we should prepare for this.


The scenario presentation will be posted on the Geology Department web site for viewing. Additional questions from the body were addressed following Dr. Bowman’s presentation.



Item 9.1 was removed from the Consent Calendar (item 5.2):

9.1 M/S/P [Drezner/Jarvis] to approve the following search committees as amended: (Approved unanimously)


   Friendly amendment [Fidalgo]: The forthcoming faculty member should come from the Humanities.



Nominees: Paul DeLand (CNSM); Karen Ivers (EDUC); Zvi Drezner (MCBE); Paul Peretz (SOC SCI); Debbie Rose (HHD)



Nominees: Christina Smith (ARTS); Shari McMahan (HHD); Scott Hewitt (CNSM); Mark Drayse (SOC SCI); Forthcoming (HUM)


9.1 M/S/P [Drezner/Hickok] to approve ASD 08-130 Resolution: Ad Hoc Global Competency Committee Composition [AS Executive Committee] (Approved unanimously)


9.2 M/S/P [Carvin/Randall] to approve ASD 08-131 Resolution: Ad Hoc Textbook Affordability Committee [AS Executive Committee] as amended. (Approved unanimously):


M/S/P [Nyaggah/Jarvis] to expand the committee to four members, including a representative of the Library.


Friendly amendment [Williams]: Library representative is forthcoming.





Nominees: Scott Hewitt (CNSM); Barry Pasternack (MCBE); Lynda Randall (EDUC); Forthcoming (LIBRARY)



Meeting adjourned at 12:57 p.m.