October 16, 2008



11:30 A.M. - 1:00 P.M.                                                                          ACADEMIC SENATE CHAMBERS

Members Present: Arnold, Au, Bedell, Buck, Carroll, Carvin, Dalley, Drezner, Gradilla, Grewal, Hagan, Hernandez, Hewitt, Kanel, Klassen, McConnell, McLain, McMahan, Mead, Nyaggah, Pasternack, Randall, Rhodes, Rhoten, Shapiro, Shoar, Stang, Williams

Absent: Bhattacharya, Bruschke, Bullock, Burgtorf, Dabirian, Fidalgo, Gass, Gordon, Green, Guerin, Hickok, Jarvis, Liverpool, Smith, Taylor, Walicki, Walk


I.          CALL TO ORDER

Chair Hewitt called the meeting to order at 11:35 a.m. and requested a moment of silence in memory of Dr. Robert McLaren, Professor of Child and Adolescent Development, Emeritus and Dr. Frank Roberts, Professor of Marketing, Emeritus.






Senator McConnell announced that the first inaugural lecture presented by the new Center for History and Philosophy of Science Technology and Medicine will be held on Tuesday, October 28th at 7:00 p.m. in TSU Pavilion B. Dr. Naomi Oreskes of UCSD has been invited to speak. Her work on global warming was referenced in Al Gore’s documentary, “An Inconvenient Truth,” and she has been called to testify before Congress. He encouraged the body to attend and to encourage their students to attend, as well.


Senator Pasternack announced the grand opening of Mihaylo Hall, home of the College of Business and Economics. The entire campus is invited to attend this event which will begin tomorrow morning (October 17th).


Senator Buck invited the body to two University Club events scheduled to take place this month. A Pre-Election Event will be held at Senator Fidalgo’s house on October 24th. Political Scientists and Historians will speak about the current elections and what to expect.  An Election Night Event will be held at Senator Guerin’s house.



4.1 ASD 08-144 Academic Senate Marathon Meeting Minutes 5-15-08 was approved as edited. Senator Williams was present at this meeting.

4.2 ASD 08-145 Academic Senate Electoral Meeting Minutes 5-15-08 was approved as submitted.



The Consent Calendar was approved unanimously as submitted.

5.1 Nominees to Standing Committees


Extended Education (5 faculty)

Nominees:          Lynn Sargeant (SOC SCI)

Continuing:         Wayne Au (EDUC); Dana Loewy (MCBE); HyeKeung Seung (COMM); John Doyle (HHD)



Nominees:          Peter Othmer (ECS)

Confirmed 5/15: Chris Renne (EDUC); Mark Stohs (MCBE); Shari McMahan (HHD); Mark Drayse (SOC SCI); Christina Smith (ARTS); John Reinard (COMM); David Bowman (CNSM);

                           Mitch Avila (HUM)



Nominees:          Shahin Ghazanshahi (ECS)

Continuing:         Rebecca Dolhinow (HUM); Belinda Karge (EDUC); Michele Moutappa (HHD);

              Joe Arnold (ARTS); Tom Boyd (MCBE); Mark Wu (COMM); David Bowman (CNSM); Stephanie Rosenblatt (LIBRARY)


5.2 Nominees to Search Committees



Nominees:          Christina Smith (ARTS); Shari McMahan (HHD); Scott Hewitt (CNSM); Mark Drayse (SOC SCI); Jon Bruschke (COMM)


5.3 Nominees to Ad Hoc Committees



Nominees:          John Carroll (SOC SCI); Will Breitbach (L/A/C/E); Shelly Arsneault (SOC SCI)




Chair Hewitt attended the Statewide Academic Senate Chairs Meeting in Long Beach. Conversation occurred regarding PPIs for full professors. Awarding of PPIs will take place over a two-year period. Full professors who were hired prior to academic year 1987-1988 will be in the running for this year. Those who were hired after academic year 1987-1988 will be in the running for PPIs next year. It is hoped that committees to evaluate proposals for PPIs can be created by the end of this semester. Several senior faculty members will be needed to serve on these committees. The PPI is essentially a merit increase of 2.5%. The President can elect to award selected individuals increases somewhere between 2.75% and 3.5% total. The increases granted will be retroactive to July 1.




Senator Pasternack reported that the budget situation continues to look grim. Interim meetings of the various ASCSU committees were held last week. A response was sent to Executive Vice Chancellor Reichard regarding the Access to Excellence “Non-Implementation” Plan.





Time Certain

11:45 a.m.

Subject: Recognition of Dr. Mikel Hogan, Member of Production Team for Seven Films in Anthropology

  Dr. Mikel Hogan was part of a team that developed seven films on anthropology. One of the films, Physical Anthropology: The Revolving Human was awarded an Emmy. Dr. Hogan was congratulated by the body and given the traditional Academic Senate keychain in recognition of her achievement. She indicated that from 2004-2007, she was involved in a group to develop a film series on physical anthropology and separate films on cultural anthropology and applied anthropology. She was featured in the latter and that film is forthcoming. The cultural anthropology series has been nominated for an Emmy. Dr. Hogan served as content expert, or “advisor,” on the film production team for Physical Anthropology: The Revolving Human.



Time Certain - Postponed

11:50 a.m.

Subject: Update on the University Club (Facility) - Continued

Willie Hagan, VP Administration and Finance, CFO

Kim Apel, Facilities Planner, Facilities Management

Chair Hewitt noted that this time certain has been postponed because VP Hagan had not received the additional information about the University Club for which he has been waiting and cannot provide that information to the Senate at this point.


Prior to the beginning of his Fiscal State of the University Address, VP Hagan explained that he is awaiting information regarding opportunities for additional revenue, i.e., a potential donor, and renovation cost issues.


Time Certain

11:50 a.m.

Subject: Fiscal State of the University Address

Willie Hagan, VP Administration and Finance, CFO

VP Hagan opened with discussion of the Academic Senate charge to him and the Administration and Finance unit. He also recognized the people who played active roles in preparing this report: Brian Jenkins, Sarah Song, Henry Soto, Bill Barrett, Paulette Blumberg, Naomi Goodwin, and the PRBC.


Overview of University Finances

·         Total University budget: $391,205,181

·         State allocation: $179,775,337 (57.8% of the budget)

·         Non-State Funds (not the bulk of our budget, but important) include Lottery funds, CERF, Parking, Parking fines, and Forfeitures, Housing, Student Union. Does not include ASC, ASI, The Housing Authority, and Philanthropic Foundation.

·         95% of our operating funds comes from the State allocation, the State University fee, and the non-resident fee

·         Last year, no unit ended with a huge reserve left over. Overall, our campus has displayed good management of the University budget.


Information Regarding Non-State Funds

·         2007-08 Lottery Fund Revenue and Expenditures: The ending balance was $1,525,924.72.  We were told to reduce these funds or risk losing them. Lottery funds and general funds were “swapped” in many cases as a way to reduce the Lottery fund balance. For example, about half a million dollars was used to purchase information technology equipment for instruction. The general funds that were going to be used for this purchase were swapped with lottery funds. The PRBC was active in making recommendations on how to reduce the Lottery reserve. We receive about $2.2 - $2.5 in Lottery funds per year.

·         CERF Funds: This is a very dynamic function on campus operated under University Extended Education that generates revenue from activities like special degrees and Open University. The Academic Affairs revenue sharing component requires that a certain amount of dollars are paid back to Academic Affairs. The CERF fund is required to reimburse the General Fund for expenses it incurs due to Extended Education activity. CERF monies are used for renovations to support faculty instruction.

·         Parking Fees: These self-supporting funds must be used to support parking operations (sidewalks, roads, parking garages). Some of these dollars were used to support police officers.

·         Parking Fines & Forfeitures Revenue and Expenditures:  Must be used for administration of programs and alternative transportation programs. PRBC will ponder the issues of spending in this category

·         Student Housing Fund: Funds are generated by rents paid. Dollars have been set aside for the new dormitory project and other maintenance/repair costs.

·         Student Union Fund: The TSU does a lot of construction and renovation, and must maintain a debt service reserve.


A decision was made not to report on the Health Facilities fee at this meeting because it is such a small number. VP Hagan also did not report on the auxiliaries (ASC, ASI, the Housing Authority, and Philanthropic Foundation) in the interest of time and, since each is audited, information on these groups is readily available.


2008-09 University Budget

The Governor made cuts to the CSU which resulted in about an $18 million budget cut to CSUF. The CSU Board of Trustees approved a fee increase which generated about $6 million, however a portion of it had to be set aside for financial aid, making it about $5.2 million. The Governor revised the budget in May 2008 and restored $97.6 million to the CSU. It is believed that the CSU Alliance and the CFA played significant roles in the restoration of $97.6 million. 


The amount of unfunded mandates (over $5 million) that we are to absorb is almost equal to the shortfall amount ($6 million).


(In the interest to of time, VP Hagan moved from page 19 to 26 of his handout.)


Budget Issues and Challenges:

·         Potential mid-year reduction (as much as 7%). Administration and Finance is recommending that we make plans for reductions of 3%, 5%, and 7%.

·         Reduction in Lottery funds

·         State environment does not support long-term planning

·         How do we identify our highest priorities?

·         Maintaining SFR

·         How to reconcile enrollment growth funding


VP Hagan emphasized the need for discussion and collective planning. Without these things, we may be forced into cuts across the board by default.



Item 9.1 was not discussed due to lack of time.

9.1 Update on the Administration of Student Opinion Questionnaires (SOQs) [Dabirian, Dietz, Nyaggah] 



Items 10.1 – 10.3 were not discussed due to lack of time.

10.1 ASD 08-147 Revised UPS 100.000 Academic Senate Constitution – Article VII, Section 14 [PRBC]

(ASD 08-147 is the 2nd version of this document – minor grammatical changes were made; ASD 08-139, which appeared on the 10-2-08 agenda, is the  1st version)

10.2 ASD 08-148 Revised UPS 100.000 Academic Senate Constitution – Article IV, Section 3 [AS Executive Committee]

(ASD 08-148 is the 2nd version of this document – minor changes were made; ASD 08-140, which appeared on the 10-2-08 agenda, is the 1st version)

10.3 ASD 08-141 Revised UPS 100.001 Academic Senate Bylaw 07-03 Fiscal State of the University” Report by the Chief Financial Officer [AS Executive Committee]



Meeting adjourned at 1:00 p.m.