November 20, 2008



11:30 A.M. - 1:00 P.M.                                                                          ACADEMIC SENATE CHAMBERS

Members Present: Arnold, Au, Bedell, Buck, Bullock, Carroll, Carvin, Dabirian, Fidalgo, Gass, Gordon, Gradilla, Guerin, Hernandez, Hewitt, Hickok, Jarvis, Kanel, Klassen, Liverpool, McConnell, McLain, McMahan, Mead, Pasternack, Randall, Rhoten, Shapiro, Shoar, Stang, Walicki, Walk, Williams

Absent: Bhattacharya, Bruschke, Burgtorf, Dalley, Drezner, Green, Grewal, Hagan, Nyaggah, Rhodes, Smith Taylor


I.          CALL TO ORDER

Chair Hewitt called the meeting to order at 11:32 a.m. He acknowledged the passing of Alex Omalev, CSUF’s first men’s basketball coach, with a moment of silence in his memory.



2.1 Senator Dabirian reported that the deadline for all campuses to submit feedback on the CSU Information Security Program (ASD 08-182) has been extended to March 1, 2009. He asked that everyone send their comments to IT no later than February 23, 2009.


2.2 President Gordon commented on the systemwide impaction declared by Chancellor Reed and approved by the Board of Trustees. This year the CSU system is about 12,000 FTES over target. He clarified that the systemwide impaction is not related to six campuses’ freshman impaction. Senator Bedell asked what this means to us “in everyday life.” President Gordon responded that the Trustees have asked that all campuses get down to no more than 2% over target. (This year, CSUF was about 7% over target).  In the past, we received funding to pay for the amount over target, but the State is in a financial bind at this time. We as a system have already seen a reduction in funds and more could be forthcoming; we are preparing for additional budget downturns. President Gordon responded to questions and comments from the body and gallery.



Senator Guerin reported that during the public comments section at yesterday’s Board of Trustees meeting, ASCSU Chair John Travis stated that at the first reopener bargaining session for the faculty contract, the CSU’s initial offer was 0% for GSIs, 0% for SSIs and cancelling the second year of the equity program for junior faculty. Faculty should have received a 3% increase on July 1st this year and a 2% increase on June 30, 2009. Senator Guerin expressed disappointment in the CSU’s initial offer and suggested that the CSUF Academic Senate review one of the recent resolutions that was passed by the ASCSU regarding contract bargaining.



4.1 ASD 08-177 Academic Senate Meeting Minutes 8-28-08 was approved as edited.

4.2 ASD 08-178 Academic Senate Meeting Minutes 9-18-08 was approved as submitted.



The Consent Calendar was approved unanimously as amended.

         5.1 ASD 08-179 Proposed Concentration: M.S. in Education, Concentration in Higher Education

5.2 Chair Hewitt announced the following nominees to the PPI Appeals Committee:

PPI Appeals Committee

Nominees:          Jade Jewett (ARTS); Betty Chavis (MCBE), Forthcoming (COMM);

Lynda Randall (EDUC); James Rizza (ECS); Debbie Rose (HHD);

Gayle Brunelle (H&SS); Kathryn Dickson (NSM); Suellen Cox (LIBR)



Chair Hewitt reported the following:

·         Promoting Undergraduate Research Experiences (PURE) is a new program on campus started by the Associate Vice President for Graduate Studies and Research that involves collaboration between a group of faculty and administrators and the Council for Undergraduate Research, a national organization that encourages undergraduate research.

·         President Gordon approved the Mission and Goals Initiatives which were reviewed by a subcommittee



Senator Pasternack reported that the ASCSU passed a series of resolutions that included the following:

·         Constructive Engagement in the California Faculty Association (CFA)/California State University (CSU) 2008-09 Reopener Bargaining

·         Advocacy for the California State University (CSU)

·         Resolution in Support of a Policy Change on Sub-Programs, Minors, Options, Concentrations, and Special Emphases

·         Resolution Regarding Statewide Impaction, Enrollment Management, and 2009-10 Budget Environment

There were reports on Access to Excellence and the old Cornerstones document. Despite the fact that we are in a budget crisis, there was some action to give raises to some Vice Presidents. The Interim Vice Chancellor for Human Resources was made full Vice Chancellor. A new Vice Chancellor for University Relations and Advancement was hired.


Senator Guerin reported that the ASCSU is working on resolutions regarding the following issues:

·         Quality assurance in online, distance learning, and technology mediated courses

·         Collecting surveys of faculty when they exit a campus or decline an employment offer.


Senator Buck commented that the ASCSU is least productive when facing a budget crisis; this is the worst he has seen. Senator Pasternack added that the ASCSU Executive Committee is looking at how it will cope with a possible reduction of about 7% in its operating budget, although they were assured by the Executive Vice Chancellor that it is not a foregone conclusion that cuts will be made. However, they were told to plan for them. A coded memorandum from Gary Reichard regarding textbook prices and the faculty role in textbook selection was forwarded to the CSUF Academic Senate. This memo followed on an ASCSU resolution passed in 2006 that was not referenced in the coded memo.



Time Certain  

11:45 a.m.

Subject: Recognition of Ron Rodriguez, Library Administration, Named REFORMA’s “Librarian of the Year”

The National Association to Promote Library and Information to Latinos and the Spanish Speaking, also known as REFORMA, named Mr. Rodriguez the “2008 Arnulfo D. Trejo Librarian of the Year.” Mr. Rodriguez, Access Services Unit Head in the CSUF Pollak Library, has worked in California libraries since 1984. In 1989, he was selected as one of ten individuals in California to participate in the California State Libraries Transition into Management Program. Senator Hickok congratulated Mr. Rodriguez on behalf of the library faculty. The Academic Senate honored Mr. Rodriguez with the traditional Senate keychain.


Time Certain  

11:50 a.m.

Subject: Copyright Issues

Anthony Davis Jr., Electronic Resources and Copyright Librarian

Mr. Davis discussed the following challenges at CSUF with regard to copyright:

·         Course Packs: Faculty members were using off-campus bookstores to create and sell course packs. The motivation was to help students save money on course materials. However, the bookstores do not necessarily check for copyright. This is illegal. Bookstores are to issue copyright compliance and add that to the cost of the course pack before is made available for purchase. VP Smith issued a memorandum asking faculty not to use off-campus bookstores.

·         Variance: There is uncertainty about what is allowed and what is not allowed. For example, faculty members ask what can be posted to BlackBoard. The answer is not simple. There is a lawsuit at Georgia State regarding the use of BlackBoard. CSUF (and within the CSU) takes a stand on the grounds of fair use; however, fair use itself is uncertain. Faculty members are unsure as to  how to approach the four factors of fair use (purchase of the use, nature, amount of substantially, and market effect). There is also uncertainty about the use of library electronic resources. It is preferred that faculty not post electronic resources on BlackBoard. They should link directly to the article through SFX or create links to the databases. The Library depends on clicks to count how much an electronic resource is used.

·         Lawsuit: The Association of American University Presses is suing Georgia State University over the use of electronic reserves and BlackBoard to distribution of articles.


·         One-stop shop for copyright on campus. The features will include general copyright information (an online tutorial, list of frequently asked questions or “Do’s and Don’ts”), library information, information on linking to library resources, using reserves, and information on course packs and permission requests through the bookstore.

·         An educational component on copyright: workshops, campus outreach.

·         Alternative to course packs: we could lower costs to students by linking to the Library’s electronic resources which are free of charge. About 60% of the information found in course packs is available in the electronic resources.


Mr. Davis addressed questions from the body.



9.1 M/S/P [Bedell/Guerin] to approve ASD 08-147 Revised UPS 100.000 Academic Senate Constitution – Article VII, Section 14 [PRBC] as amended: (ASD 08-147 is the 2nd version of this document – minor grammatical changes were made; ASD 08-139, which appeared on the 10-2-08 agenda, is the 1st version)

·         Friendly amendment [Dabirian]: add University Planner to the membership of the PRBC. (It was agreed that the correct title for the University should be confirmed and referenced in this article. It will be confirmed following the meeting.)

·         Friendly amendment [Kanel]: place “and one member of the Library faculty” after “…Social Sciences,” and delete the words “including”.


(Approved unanimously)



9.2 M/S/P [Bedell/Dabirian] to approve ASD 08-148 Revised UPS 100.000 Academic Senate Constitution – Article IV, Section 3 [AS Executive Committee] as amended: (ASD 08-148 is the 2nd version of this document – minor changes were made; ASD 08-140, which appeared on the 10-2-08 agenda, is the 1st version):

·         Friendly amendment [Bedell]: Rearrange the text so that it has parallel grammatical structure to the approved and revised ASD 08-174.


         (Approved unanimously)



9.3 M/S/P [Stang/Bedell] to approve ASD 08-141 Revised UPS 100.001 Academic Senate Bylaw 07-03 “Fiscal State of the University” Report by the Chief Financial Officer [AS Executive Committee] as amended:

·         Friendly amendment [Guerin]: Change “spring and fall” to “fall and spring


(Approved unanimously)



9.4 M/S/P [Dabirian/Stang] to approve ASD 08-180 Resolution Recommending Ad Hoc Committee to Study Electronic Portfolios [AS Executive Committee]:

·         Senator Stang noted a typo in the second sentence from the bottom. The word “from” should be used instead of “form”.

·         Friendly amendment [Jarvis]: The phrase (“each preferably from a different college”) in second sentence from the bottom is repetitive and can be deleted.

·         Friendly amendment [Jarvis]: In the ninth “Whereas:”, change “has” to “should have

·         Friendly amendment [Pasternack]: Add the word “and” before “one dean


(Approved unanimously)




The meeting adjourned at 12:55 p.m.