Campus Facilities and Beautification Committee


Functions: To serve in an advisory capacity to the Associate Vice President of Facilities Management and the Academic Senate on the following matters:

  • The long-range campus Master Plan, major and minor capital outlay programs for the campus, and off-campus centers;
  • The review of preliminary architectural designs of major new buildings and major modifications to existing buildings;
  • The review of plans for campus roads, parking, and bicycle paths;
  • The naming of rooms and buildings;
  • The design of landscapes, plantings, and the selection and placement of public art and signage;
  • Review of matters of cleanliness and general appearance;
  • The allocation and reallocation of space;
  • Policies and criteria regarding the institutionalization and implementation of non-curricular issues of sustainability as they relate to items a. through g. above;
  • Other matters referred by the Executive Committee and/or the Academic Senate.
Committee Membership Email Department College Term Ends Spring
Jamie Tucker jamtucker Theatre and Dance ARTS 2020
Hope Johnson hajohnson Biological Science NSM 2020
Sasha Zeedyk szeedyk Child & Adolescent Studies HHD 2020
Gregory Yorba gyorba Library - Administration L/A/C 2020
Kathleen Preston* kpreston Psychology SOC SCI 2020
Pending     MCBE 2021
Pending     HUM 2021
Pending     EDUC 2021
Pending     ECS 2021
Pending     COMM 2021
Ali Izadian  izadian  Assoc VP – Facilities Mgmt  Ex Officio  non-voting 
Designee: Emil Zordilla ezordilla Planning & Design Director/Architect Ex Officio non-voting
Pending     Staff (by Pres)  non-voting 
Larry Martin  larrymartin  Student Affairs  Staff (by Pres)  non-voting 
Student   Student 2020
Student   Student 2020
Ex Liaison       Ex Liaison