Diversity and Inclusion Committee



  • To formulate, review and recommend policies concerning diversity and inclusion;
  • To review CSU policy and reports dealing with issues of diversity and inclusion;
  • To evaluate proposals from other units concerning the promotion of diversity and inclusion at CSU Fullerton;
  • To consult with other Academic Senate committees as necessary or appropriate on matters pertaining to diversity and inclusion.
Committee Membership Email @fullerton.edu Department College Term Ends Spring
Gabriela Best gbest Economics MCBE 2020
Ron Oliver* roliver Educational Leadership EDUC 2020
Hyun Sook Kim hyunskim Theatre and Dance ARTS 2020
John Sanders jwsanders Mechanical Engineering ECS 2020
Pending     HHD 2020
Pending     NSM 2021
Pending     L/A/C 2021
Pending     SOC SCI 2021
Pending     HUM 2021
Pending     COMM 2021
Bobbie Porter boporter AVP HRDI Ex Officio non-voting
Student   Student 2020
Student   Student 2020
Ex Liaison       Ex Liaison