GE Task Force

Functions: The GE Task Force shall examine and suggest bigger picture reforms and questions for:

  • What is the “meaning of GE”?  Highlight GE as the Fullerton stamp on the degrees of all who walk across the stage.
  • Explore CO suggestion about GE themes or pathways.
  • What institutional support is needed for GE management?
  • Suggestions for internal and external communications about GE.
  • Preliminary Report to Senate in early Spring 2018.


Committee Membership Email Department College
Eliza Noh enoh Asian American Studies HUM
Kevin Wortman kwortman Computer Science ECS
Teeanna Rizkallah trizkallah Marketing MCBE
Lisa Tran lisatran History SOC SCI
Janna Kim jkim Child and Adolescent Studies  HHD
Merri Lynn Casem mcasem Biological Science NSM
Debra Ambrosetti dambrosetti Secondary Education EDUC
Sergio Lizarraga slizarraga Art ARTS
Jeanine Congalton kcongalton Human Communication Studies COMM