General Education Committee



  • To study, review, interpret and recommend, in consultation with the appropriate department or college, General Education programs for approval by the Academic Senate;
  • To review and recommend the designation and classification of courses appropriate to the General Education programs;
  • To review, on a regular basis, the existing GE-designated courses to ensure continued conformity to GE classification and quality standards; and to recommend changes in GE-designated courses to the Academic Senate after consultation with affected departments and/or colleges;
  • To be responsible for the University Catalog and Class Schedule statements on General Education, including identification and classification of General Education courses;
  • To cooperate with the University Curriculum Committee and with colleges, departments and programs to seek adequate offerings of General Education courses;
  • To aid in the development, facilitation and creation of new courses and program proposals in General Education (following procedures outlined in UPS 411.100);
  • To cooperate with college deans in creating General Education Committees in colleges, departments and/or programs, and to work with such committees in order to insure proper representation in General Education policy matters.


Committee Membership Email Department College Term Ends Spring
Pending     EDUC 2020
Greg Childers* gchilders Physics NSM 2020
Pending     COMM 2020
Jim Taulli jtaulli Theatre and Dance ARTS 2020
Lana Dalley ldalley English, Comp. Lit. & Lanuages HUM 2020
Pending     HHD 2021
Pending     SOC SCI 2021
Pending     L/A/C 2021
Pending     ECS 2021
Pending     MCBE 2021
Elizabeth Boretz eboretz Asst. VP-Student Success/Dir.-Acad Advising Srvs Ex Officio non-voting
Mark Filowitz mfilowitz AVP of Academic Programs Ex Officio non-voting
Designee: Brent Foster bfoster Undergraduate Studies and GE Ex Officio non-voting
Student   Student  2020
Student   Student 2020
Ex Liaison       Ex Liaison