Honors Programs Advisory Board



  • Routinely share committee reports with all Honors Programs;
  • Review and make recommendations of proposals for new honors program consistent with university policy;
  • Review and make recommendations for honors programs’ new or revised bylaws;
  • Act as an advisory resource on continuing quality assurance;
  • Function as an advisory resource for the creation of new Honors Programs in relation to UPS 410.103 and/or UPS 411.202 as appropriate.
Committee Membership Email @fullerton.edu Department College Term Ends Spring
Scott Annin sannin Mathematics NSM 2020
Hunter Hargraves hhargraves Cinema & Television Arts COMM 2020
Patricia Perez pperez Chicana/o Studies SOC SCI 2020
Jonathan Cornforth jcornforth Library - Administration L/A/C 2020
Malia Hoffmann mahoffmann Elem & Bilingual Education  EDUC 2020
Pending     HUM 2021
Pending     MCBE 2021
Pending     ARTS 2021
Pending     HHD 2021
Pending     ECS 2021
Pamella Oliver poliver Provost/VPAA Ex Officio non-voting
Designee: Brent Foster bfoster Undergraduate Studies and GE Ex Officio non-voting
John Gleaves jgleaves Univ Honors Adv Council Ex Officio non-voting
Sandra Pérez sandraperez Director - Honors Program Ex Officio non-voting
Berenecea Johnson-Eanes bjeanes VP Student Affairs Ex Officio non-voting
Designee: Deanna Merino dmerino University Outreach    
Student   Student 2020
Student   Student 2020
Ex Liaison       Ex Liaison