Information Technology Committee



  • To formulate, review, and recommend all policies and procedures, and to examine issues related to the academic and administrative uses of information technology and to promote among various campus constituencies the appropriate use of on- and off-site technologies for instruction, learning, research, and campus operation. These include but are not limited to:
    • Allocation of information technology resources;
    • Access and utilization;
    • Privacy and security of information systems;
    • Information technology-related product and service acquisition procedures;
    • Curricular uses of information technology;
    • Receiving, sharing and promoting information among all members of the university community concerning the appropriate uses of information technology; and
    • Acting as an advisory body on information technology to the Academic Senate as well as to other members of the university community.
  • To carry out the above, the Information Technology Committee shall:
    • Meet with the Library Committee within the first month of the new academic year and mutually agree upon the technology-related issues that each or both will address in the coming year;
    • Define short and long term objectives and delegate tasks to accomplish the objectives for the new year;
    • Complete a year-end report and evaluation to include:
      • a statement of work accomplished and work planned but not accomplished;
      • recommendations for the following year’s agenda; and
      • proposals for Academic Senate consideration. 
Committee Membership Email Department College Term Ends Spring
Nimer Alrushiedat nalrushiedat ISDS MCBE 2020
Pending     L/A/C 2020
Kavin Tsang ktsang Dean's Office - College of HHD HHD 2020
Loretta Donovan ldonovan Elementary & Bilingual Education EDUC 2020
Karyl Ketchum kketchum Women and Gender Studies HUM 2020
Pending     NSM 2021
Pending     ECS 2021
Pending     ARTS 2021
Pending     COMM 2021
Pending     SOC SCI 2021
Framroze Virjee presidentvirjee President Ex Officio non-voting
Designee: Amir Dabirian* adabirian VP for Information Technology Ex Officio non-voting
Pamella Oliver poliver Provost/VPAA Ex Officio non-voting
Designee: Steve Walk swalk Interim AVP for South County Operations and Initiatives Ex Officio non-voting
Danny Kim dkim VP-Admin & Finance/CFO Ex Officio non-voting
Designee: Welson Badal wbadal Admin & Finance – IT Ex Officio non-voting
Amir Dabirian* adabirian VP for Information Technology Ex Officio non-voting
Designee: Willie Peng wpeng IT - Infrastructure Services Ex Officio non-voting
Berenecea Johnson-Eanes bjeanes VP Student Affairs Ex Officio non-voting
Designee: Elahe Amani eamani Dir-Tech Svcs, SA Ex Officio non-voting
Sandeep Chopra schopra Director IT, UEE Ex Officio non-voting
Erica Bowers ebowers Director of FDC Ex Officio non-voting
Shelli Wynants swynants Interim Director Online Ed & Training Ex Officio non-voting
Student   Student 2020
Student   Student 2020
Ex Liaison       Ex Liaison