Library Committee



  • Study and recommend policies relating to library services;
  • Promote coordination of the library program with the instructional program;
  • Receive and consider faculty communications relative to the library and provide faculty members with information on library matters;
  • Work with other Academic Senate committees when their investigations and activities involve library matters; and
  • Consider any other matters which may properly come before the committee.
Committee Membership Email Department College Term Ends Spring
Christopher Slogar cslogar Art ARTS 2020
Pratanu Ghosh pghosh Civil & Enviro Engineering ECS 2020
Jeanette Solano jsolano Religious Studies HUM 2020
Maritza Lozano malozano Educational Leadership EDUC 2020
Natalie Fousekis nfousekis History SOC SCI 2020
Pending     MCBE 2021
Pending     NSM 2021
Pending     COMM 2021
Pending     L/A/C 2021
Pending     HHD 2021
Emily Bonney ebonney Interim Dean, Library Ex Officio non-voting
Student   Student 2020
Student   Student 2020
Ex Liaison       Ex Liaison