Planning, Resource, and

Budget Committee



  • To formulate, review, and recommend policies with respect to the allocation of University resources;
  • To review and make recommendations concerning planning, resources, and budgetary matters to the President and the Academic Senate aligned with strategic priorities and the University’s mission; and
  • To analyze, review, and recommend priorities and resource implications of changes in existing, or the creation of new, academic programs, departments, divisions, or schools.
Committee Membership Email Department College Term Ends Spring
Dave Mickey dmickey Theatre and Dance ARTS 2020
Mikyong Kim-Goh mkimgoh Social Work HHD 2020
Craig McConnell cmcconnell Liberal Studies HUM 2021
Binod Tiwari* btiwari Civil & Envioronmental Eng ECS 2021
Maria Estela Zarate mazarate Educational Leadership EDUC 2021
Pending     LIBRARY 2021
Pending     SOC SCI 2022
Pending     COMM 2022
Pending     NSM 2022
Pending     MCBE 2022
Framroze Virjee presidentvirjee President Ex Officio Ex-O Voting
Designee: Danielle Garcia daniellegarcia President’s Office   non-voting
Pamella Oliver poliver Provost/VPAA Ex Officio Ex-O Voting
Berenecea Johnson Eanes bjeanes VP – Student Affairs Ex Officio Ex-O Voting
Danny C. Kim dkim VP – Admin & Finance/CFO Ex Officio Ex-O Voting
Greg Saks gsaks VP – University Advancement Ex Officio Ex-O Voting
Amir Dabirian* adabirian VP – IT Ex Officio Ex-O Voting
David Forgues dforgues VP – HR Ex Officio Ex-O Voting
Emeline Yong eyong Student Affairs, MCBE Staff Ex-O Voting
Nelson Nagai nnagai Contracts & Procurement Staff Ex-O Voting
Student   Student 2020
Student   Student 2020
Ex Liaison       Ex Liaison