BSCR Program Curriculum

During the 7-month training at CSUF, students will complete many activities and courses. See the complete list on the Timeline tab.


BSCR Program Academic Benefits

  • Expertise in Stem Cell Research
  • Academic advancement and scholarly gains
  • Possibility of additional/stronger recommendation letters for the BSCR Scholar (intern)
  • Courses apply to B.S. in Biology (C&D, MBB)


BSCR Program Financial Support

  • All of the summer 2023 courses, conference, and workshops are paid for by the BSCR program.
  • Students are required to pay for their full-time enrollment during fall 2023 semester.
  • It is highly recommended that you do not work during 2023 so that you can develop as a stem cell researcher.
  • Tuition reimbursement of $3,500/semester during the internship: for Spring and Fall, 2024).
  • Stipends of $3,000/month during the internship: from January to December, 2024; total: $36,000/year.
These benefits may impact your Financial Aid and Income Tax liability.

BSCR Program Selection

Successful students will have:

  • Completed at least one of these courses: BIOL 302, BIOL 303, BIOL 309, CHEM 421 or CHEM 423
  • Demonstrable interest in stem cell research (Application and Interview)
  • Able to discuss scientific method and basic cell and molecular biology (Interview)
  • Integration of stem cell research into your career goals is desired (Interview)
  • Prior research experience is not needed!
  • We do not use GPA for cut-offs
  • PhD as a career goal is not a requirement