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California State University, Fullerton

Students Abroad

Congratulations on making it all the way to your study abroad destination!

Even though you are abroad, you are still a Titan and we want to hear from you while abroad and keep you connected to our campus.

Here are a few resources useful while you are abroad

Staying Healthy

Studying Abroad doesn't mean ignoring the health habits you practice at home. In fact, you might need to pay closer attention to what you are doing, eating or drinking in order to stay healthy while you are abroad.

All students are required to have health insurance that covers international travel. Before departing for your host country, be sure to review your insurance and know what it covers and what it does not cover. Remember to pack your insurance card and put it with your other important documents, such as your passport and visa.

It is a very strong possibility that you will get sick while abroad! Being exposed to a new environment is likely to play tricks on your immune system – it is best to be prepared. Consider packing a small health kit to bring with you. You can find out more information on what to pack in a health kit on the Center for Disease Control: Pack Smart website.

Pay attention to your health during your trip do not ignore what your body is trying to tell you.

Get expert health information from these sources:

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Staying Safe

Common sense is always on your side. One of the most important keys to remaining safe while abroad is to remember this saying –

"If I wouldn't do it at home, why would I do it in a different country?"

Before you travel you should enroll your trip with the US Department of State Smart Traveler Enrollment Program. This program will notify the nearest US Embassy should an emergency happen in a region close to you. It only takes a few minutes, but it could help keep you safe when an emergency happens, or if a natural disaster, terrorism, or civil unrest strikes during your travel.

Once you are abroad, be sure to update the Study Abroad Office of your new address and phone number in country. You can do it online, once you have settled into your new environment.

Get expert safety information from these sources:

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Transcripts and transcript processing

All study abroad transcripts should be sent directly to: Study Abroad Office
800 N. State College Blvd, UH-244
Fullerton,CA 92835
United States

If transcripts get send to a different location on campus it will delay the processing time. Transcripts are normally received by the study abroad office one – two months after the program has been completed. Once the transcripts are received, you will receive an e-mail confirming that we have received the transcripts.

The transcripts are compared to the Approval Forms submitted prior to studying abroad, if you take courses that were not approved, you will be contacted and given a chance to get the course(s) approved before the transcripts are sent to Admissions and Records. You will be given one semester to get the courses approved before they will be sent down to Admissions without CSUF approvals.

If you have any questions about transcripts or transcript processing feel free to Contact Us.

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Financial Aid and Registration

The Study Abroad Office likes to keep in contact with you while abroad. Throughout the term you are abroad, you may receive several e-mails from the office asking you to check on things like financial aid and registration, please respond to these emails – especially if you are having a difficult time with registration or financial aid.

Financial aid should be disbursed (to you) automatically, just like it would be done during the regular semester. If your aid is not disbursed, let us know and we will try to resolve the problem.

Registration appointments are sent out the same as if you were still attending CSUF. If you do not receive a registration appointment for the semester you are returning, let us know and we will again try to resolve the problem.

The sooner you let us know about any problems the more likely we will be able to assist you. Please do not wait until the last minute to notify us.

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