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California State University, Fullerton

Study Abroad Application

Bilateral Exchange Deadlines
  • Fall — Please Check Specific Program
  • Spring — Please Check Specific Program
Application Forms:
  1. CSU Fullerton Exchange Program Application
  2. Two Faculty Recommendations
Required Documents:
  1. Attach a Photo to Application
  2. Statement of Purpose
  3. All University Transcripts
  4. Copy of the Inside Page of Passport
Non-CSUF Deadlines
  • Fall or Academic Year — June 1
  • Summer — April 1
  • Spring or Winter — November 1
Application Forms:
For One Semester or Summer Only: Please complete Forms 1 to 12.
For Year-long (Fall & Spring) Programs: Please complete Forms 1 to 13.
  1. Non-CSUF Study Abroad Program Application
  2. Program Questions Form
  3. Program Information Form
  4. Transfer Credit Approval Forms (Major, Minor, GE)
  5. Non-CSUF Study Abroad Program Cost Estimate Form
  6. Student Financial Aid Agreement
  7. Student Agreement on Registration & Financial Aid
  8. Emergency Contact
  9. Study Abroad Health Insurance Coverage Form
  10. Student Conduct Form
  11. Personal Conduct and Academic Responsibilities Agreement
  12. Release of Liability
  13. Leave For Absence (Full academic year only)

Required Documents:
  1. Copy of the expiration date on your Passport
  2. Copy of International Student ID Card (ISIC)
  3. Program Acceptance Letter
CSU International Programs Deadlines
  • Fall — February 1
  • Spring — May 1
Application: Resources:
Department Program Deadlines:
Please check respective department for deadlines
Application: Resources:

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