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California State University, Fullerton

How Can I Help?

The Office of International Education & Exchange (IEE) supports the international endeavors and activities of faculty and staff. As faculty and staff, you play an important role in encouraging students to become more globally engaged. Please encourage students to study abroad by:

Share your experiences Engage them in discussions of global issues that relate to your curriculum.
Classroom Presentation The presentations typically last about 10 minutes and we cover the myths of study abroad, the benefits of going abroad, and invite students to sign up for a more detailed "info session" if they want further information. Longer presentations are available upon request.

Request a presentation
Interview Panel Interviews are typically held twice a year — February and May. Students who are applying to participate on the CSU International Programs are required to be interviewed as part of their application. The interview is used as part of the evaluation process for each student interested in studying abroad on either or the two programs.
If you are interested in serving on an interview panel, please contact the Study Abroad Office for more information.
Letters of Recommendation Many programs require students to submit letters of recommendation as part of the application process to study abroad. Typically there is a form given to the student which needs to be completed by the faculty member.

Instructions on how to complete the letters
Course Transfers All students who decide to study abroad have to get academic advising for the courses they plan to take while abroad.

Instructions on course approval

Our office is here to help!
If you have any questions about approving courses please contact the Study Abroad Office. You can also refer your students to the Study Abroad Office located at UH-244 for personal study abroad guidance with one of our advisors.