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California State University, Fullerton

Course Approval

To get courses approved students must visit the appropriate faculty or staff in the department in which the course is offered. For example if a Business major wants to take an Italian class to use for general education, they would not go to the Business Advising Center or the Academic Advising Center to approve the course. They would need to go to the Modern Language and Literature department to get the course approved.

What should the student provide?

  • University in which the course will be taken through
  • Course descriptions (or a syllabus if required by the department)
  • Academic Advisement Forms
  • Name and Contact information for the Study Abroad Office

It is preferable that the course be approved for a course at Cal State Fullerton, rather than a category. For example, approving a course for: ENGL 316 is easier to transfer than approving the course for: Upper Division English Elective.

Three types of programs
There are three different study abroad program types that require an academic advising form; while each form is different they are all asking for the same information: what will the course taken abroad count for when it is transferred to CSUF?

Bilateral Exchange Programs Students will receive the Academic Advising Forms as part of the CSUF Exchange Application. All credits received will show up directly on the student's transcript as residence units.
Some of the exchange programs require students to receive course approvals prior to departure, while other exchange programs will work out the course approvals once the student has returned. The reason for this is because on some of the programs, the courses available are not available online or are not available before a student leaves for their program.
CSU International Programs Students will receive the Academic Advising Forms directly from the Office of International Programs upon acceptance to the program. All credits received will show up directly on the student's transcript as residence units.
They are also required to meet with their major, minor and general education advisors to list all the courses the student needs to complete in order to finish their degree program (Part II of the advising form). Then the student needs to work with their advisors to work out the equivalencies for the courses they are planning to take while abroad (Part III of the advising forms).
When the forms are completed the student should keep a copy for their record, turn one copy into the Study Abroad Office in UH 244, and send the originals to the Office of International Programs.
Non-CSUF Programs Students need to submit a Non-CSUF Study Abroad Program Application. There are several pages in the application dedicated to course approvals. All credits earned on a Non-CSUF study abroad program will be reflected as transfer units on the student's transcripts.

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